App That Changes Your Text Message Background

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I’ll give you none of the best messaging apps. Unless you need a specific feature or two. The best messaging app will be the one with whom you want to message. Depending on where you are in the world, it could be iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE or even SMS.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

But if for any reason You can’t choose which messaging app to use — or you can convince the person you want to send a heartfelt message to — here are 5 of the best messaging apps for you to choose from.

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All of our best app roundups are written by people who spend most of their time working, testing, and writing about software. We spent dozens of hours researching and testing apps. Use each app according to its purpose. and evaluated according to the criteria we set for the category We never get paid for placements on our articles from any app or for links to any website. We appreciate our readers’ trust in our articles. I give real reviews of the categories and apps we review. for more details on our process. Please read the full summary of how we select apps to feature on our blog.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

As a kid in the ’90s, I texted for as long as cell phones were affordable and ubiquitous. (And if I’m being honest, a year or two before that) I also used messaging apps for professional reasons—both to communicate with distant colleagues and to evaluate the app myself.

I also believe that the best messaging apps tend to be the ones where people will actually reply to you if it’s an SMS or a smoke signal. You have full rights. Therefore, when compiling this list This leaves me less strict about the requirements to be merged. iMessage, SMS, and Android Messages are not on this list, whatever Google calls its latest foray into messaging. The main reason for using these apps is your friends too.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

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However, if you start to create a friend group. Colony on a desert island or fans from the beginning And you can choose which tools to use. This is what you should be looking for in this app. Messaging:

The messaging application uses an internet connection to send and receive messages. This is different from SMS, which uses your carrier’s protocol to send and receive messages wherever a cellular connection is available. (Even weak and dataless connections) although SMS messages are paid on a per message basis or included in your cellular plan. All messages sent through data-only messaging apps are free. (Even though the app itself isn’t free.)

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

In compiling this list I’ve tested over 30 different apps, many of which failed either because they didn’t meet the above criteria or because they weren’t easy to use. I spend time testing and sending messages in any app. It looks like this app might be an option for integration — another thing I mentioned. This is a category in which I have a lot of experience. So I spend a lot of time. time in each of these apps in the past

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WhatsApp is the undisputed king of free mobile messaging in many parts of the world. It was launched in 2009 as a way to send messages over a data connection instead of SMS. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 since then. come As of 2022, the service has grown in both feature set and user base. And it’s easy to understand why it’s a surprisingly good service.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

This is a full-featured messaging app that supports text chat as well as photos, short videos and voice messages. There is a status feature that lets you share Instagram-like stories with your contacts. You can also send files (up to 2GB) to other WhatsApp users. Chats are a form of direct interaction with other WhatsApp users or group chats with up to 512 participants.

Despite being the most popular messaging service in the world and owned by Facebook parent company Meta, WhatsApp enables end-to-end encryption for all chats. everything you send including file transfer will be fully encrypted Encrypted messages are deleted from WhatsApp servers once sent.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

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WhatsApp has a special interface. Double-checking the signature next to each message indicates that the message was sent. (one checkmark) and Sent (two checkmarks). When both checkmarks turn blue Shows that the recipient has also read your message. You can further customize your experience by changing your chat background in the app’s settings. Group name change and set custom alerts for each chat.

WhatsApp users can make free audio and video calls to other users of the service. Group calls can be made with up to 32 people, and all communications are secured with the same end-to-end encryption. You can also download the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows and Mac, or access the service through a browser at Even if your smartphone still needs to be turned on.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

Viber is another great addition to the messaging space. with millions of users around the world An app that combines text and media messages with free voice and video calls.

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Chat with individuals or create group chats with up to 250 participants where you can instantly share video and audio messages without making calls. Perfect when you’re too busy to talk and too lazy to type. while other apps Many video messaging apps have voice messaging (like WhatsApp above). Viber makes it easy to send more personal video messages. Plus, GIFs and stickers are included in your chats to liven up your chats.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

End-to-end encryption is standard in all Viber live chats and group chats. However, channels and communities are not end-to-end encrypted. (Because new members won’t be able to see their chat history.) It’s a small sacrifice of security in order to provide a better service. In addition to making free audio and video calls to other Viber users, a service called Viber Out lets you call as many mobile or landlines in the world as you want for $5.99 per month. It’s the same as Skype, except for better security measures and a better smartphone app.

Viber uses a simple and sophisticated design with a dark mode option available in the app’s appearance menu. Chats and calls are assigned to separate tabs. Non-essential Viber features (like the sticker market) are located in a separate third tab. If the conversation is too loud You can swipe left and select Mute or Snooze. If you have important conversations that you want to keep. You can freeze it.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

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Viber also offers community services—basically large group chats with strangers that you can join or start. These public chats can have an unlimited number of members. And there are powerful controls for admins to moderate their chats: manage who’s in the group and who can post or change the look of the community using the new platform and group description. You can search for communities based on things like location, interests, and favorite teams. Think of Reddit, but more like a group chat.

Where Viber lacks touch is due to the clutter of the entire application. With a sticker shop, all sorts of different chats, and even the occasional ad. This makes the experience less complete than WhatsApp, especially if you don’t use specific features like Viber Out.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

Telegram is one of the original messaging apps that emphasized the importance of security, although it uses a slightly different end-to-end encryption method so that your chats can be stored on their servers. This allows you to log in from multiple devices. This is something WhatsApp or Viber cannot do. Although both of these services have desktop apps, But it still sends and receives all your messages on the phone. If it’s turned off or not nearby You will not be able to log in while using Telegram, you can.

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You can use Telegram to make audio and video calls. and send messages, photos, videos and files to other Telegram users. You can create group chats with 200,000 participants or channels with unlimited number of followers.

App That Changes Your Text Message Background

If you want end-to-end encryption You can enable it.

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