Best App For Coloring Manga

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Best App For Coloring Manga

Best App For Coloring Manga

You’ve probably asked this before, but how do you color pages? Do you have a tutorial for this?

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I really want to make one!! I use Sai for coloring and shading and then Photoshop for retouching. I actually filmed myself painting a lot, but I only published a speedpaint (you can find it here if you want to see it. I have 3 more videos made but I haven’t put them up yet, I know (Not that it’s not something useful/interesting? It’s also hard to find music on YouTube that doesn’t hit me)

Best App For Coloring Manga

So here is my workspace. This is the first version of Sai. On the left, you can see my color palette, which is a bit of a mess, but here’s a general designation of it:

I cut out the picture I want. Sometimes, I redraw things. Sometimes, I draw things in. I added shinsou once or twice to panels or extended panels to have more. I think I covered editing the cover panel in a more extensive tutorial, but if you watch the video I linked, I went through about half of that panel.

Best App For Coloring Manga

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Anyway, then I’ll make all the white transparent. I do this with Luminescence->Transparency option in Sai. gimp has this option too, called color–>alpha. Photoshop can do it too, but I don’t remember how.

After that I start to put the basic colors. This is my least favorite part of the process, and personally, because I usually trust my shader to do it quickly, base colors take longer, especially on images with a lot of background material.

Best App For Coloring Manga

The basic colors of the Deku Festival coloring took me about 5ish hours. I have a whole video of just me putting the basic colors on and alone, it’s like 10 minutes before the shadow starts.

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I usually outline with the pen tool and use the fill bucket. I have a hard time seeing light colors on my monitor, so I often fill light colors with darker colors and lighten them later.

Best App For Coloring Manga

I do the details the same way I do the light colors – I fill them in after I’ve done the base part. For this panel, I applied the skin color, and then I’ll create another layer for the whites of the eyes, the horns, the pupils, and Iri’s tongue. I try to keep each piece at a different level. It makes my life easier.

Hori does not draw in the lower lids in many of his closeups and this can make it difficult to paint the whites of the eyes. I mess with it until it feels right.

Best App For Coloring Manga

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Some artists will tell you not to use straight white paint for the whites of the eyes. I do this, unless I go for a certain feeling. I think white can really make things look…

Also, I tend to sample a lot of my own work to keep things consistent. I liked the pink/rosy way I was colored before so I sampled some of my colors from that. I do the same for Nejire because her hair color can be hard to nail down. This is the image I used for this illustration:

Best App For Coloring Manga

Moving on to the hair coloring… I always try to start with a medium to light tone. For Ari, I don’t like using flat gray for her hair, so I make it more and more pink as I go through the layers. The base I use for her hair is a warm gray.

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Sometimes a trick I use to color the light sections is to put a darker, more vibrant background color underneath. It helps me see what I’m doing right. I usually use this… I don’t even know what color this is. This red-pink color.

Best App For Coloring Manga

Then I was informed that candy apples and caramel apples are not the same and then had to change apples

I use a lot of cut layers. This allows me to release the base layer and then the cut layer can only paint on the area covered by this base layer. Sometimes I also close my layers, so that no area can be colored other than the area already set.

Best App For Coloring Manga

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So this… the yellow line thing is basically where I determine where my light source is. I always put it on top of the Leanert layer and then close/delt it when done. It helps me remember where my line comes from.

Then I grab an airbrush and start marking where the shadow is. I always start with the skin.

Best App For Coloring Manga

… and then drop the opacity of the airbrush layer until I like the color. This is different for each photo.

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I created another cut layer on top of the airbrushed skin (I called these layers totally wrong. It’s skin, not hair. It’s 2am.) and then grabbed the ink pen tool and started shadow lining difficult I try to be more careful with this so that it looks smooth and does not scratch pits. If I need to soften it, sometimes I use the brush tool

Best App For Coloring Manga

I start on the side of the face with the heaviest shadows and gradually move towards the lighter areas

The places where the light hits more will still have shadows, but less. Sometimes, I use the blur tool to soften some of the edges. Here, I made around his eyes and nose. I use a small brush for this

Best App For Coloring Manga

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Then I work on the light. This is a new thing I started doing recently. I usually use a color similar to the color of the light source and the color of the most important parts of the face (forehead, nose tip, cheeks).

With color, a good rule of thumb is to never go straight up or down on the wheel. Move the picker and get more vibrant colors for the airbrush. If you use only one hue/value/saturation for color it is flat and boring.

Best App For Coloring Manga

So with this, I will close the opacity of the hair layer hard shadow and lighten the shadow on the lighter part of her hair and darken it on the other parts. Block the layer to make it so that I can change the color I have already set but do not go outside the line I have already set. The option for this is right next to the Clipping Layer option. It took me a while to figure out what this block was, haha.

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Then I like to play with the position of the layers, so I put the highlight under the hardline shadow

Best App For Coloring Manga

I went ahead with the heavy shadows of the horns and the whites of the eyes. I use a red rose color for the white shadow of the eye. I also colored her eyelashes and eyebrows.

First, I airbrushed in a darker, more vibrant red. Normally I would use purple-red, but Iri’s eyes are supposed to glow red because of her mutation.

Best App For Coloring Manga

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Most people will darken the pupil, but I like it better if I darken the pupil and then apply the lighter color over it. I use the pen tool for this.

Move over… screentoned party shadows can be weird. Technically, since they are gray, they are already at low opacity and provide some shadow. Because of that, I don’t hardshade them. Usually, I just airbrush with a different color or highlight. In this photo, Apple and Arie’s clothes are very screen-tone.

Best App For Coloring Manga

Apples are next… Like I said before, I thought candy apples looked like caramel apples. They are not. The apple was originally brown. Now it glows red. I looked at the candy apple and basically tried to copy it. I guess they are really bright? And shine.

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For the light areas, I airbrushed in a yellow highlight color and then for the darker areas, I added a vibrant purple.

Best App For Coloring Manga

Now we consider blush! For this, I chose a bright red that is a little pink. If the blush is too pink, it doesn’t look good. Red is a better color for him.

I have used pink before, but only when the style calls for it. When I set my Zero icon, I used magenta for its blush, but I also tried out a new style and the icons were supposed to be too purple:

Best App For Coloring Manga

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I’m stuck in the area where the blush should be on. Sometimes, the sufferer puts it on other parts than the cheeks. I usually redden the nose a little (but not too much) and do the same with the elbows and knees, like in this picture:

Nejir has some redness on his shoulders, elbows and knees and his cheeks. I don’t know – it’s a style thing. I think it’s beautiful. Sometimes I don’t use blush at all. i

Best App For Coloring Manga

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