Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers – In today’s post: This crazy easy egg decorating idea for kids will give you beautiful watercolor Easter eggs using stamps and sandwich bags!

I don’t like to paint eggs. Well, let me amend that statement: I don’t like coloring eggs with kids. It’s messy (cups full of DYE? Whose idea was that? So every year I try to find a new way to dye eggs that is messier and more fun than throwing dyed eggs. Last year the kids and I colored eggs with tissue paper, and last year we used tissue paper to make flowers In response, we made eggs.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

This year we made beautiful watercolor eggs using stamps and sandwich bags! You can mess around with the look of unpainted eggs.

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Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Yes, you can color eggs with stamps and plastic sandwich bags! It’s fun because you can play with mixed colors, and it’s good enough for very young children.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

It’s fun to get this watercolor wash look without buying watercolor paints or brushes. You probably have everything you need on hand. We love how they turned out!

Some marker ink may transfer from the shell to the egg. If you’re concerned about the food safety of these eggs, don’t eat them. Instead, use egg whites for this project. You can usually find craft eggs at Walmart for about $2-$10. Another option is to pop the inside of the egg and then just decorate the shell. Note that the inside of the shell will be more delicate with blasting, so you’ll need to be extra careful when coloring them.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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Start by coloring a plastic sandwich bag. Write different or different colors on the bag.

After that, soak the eggs in water and put them in the bag. Grab the corners of the bag and pull it around the egg. The wet surface of the egg turns the marker ink into wet paint.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

Smooth the egg inside the bag and color all over the egg (remember to be very careful if you use egg). Then place it on the table and open the bag.

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At this point, you can place the colored egg in a bag to dry completely, or you can dry it with a cloth. We dried ourselves with a towel so we didn’t wait and put it on the egg carton. The bag will absorb some of the color, but enough color will remain in the egg. You can even use a blow dryer underneath to speed up the drying process.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

You can experiment with different color combinations to get different effects on the eggs. Remember that colors can be mixed, so stick to colors that look good, such as pinks, purples, blues, or red-oranges. Both colors work well. The beautiful turquoise egg in the photo above comes from using blue and green markers. Avoid any color combination that turns brown after mixing (eg green + red).

You can experiment with how to color the bag. Most of our eggs we only color in a few colors, but for the top one I did one row of yellow, orange in the middle, and pink on the bottom. This is such a beautiful watercolor effect!

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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This technique is much neater than using a cup of paint, but you’ll still want to use paper towels or wipes because you can stain your fingers if you get a few drops of “paint” on the bags. You can use a paper towel to wipe your bag clean and reuse it for each egg, or you can start with a new bag for each egg.

Using stamps and a sandwich bag, you can make beautiful watercolor Easter Eggs! This Easter egg decorating idea is perfect for all ages.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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You can do this trick with hard-boiled eggs, but they may not be food safe, so don’t eat them. Alternatively, you can use artisan eggs or poached eggs.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

Hello! I am a busy mother of five who loves to do things. Crafts, recipes, sewing, holiday projects: I’ve tried it all, and you can too! I love EASY projects that anyone can do. Grab these free coloring pages featuring Doppa Eggs! Color them in with markers, paints, and colored pencils, or try using watercolor paper for a fun art experience!

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Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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Today I’m happy to share these cute doppah egg coloring pages! A few months ago I was putting together a quick, last-minute craft activity for my daughter and grabbed a sheet from my watercolor palette. She likes to draw, but has never painted on real watercolor paper before. I quickly painted it by drawing a rainbow and some flowers with a black pencil. It was a great success!! Watercolor paper is something new and exciting that hasn’t become a staple of paper.

Since then we have had a few more painting sessions on watercolor paper. This paper is expensive compared to butcher paper or coloring book pages, so it’s not an everyday thing for us – which makes it even more special!

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

For this Doppah Easter Egg I painted Easter eggs on watercolor paper to create fun artwork that the kids could draw and hang up. You can download a free printable kit with two different doodle egg designs. Watercolor paper is usually too thick to go through a printer and you have to transfer the design onto the watercolor paper. You can also trace the eggs directly onto the watercolor paper or skip the watercolor paper all together and grab markers or paints to color the eggs!

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The following tutorial is for creating an egg on watercolor paper. Want to use watercolor paper? Print out the coloring pages, grab your favorite coloring tools such as paint, markers or colored pencils and have fun coloring!!

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

Download and print the coloring pages. Trace the designs onto a sheet of watercolor paper using a black marker. I placed them in a bright window and traced them. You can also use a light box. If you can’t trace the design, you can cut out an egg and trace around it and then fill it with your own icing!

I placed two eggs on my 11″ x 15″ sheet of watercolor paper. If you are using a 9″ x 12″ board, you can add one egg.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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The best part! Paint the eggs with watercolors. We used our Crayola watercolor paints to fill in the egg. Watercolor paint is absorbed into the paper rather than pooling on it.

Once the egg is painted, let it dry completely. If you find that the paper is curling, you can place it under a row of books (after it dries). You can tape the edges before painting.

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top of the egg. Hang some colored yarn to form a hanging loop. The eggs are ready to hang and enjoy!

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Skip the watercolor paper and print the egg onto regular paper or cardstock (my favorite is 110lb Neenah White). Color with markers, paint or colored pencils!

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

Check out my other Easter crafts! Color your own shopping carts! Download and print the free printable coloring page, color it, and then follow the tutorial to assemble the Easter basket!

I’m sharing this kid’s puzzle craft as part of Creative Crafts’ Quick and Easy Puzzle Craft Edition. Check out the fun tricks below by visiting the page below!

Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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Coloring Easter Eggs With Markers

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