Color Pages App For Macbook

Color Pages App For Macbook – For adults, coloring can be a great stress reliever, and for children, coloring is a fun way to create. We’ve already shown you some great coloring apps for iPhone and iPad, but what about Mac?

Maybe you want to take a short relaxing break from the work day without turning into a complicated game. Maybe you want to let your child have computer time and something artistic. This coloring application for adults and children allows you to have a little fun with the computer.

Color Pages App For Macbook

Color Pages App For Macbook

For moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas, this adult coloring app on Mac might be just what you need after a long day.

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With lots of pictures to choose from and soothing background music to choose from, Zen: Coloring Book for Adults.

Color Pages App For Macbook

Zen: Coloring Book for Adults has a simple interface with tools on one side and a color palette on the other, so your pictures are front and center. The background music is relaxing and you can turn it on or off as you like. If you’re only going to try one adult coloring app for Mac, this should be it.

Epic Coloring Book for Adults is a great coloring option for seniors. Choose from nearly 100 free mandalas, owls, and other images, and enjoy fun music as you create your images.

Color Pages App For Macbook

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Since you get a lot of pictures to color for free, it’s a great way to see if you like the app and what it has to offer. You can then purchase additional image packs or get the full version with over 500 images.

If you like to color but prefer a little guidance, Color Paint is just for you who like to paint by numbers. You will create beautiful images while you relax and de-stress.

Color Pages App For Macbook

With Paint Color – Paint by Number, you get some free pictures to get you started. If you like the app, you can check the in-app purchase option to unlock additional images.

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Kids of all ages will love this coloring app for Mac. Let your little one be creative and make you a special picture.

Color Pages App For Macbook

If you want a coloring app for your kids that offers free shape coloring and color by number, cute sounds and animations, and no ads or in-app purchases, you’ll love this one. Coloring game offers you all this and more.

Coloring Game is a great Mac app that lets kids explore their creativity. And since you don’t worry about advertising or shelling out money for more pictures, it’s definitely worth a try.

Color Pages App For Macbook

How To Change Background Color In Pages App On Iphone And Mac

Boys and girls love animals and if your kids love to color by number, this is the app for your family. You can choose numbers, letters or shapes to match the colors to the pictures, which is great for learning recognition for the youngest.

With a great collection of cute animal pictures, flexibility to learn while coloring and automatic saving of all completed works, check out Color by Number – Animals on Mac for your child. If you are interested, the company offers many other Mac coloring apps for kids of flowers, cars, dinosaurs, princesses and more.

Color Pages App For Macbook

Another coloring app for kids on Mac that is really fun is Coloring Book – Zoo. You can choose from many animals, paint with brush strokes like a real brush, and you can try to match the picture that has been shown.

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If your kids like to color without filling in the gaps and using their own strokes, this is an app you should try. You get more animals to color for free, and more can be purchased with a pricey in-app purchase.

Color Pages App For Macbook

No matter how young or old you are, coloring can be a wonderful way to relax or have fun. Hopefully one or more of these coloring apps for Mac for adults and kids will find their way into your home. Let us know which ones you like, or if there are others you’d like to recommend! Pages recently added the ability to set a page background, so you can give your document a basic blue or pink color without dealing with full-page objects that just get in the way.

To use this feature, you must update to the latest versions of Pages for Mac and Pages for iOS, which were launched in early June. After the update is installed, it’s time to find the page layout settings to change the background. Unfortunately, the features are a bit buried – and there are important things to note…

Color Pages App For Macbook

How To Highlight Text In Pages For Mac

The short explanation is that you need to cancel all objects, open the Format panel and select the option from the “Background” menu. However, there is a possibility that you will not be able to find this setting.

Here’s why: The nice thing about setting a custom background in Pages is that it’s only available for documents that have a page layout. This requires some explanation.

Color Pages App For Macbook

Page documents can be set up in “word processing” or “page layout” mode. Word processing documents allow text to be entered instantly and text to automatically flow to the next page when you reach the end of the previous page. Page layout documents do not have this area to enter body text. Instead, it can be seen as a canvas where you have to manually add the text box you want to type and explicitly create a new page where you can create a related text box if you want to continue the passage from the previous page.

Set Up Your Document In Pages On Iphone, Ipad, Or Mac

The “text processing” option is the general default option. The best page layout options for different types of projects—posters, newsletters—for purposes that require more precise design control. Page background controls are only available in documents with page layouts, as you can set the page background for each page you add.

Color Pages App For Macbook

Any document can now be converted to page layout mode on the Mac. iOS does not currently have this option.

To change an open document to page layout mode on a Mac, open the document sidebar by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar. Then delete select “Document Body”.

Color Pages App For Macbook

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If you press this, you get a scary warning that conversion requires removing body text or inline elements; that is, all the text that is not in the text box will be deleted. You can cancel, there is no good way to migrate. Ideally, remember to clear this box when you first create a document and see a blank page.

With the body of the document disabled, you can now return to the Format menu – be careful not to select any objects. You will now see the Page Layout header in the sidebar and an option to set the background below it. You get the same options as any background; color fill, image fill, or gradient fill.

Color Pages App For Macbook

Select the type of fill you want to change in the background of the page. If you’re using images, you can choose to fill the page, resize, or tile if you have a repeating pattern like in this example.

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Of course, general rules of aesthetics apply – consider contrasting colors to ensure text remains legible. If you must use a busy image background, one tip is to add a drop shadow to the text to make it stand out. (You can add shadows to text in the Advanced Options menu, which is hidden behind the gear icon in the Format panel when editing text.)

Color Pages App For Macbook

Now, this is for Mac … remember to disable the body of the document, preferably before you type anything, because the conversion deletes all the body text.

IOS is more nuanced. If you already have a page layout document in iCloud Drive, Pages for iPhone and iPad will open and edit. You can even edit the background options; do not select an object on the canvas and press the Format icon to display page editing controls.

Color Pages App For Macbook

How To Change Background Color In Pages

The problem is that there is no way to modify the document in the current version of iOS Pages – there is no checkbox to disable the body of the document. If you create a new document and want to use the page background feature on Apple’s mobile platform, you have to use a workaround: you have to open a template that uses the page layout method and delete all the content in it.

This means that you can choose any flyer, poster or card template as a starting point. You then need to delete everything in the template to get to a blank document – the important one with the page layout enabled. I recommend the Type Poster template because it doesn’t have many elements to start with.

Color Pages App For Macbook

It is a sticking point in the whole process, and an example of one of the few areas where the Mac and iOS iWork suites are still not fully aligned. Hopefully, Apple will add page layout customization directly to the iPad and iPhone apps in the future — or at least offer a blank page layout template to start with.

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Color Pages App For Macbook

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