Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils – For someone who knows a lot about the types of paper used in scrapbooking and other paper crafting, I know very little about art paper. I dabbled in watercolors, so I know a little bit about cold pressed watercolor paper (link link here and throughout the post), but exploring colored pencils has opened my eyes to many other types of paper. Early on in my crayon journey, I watched a video on the best crayon paper and specifically bought Neenah Vellum Bristol because it would go well with the printer. Overall, I’m happy with it.

Although Bristol is my favorite for stamping, I wanted to see if it was the best choice for stamping images with colored pencils. I went to the art paper and pulled out Strathmore 200 Series Drawing Paper (their “good” paper) and Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper (their “best” paper).

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Obviously, I’m hoping the 400 will work better than the 200, but I’m not sure how well it will work with the books I print.

Cezanne Colored Pencils, 120ct Set, Premium Pencils

I decided to rank the three books based on five criteria. I write down the names of each book, shuffle them and close my eyes. By touch alone, I like the weight and feel of the Bristol. Four hundred was next and two hundred was a distant third.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Again I compared their colors. The Bristol packaging shows that it has an error of 94. I thought error = white, but it turns out I was wrong. But the Strathmore pad says nothing about light (or white). I like white paper that is really white and Bristol is the whitest in my eyes. Interestingly, two hundred is cleaner than four hundred.

After that I tried to mark each book. I used the adorable Peek-a-Boo Petsstamp set for the first time. On a side note, I love these stamps, but I have to question why so many of these animals are in a zoo when there are no rabbits. Fun fact: Rabbits are the third most common pets after dogs and cats. But the images I chose (dogs, cats and some emotions) are well marked on each paper. The Bristol 400 is slightly smaller than the 200.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Pro Art Drawing Set Paper/ Pencil Spiral Vp

I got out my Prismacolor Premiers and started painting. The first thing I found out was that I needed brown prisms. Yes, “need”. See how many spaces there are in my chart.

Another thing I learned is that the 400 has a bit of texture that the others don’t. I had to work a little harder to burn the image in the 400, but it picked up a lot of levels better than the 200.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Overall, Bristol Vellum is my third favorite for stamping images. I’m interested in trying other books to see how they work with colored pencils. I would love to try Strathmore’s Bristol.

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Cindy deRosier has a master’s degree in education and has been teaching for 11 years. She uses this experience to blog about children’s art and travel-friendly teaching. She is the editor of Fun Family Crafts, a website with over 12,000 crafts for kids. Cindy is the author of “What Would Jesus Patent?” the author. and writing independently. Different types of paper are suitable for colored pencils. Below are our top tips.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Strathmore makes a variety of Bristol papers, all of which work well with colored pencils. Remember that Bristol paper usually has two types of surface: smooth and vellum. A vellum surface is often recommended for working with colored pencil because it has less texture and teeth than a regular surface. The teeth on the vellum surface help hold the crayon when laying down and allow the artist to achieve a deeper tone.

Recently, however, many crayon artists have turned to flat Bristol because of the beautiful detail that can be achieved without text on paper. Ultimately, choosing a soft Bristol surface or vellum for a colored pencil comes down to personal preference.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Hand With Color Pencils And Blank Sheet Of Paper On Wooden Table Stock Photo

The Strathmore 300 Series Bristol has become a favorite among colored pencil artists due to its high quality and reasonable price. It is lightweight at 100lbs/270gsm and can hold most crayons.

If you want to take things to the next level and use professional 100% cotton paper for your art, Strathmore 500 Series Bristol is the best choice. Established in 1893, this company standard is unmatched for centuries of detailing.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Best for artists who want to work on a white background. The weight of colored pencils increases in several levels. Best for working with dry media only.

How To Color With Colored Pencils

Bristol was developed for liquid media systems. If you want to use watercolor pencils or add watercolor media to your pages, check out Mixed Media or Toned Paper.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Many crayon artists prefer the Strathmore 400 series tinted papers because of the ability to draw behind the center of the tone. If the book provides an average value that the artist must give it, many values ​​can be used from light to dark, the average tone makes it easier for the artist to do something that deliberately leaves shadows in the scene.

Strathmore Toned Sketch Paper comes in warm tan and cool gray. It comes with a wire sketchbook pattern and is a nice size for drawing.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Pencil Drawing Techniques: Pro Tips To Sharpen Your Skills

Strathmore Toned Mixed media is available in warm brown, cool gray and blue. It comes with a reversible pad that allows artists to easily tear the paper.

The tone center base saves time by preventing the artist from entering the color center values ​​themselves. It enables unique painting and drawing possibilities by presenting a neutral background that allows artists to add highlights and dark patterns, making the drawing stand out.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Toned Sketch is best for dry media only. Tooned Mixed Media is best for artists who want to paint with watercolor pencils or layer watercolors and other water media.

U.s. Art Supply 48 Piece Watercolor Artist Grade Water Soluble Colored Pencil Set, Full Sized 7

Our 400 color pencil paper provides a clean and even surface perfect for a variety of colored pencil styles. You get a smooth, even coating and a durable surface that can withstand cleaning and repeated operations. The heavy weight combined with the vellum surface allows for multiple layering.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

If you’re an artist who likes to add more than just colored pencils to paper, or if you prefer watercolor pencils, Mixed Media Paper is for you.

Strathmore’s mixed media books use vellum art, which works well for colored pencils and other dry media. It is also used in the same size as watercolor paper, allowing it to hold a water medium. Thanks to its strong surface and heavy weight, you can mix your crayons and other media to your liking.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Color Pencils For Adults: 120 Polychromos Artists Color Pencils In A Wood Case

We make a wide variety of mixed media books, which you can see here. Our top 2 tips:

This paper weighs 184lbs/300gsm and can handle layers of colored pencils and liquid liners, ink, markers and more.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

The ultimate professional guide for the artist looking for the toughest and most comprehensive book. Weighing in at 350lbs / 570gsm, this book packs some serious punch and can handle layers of watercolor, gouache, acrylic, graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil, markers, pastels and collages. It is archival and lignin free.

Professional 36/48/72 Colors Phoenixcolor Non Toxic Oily Soft Colored Pencil Drawing Pencils Set China Stationery Art Supplies

Best for artists who want to use more than just colored pencils on their pages. Surfaces are fine for dry media, but these papers are heavy and designed for washes and other wet media.

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Strathmore’s mixed media books are vellum only. If you prefer a smooth surface, Bristol Smooth may suit you better.

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Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Nature, Wildlife, Animal And Bird Art

As we recommend in many forms of literature, this is no substitute for trying it yourself. For samples of our artwork, please visit our sample section.

We asked four crayon artists what paper they use and why it works so well

Best Drawing Paper For Colored Pencils

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