Black And White Photos To Colour

Black And White Photos To Colour – Looking at old faded black and white photos brings us closer to history and connects us to some past events. But looking at these colorful pictures makes you feel an even stronger connection to the people and events in them.

Young Brazilian restoration artist Marina Amaral colors black and white photographs and gives them a new, different life. And it does such a wonderful job that it’s hard to believe that black and white photos have been converted to color and not the other way around.

Black And White Photos To Colour

Black And White Photos To Colour

It all started when Marina decided to combine her fascination with history with her photoshop skills. She will take historic black and white photos, restore them to become colorful, giving people a look at history from a new and colorful perspective. And indeed, as I looked at the navy colored versions of the historic images, I had a whole new perspective on them. Many of them I have seen many times, but seeing them in color made me feel closer to the people and events in the photographs than ever before. Thanks to Marina’s realistic recreation of the colors, I felt like the photos were taken in my own time, which made me really connect with them.

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But how does Marina achieve such precision and do such a great job? First, as she explains, each photo is made to be real, recognizing the value behind each one. It aims to respect and preserve their stories, paying attention to small details and keeping their original essence.

Black And White Photos To Colour

When he selects the image, he manually colors every single detail in Photoshop. She says the hundreds of layers of paint come together to create “the atmosphere she wants in every painting.” This is one of the things that fascinates me. Marina not only adds any color to the images, but creates the same atmosphere that you can feel through black and white photography.

Apart from photoshop and artistic skills, Marina’s work involves thorough and detailed research. Each of the images is supported by expert opinions, so you can be sure that it will faithfully reproduce the original colors and atmosphere. She doesn’t start work before gathering as much information as possible, because that’s what makes colors historically accurate.

Black And White Photos To Colour

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When it comes to the time it takes to complete a photo, it varies a lot. It can last from 40 minutes to several months. It all depends on the level of complexity and details of the photo. Her work ranges from simple portraits to complex and detailed paintings taken from different historical periods, covering a wide range of subjects, and here are more of the images she has painted:

Colorizing black and white photos is an art that requires deep research work, analysis of each object to be as realistic as possible, historical knowledge and enough respect to appreciate and preserve every detail in every story. It is a complex process capable of transporting us everywhere.

Black And White Photos To Colour

“I really felt that her work really took me to different places. Like a time machine that helped me get to know history and connect with its actors more than ever. So, apart from being a Photoshop master, I think Marina is also a bit of a magician.

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Marina Amaral is a photo restoration artist from Brazil. If you want to see more of her work, visit her website, Behance, YouTube channel and like her Facebook page.

Black And White Photos To Colour

Restoration artist breathes new life into 100-year-old baseball player photos. Watch an old, damaged photo expertly brought to life Use Color Burn and Color Dodge to quickly add color and contrast to your photos This artist combines real photos and turns them into stunning digital art

Dunja Đugjić is a writer and photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia. You can see her work on Flickr, Behance and her Facebook page.

Black And White Photos To Colour

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For best results, use black and white images without scratches or other blemishes that might confuse our serious but unfortunately limited AI. We are actively researching ways to colorize images with human accuracy.

Black And White Photos To Colour

This service analyzes black and white images and turns them into realistic color photos. To do this, we built the wonderful DeOldify project and applied proprietary advances based on the latest deep learning techniques, a subfield of machine learning.

Turn Color Photos To Black & White With A Vintage Aged Look

The result is a sophisticated prediction of the colors of people and objects in the image, but like any prediction, it can be wrong or biased. For example, our AI might paint a shirt blue when it was actually red.

Black And White Photos To Colour

For this service, images are not saved without the user’s permission. For storage costs and user privacy, we retain images only as long as necessary to run our machine learning models and do not store photos beyond that.

They help you remove backgrounds, create AI art, make custom art, take beautiful photos, restore images, write copy, colorize images, remove objects, and more.

Black And White Photos To Colour

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AI Art Generator AI Headshot Generator AI Object Removal AI Copy AI Image Tools Device Mockups and App Graphics AI Colored Images AI Enhanced Photos and Art Remove Backgrounds With AIPhoto coloring takes a lot of time and skill, and there artists who do that work do it impressively. One of those artists is Jordan Lloyd. In this video from Vox, he talks about the techniques and methods artists use not only to add color, but also to learn

I recently featured a great photo coloring tutorial. Many people have wondered how they are supposed to know what colors to add to a black and white photo to make it accurate. So, if you’ve been wondering the same thing, this video explains it. If you want to start coloring black and white photos (or if you’re just curious), this will definitely come in handy.

Black And White Photos To Colour

Adding color to black and white photos isn’t a new thing, it’s practically as old as photography itself. I’m sure you’ve come across some old photos in your family album that have been colored by hand. However, digital software like Photoshop, along with many resources, makes the result much more realistic. And what is also important – it helps them to be historically accurate.

Basic Colour Theory For Black And White Images — Sarah Baldwin Professional Make Up Artist

Before starting to add color to a painting, artists turn to historical documents for research. Jordan points out that there is a lot of information available, you just have to know where to look.

Black And White Photos To Colour

You can view diaries, memos, government records and old advertisements. You can talk to historical experts, if necessary, to gather as much information as possible about the moment in the past that you are trying to recreate in color. What occurred to me is that you can visit museums (or at least look at recent photos in museums) to see what the colors of traditional jewelry, uniforms, clothing, etc. were. in a certain period. All in all, if you want to be as accurate as possible, you need to do a lot of research beforehand.

Now that you know which colors to add, how do you do it? Jordan joked that you take a graphics tablet and a pen and start coloring in the lines. But of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Black And White Photos To Colour

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First you need to restore the image and get rid of all scratches and stains. After this, you will add tens or even hundreds of layers of paint. But it’s not just painting within the lines. For example, human skin tone can be up to 20 different shades of pink, yellow, green and blue. You need to add them all for more accuracy and realistic feeling.

It takes hours or even days to complete a painting. The longest Jordan took to paint a single photo is a whole month.

Black And White Photos To Colour

But apart from the precise research and painting of the picture, there is another important skill that a good painting artist must possess – understanding of light.

What Color Do Black And White Make When Mixed?

Light is a factor that affects our perception of color, so it is very important to take it into account when coloring an image. For example, when a photo is taken during the golden hour (you can tell by the long shadows), certain parts of the photo will have an orange glow. Then, if it was an overcast day, the colors would likely look a little washed out. Light reflecting off a certain surface also affects color, so that’s another thing to consider.

Black And White Photos To Colour

Details like this are key to recreating a photograph and making it not only historically accurate, but also making the environment and subjects as realistic as possible. It’s a long process that requires a lot of thought, research and dedication, but I think it’s definitely worth it.

What is also pointed out in the video is

Black And White Photos To Colour

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