Coloring Book Pages To Color

Coloring Book Pages To Color – To celebrate Children’s Book Week 2020, we’re featuring the art of 23 illustrators! These beloved children’s book artists have contributed their beautiful and inspiring works to help us read the 2020 theme. Share your dream.

Each individual illustration is available to print and distribute to children, adults and book lovers everywhere. Or download the full coloring book.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Coloring Book Pages To Color

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Free Printable Travel Coloring Book Pages (while We’re Stuck At Home)

Nabi H is an artist of Tamil descent living in Orange County, California. Ali. She enjoys creating works that promote inclusivity and intersectionality in art and media. Her hobbies are painting, researching South Asian culture and writing poetry.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Jessica Bohman is an artist and professor of art history and fine art living in New York City. A former Fulbright Scholar in Art History, he holds an MA from Penn State and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Victoria Kozak is a New York and Baltimore based artist and iced coffee loving pup. He holds a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently works as a freelance illustrator and designer.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Free Downloadable Colouring Pages For Adults

Claudia Davila writes, illustrates and designs books for children of all ages. He is an author-illustrator of picture books

. Born in Santiago, Chile, Claudia currently resides in Toronto with her husband and two children. They spend many evenings together drawing and painting funny characters and silly stories.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Steve Ellis has been a fantastic illustrator and comic book artist for the past 25 years. After illustrations for clients such as Marvel Comics (Iron Man, X-Men, Darkstar, Winter Guard), DC Comics (Green Lantern, Lobo), Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons), Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Hearthstone). He co-created the hit award-winning graphic novel series The Only Living Girl, its sequels The Only Living Girl and High Moon. Lives in Ithaca, New York with his beautiful wife and two monkeys. Crayola Batman Coloring Book Pages, 1 Full Color Batman Poster, 28 Pages

Paola Escobar is a Colombian graphic designer and illustrator. He has worked for various publishing houses, including Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House, Scholastic UK, Laurence King, HarperCollins, Little and Brown Book Group; and a wide selection of print and digital magazines. He currently works as a freelance illustrator and lives very happily in Bogotá, Colombia with his wife and dog, Flora.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, writer and freelance fan Xavier Garza is a prolific writer, artist, and storyteller whose work focuses primarily on his experiences growing up in the small border town of Rio Grande City. Garza has exhibited her art and presented her stories in Texas, Arizona and Washington state. Garza lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Irma and son Vincent.

Genevieve lives in Montreal, where she works as a children’s book and fashion illustrator. He studied traditional animation in Montreal and at the famous “Gobelins” school in Paris. Genevieve was born and raised in Quebec, but after living in France, spent 7 years in London, UK. It also features clothing designers such as Nadine and Ms. Pomeranz who create images and prints for their collections.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Color By Number Books: Color By Number For Kids: Animals Coloring Activity Book (paperback)

Maria was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. His father was an artist, and his mother was an art historian. Their house was filled with beautiful picture books and she remembers spending hours immersed in the pictures. He studied at a special high school, specializing in textiles, and continued to study textiles at the Art Academy in Sofia. Gradually, however, she discovered a love for communicating ideas through stories, which led her to an excellent MA course at Anglia Ruskin. He now lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and two children, where they enjoy the rain, wildlife, and natural beauty.

Jessica Hische grew up in Pennsylvania. He currently lives in San Francisco, where he works as a writer, illustrator, type designer and tireless worker. Clients include Wes Anderson, Dave Eggers,

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Johnny Hollick is a mixed media artist and performer from Toronto. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s fine arts program, her projects have been exhibited in galleries and venues in a variety of forms, from traditional painting to multimedia performance. Currently, his work is primarily collage-based, from digitally generated textures and then physically re-created with scissors and wit.

Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

Sarah Jung was born in Maine and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She holds a BFA in Illustration, Creative Writing and Book Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Sarah now lives in Baltimore, Maryland as an illustrator and creator of children’s books with her friends and their little cats. Follow her @sarahjungart (Twitter and Instagram) and

Coloring Book Pages To Color

. He lives near the border of a South African national park, so when he’s not writing or painting, he spends his free time chasing baboons. Visit his website at

Marie Letourneau was born in Queens, New York, and her family moved to Long Island when she was five years old. He has been interested in illustrating books for as long as he can remember. As a child, he made small books from paper and staples and gave them to his family members. Mary studied fine arts at Hofstra University, where she received her BFA from New College. Marie is a full-time illustrator and graphic designer. He was an author and illustrator

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Coloring Pages Vectors & Illustrations For Free Download

(All books published by Tanglewood Books). He has done design work on “The Nate Berkus Show” and “The Revolution” with fashion icon Tim Gunn. In 2014, Marie was a finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made Award for her stationery shop Le French Circus on Etsy. Mary and her family live in Long Island, New York. Contact Marie at

Jessica Love is an artist and actress in New York. She has a BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an MA from Juilliard.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Logan Matthews is a 2D/3D artist based in Farmington, Michigan. His artwork is often bright and fun, with bright colors and whimsical characters. It is mainly inspired by cartoons, music, video games, history and people. In his free time, he likes to ride his bike and try new delicious dishes.

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Kathy O’Neill is an Eisner and Harvey Award-winning illustrator and graphic novelist from New Zealand. He is the author

Coloring Book Pages To Color

, all from Oni Press. She produces gentle fantasy stories mainly for young readers and is very interested in tea, creatures, growing things and the magic of everyday life.

Debbie Palani is a children’s book illustrator who works in a combination of digital and traditional media. Currently focused on the world of picture books and educational publications, his work is used in a wide range of disciplines. Debbie loves to work with humor, variety and expression and is drawn to the unique personalities of animals. The sisters’ work has been recognized by Print, 3×3, Mom’s Choice Awards and The Educational Press Association of America. His cover received the “Illustration of the Year” award from Highlights 2012. Visit Debbie’s website or check out her regularly updated blog.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Read, Color & Learn Country Coloring Pages

Susan Sex is a freelance illustrator and designer with traditional fine art training. He enjoys working in a variety of artistic fields, including character design, children’s book illustration, and advertising.

Raúl III is the award-winning illustrator of Pura Belpre, the author and illustrator of Vamos! Let’s go to the market. He is also the illustrator of Cathy Camper’s Lowriders in Space series and is currently working on a YA graphic novel with David Bowles. Raised between El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, now lives in Boston, MA with colorist Elaine Bay. Visit him at, on Twitter: @raulthe3rd and on Instagram:

Coloring Book Pages To Color

Sarah Jane Wright is, among other things, the co-creator of the popular Lola Dutch picture book series. You can learn more about Sarah Jane at and I do this because my toddler is learning to color and she wants me to color with her…so I can color a Disney princess for the 954th time or download one of these 24 free printable coloring pages for adults. My choice, really. break it!

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Also, be sure to check out the top 11 free printable coloring pages for adults…10 free printable holiday coloring pages for adults…25 super fun adult coloring books under $15…and 96 ridiculously awesome adult coloring pages under $10.. .it’s just coloring riot – enjoy here… I even have a list of 20 must-haves for the perfect coloring.

Coloring Book Pages To Color

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Coloring Book Pages To Color

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