Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing – The best colored pencils for artists are highly pigmented with bright colors and high coverage. They also have the ability to layer and blend.

First find an overview of the best types of pencils, then find what makes a great quality artist grade pencil, then find a brand review.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

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Best Colored Pencils 2019

The review is ordered from more expensive premium brands to cheaper entry-level and budget-friendly brands.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Features: Oil based, great quality, great color selection, shatter resistant, keeps point sharp longer, expensive

Faber-Castell Polychromos is a type of oil pen. They are great for layering and creating bright artwork. Because they are made of oil, they can be diluted with a solvent like regular oils.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Colored Pencil Art: Colored Pencil Instruction And Techniques — Art Is Fun

This type of pen is very versatile. By creating multiple layers of color, the finished drawing can even mimic a painting due to the richness of the colors.

Polychromes are a little harder to clean than pure wax pencils. Polychromos can still be removed easily, just draw with light pressure to make erasing easier. Or get yourself a Tombo Sand Eraser – this eraser has a silicon dioxide hard, sandpaper-like texture that also removes ink and paint from surfaces.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

These pencils have a medium-soft hardness, softer than average for oil pencils. These are perfect for a wide variety of techniques, such as blending and glossing, but they also offer great control and the ability to create clean, fine detail. Nibs are hardened and more resistant to breakage.

Which Colored Pencils Are Better? Caran D’ache Luminance Vs Prismacolor Premier

They are one of the most expensive pencils on the list, but they are a high quality product and are widely used by professional artists. The pencils are smudge free and very luxurious to use.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

The colors are labeled on the pen itself, so you know which pigment you’re using. If you have experience in painting, you will be familiar with color names.

The Polychromos color range is amazing – they make 120 colors with different tones and hues, so you don’t have to worry about missing shades. These pencils are unusual because it is rare to find primarily oil-based pencils.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

The Best Drawing Pencils For Beginners And Professionals

These are probably the most popular pencils used by professional artists. The pens are buttery and smooth and glide across the paper. Prismacolor pencils are wax-based and slightly softer than polychromos oil pencils, which means they’re great for techniques like blending, but require frequent sharpening. They are also highly pigmented, so the finished artwork will look vibrant with a mix of pure colors.

Based on oil and wax, these pencils are light with a silky smooth texture and bright colors. The composition of the binder is mainly oil, with a small amount of anti-bloom wax.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

The pens are intended for use by professionals who want to create archival quality artwork for sale or submission to galleries.

Best Watercolor Pencils For Drawing

Like Prismacolor and Polychromos, these pencils are of high quality. Colors are vibrant, but there are fewer earthy tones to choose from compared to Prismacolor and Polychromos. There are only 76 colors in this range, Prismacolors has 150.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

The great thing about these pencils is that they are more resistant to wax bloom than other pencils. They are made of cedar veneer. Cedar is the best wood for sharpening pencils.

Luminance pencils are medium soft and offer excellent blendability. Due to their high pigmentation and strong color application, their colors offer more transparency than other ranges. This is especially useful for creating highlights with a white or light colored pencil.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Cezanne Colored Pencils, 120ct Set, Premium Pencils

They are great if you want to achieve more pastel-like effects, as they have a larger core. They are less dirty than regular pastels because they are covered with wood. Use with

A large core means you can quickly apply large amounts of color to the paper. These are great for drawing on a large scale, but may fall short when trying to show small details. If you want to sharpen a larger lead, run it over a sanding block to achieve a fine point.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

As with all Caran d’Ache products, these pencils are high quality and high priced. Everything about these pens feels delightful, even the box they come in.

Best Colored Pencils For Coloring Books

Faber-Castell is known for their oil-based polychromos range, so their PITT pencils are the answer to wax-based pastel pencils.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

They are completely oil-free and offer the best qualities of pastels and pencils. The leads are compact, so less likely to break and highly pigmented.

Like the Faber-Castell Polychromos series, they have a wide variety of earthy and muted colors. PITT pastel pencils have 61 colors but they offer good colors and tones.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Colored Pencil Nature, Wildlife, Animal And Bird Art

The most expensive pencil in the Derwent range, these oil pencils are designed to be 100% fade resistant, so they won’t fade for up to 100 years when stored in a museum environment and using archival quality paper.

The range has a good selection of 100 colors and they retail from £3.20 to $3.35 each, so they’re at the top end of the crayon spectrum.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Colors are transparent and vibrant with a glossy finish. Although they contain mostly an oil binder, they are made with a small amount of wax. Use this pencil with oil and pencil tools to create interesting effects.

My Top 5 Budget Colored Pencils

With 120 colors available as singles and sets, this is one of the widest color ranges available to pencil artists. Tones and colors are trendy and can be used to create elegant, muted pieces. This range offers the best in both oil and wax pencils. They are much cheaper than luminance pens (about two-thirds the price).

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

They have good stability and are an excellent choice for realistic artists due to their layering ability. The staying power is good and the texture is velvety.

Luminance pencil has more oil, Pablo has more wax. The reason this wax pencil is hard is because of the presence of other binders and powders like gum and clay.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Best Colored Pencils For Artists — Top 15 In 2023

Like Luminance pencil, Pablo wax is prone to blooming due to other powders and binders used in the mix.

Features: For beginners or those on a budget, highly pigmented, high longevity, high chance of breakage, low color selection

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

These pens are very cheap compared to other brands. A pack of 24 will set you back around £28, almost double the price compared to Polychromos.

Use Those Colored Pencils To Sketch Your Imagination

The pencils are oil and wax based and are comparable to the Prismacolor range. Leads contain a mixture of binders and additives to bring out the bright colors of the pigment. Nibs are 3.8mm, the size of polychromos pens.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

The pigments are strong and vibrant, so heavy pressure is not required to create layers of color. It is important to note that hard pressure is not recommended as the pencils are on the fragile side and are more likely to break than other brands. If you’re looking for a pencil with a strong tip that lets you use techniques like shimmering, go for Polychromos.

For beginners or those on a budget, this is a good range to start with as their set of twelve pencils is just under £15. Compared to other pencil ranges, you don’t have to spend a lot to get an artist grade color pencil tool.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Try Colored Pencils With Beginner Projects

The lightfastness of the pencils ranges from excellent to very good, so this brand appreciates the longevity of artists’ work. However, if durability is your concern, Caron D’Che and Polychromos Kohinoor are better than Polycolor.

The largest set you can buy is a 72 set, so no bigger than the higher end ranges, but they produce more than 72 colors when purchased individually.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

These pencils are on the hard end of the spectrum, but they are much cheaper than other oil pencils.

Best Colored Pencils

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils create a range of colors to suit any subject, whether landscape or portrait. Their biggest collection is 105 pencils with different shades and two blending pencils.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

Their tips are more likely to break than polychromos pencils and they are also harder. They feel smooth to draw on, not creamy like polychromos. These are good choices for techniques such as engraving, cutting, and detailing.

The cores of these pens are thicker than average, at 4mm. But the pen is thin and offers decent control.

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

The Best Colored Pencils: Pencil Recommendations And Buying Guide

These pencils have soft tips and provide concentrated applications of color. Like Caran d’Ache pencils, they are covered in cedar wood, making them easy to sharpen.

Pencils are incredibly light, but there they are

Best Coloring Pencils For Drawing

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