Coloring Pages Children’s Day

Coloring Pages Children’s Day – Hello young readers! You all have a day and I know you know what that day is called. Yes, it’s called Children’s Day. A day to meet a cute, innocent kid like you. Not all countries celebrate this day on the same day. For example; India celebrates on November 14th and France on November 20th. In the US it’s celebrated on June 10th, so it’s right around the corner. are you excited Enjoy your day while coloring these free printable Children’s Day coloring pages. Check out our free Children’s Day coloring pages to print below.

It’s Children’s Day, and Lily and Styles celebrate at the park. Not only will they play, but they’ll eat their favorite foods, including hot chocolate, at their favorite restaurants. Like every year, they received gifts from their parents. Color this adorable little duo.

Coloring Pages Children’s Day

Coloring Pages Children's Day

There are many places to host birthday celebrations, parties and events for sweet angels like you. Of course, there are celebrations here too. It looks like a fun party, with all the banners and music. Would you like to join him? Color them happy.

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Jerry is very excited because today is his favorite day, Children’s Day. Every year on this day, he looks forward to celebrating and having fun with his friends. He loves to party and play all day without any restrictions. Color excited Jerry.

Coloring Pages Children's Day

Peter’s grandfather lived with him. He loves his grandfather, especially his stories and fairy tales. Here, Peter’s grandfather is telling him stories about Children’s Day. He’s not actually telling a story, but accurate historical fact. Are you interested in listening too? Because Peter and his dog sure.

On Children’s Day, Lisa and her sister put on a play at school. Because it was a surprise, no one knew what the show was about, but everyone was sure it would be fun. They are rehearsing the play for the last time before finally taking the stage. Paint the two sisters in the brightest colors.

Coloring Pages Children's Day

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The siblings and parents threw a party for Tony and Hannah on the day. They look like they’re having a great time, don’t they? Tony eats marshmallows and Hannah takes pictures.

Justin, Jess and Sheri are best friends. They call themselves the Three Musketeers. Yes, just like in the movie. They keep in touch and go to the movies on Children’s Day. Do you have such a friend by your side? Color the Three Musketeers.

Coloring Pages Children's Day

Joe and Joey are twins who have a dog named Joseph. Unlike dogs, twins have very curly coats, which is considered by many to be their main characteristic. They are identical twins, and the hair makes them harder to tell apart. Don’t they look cute, Joseph?

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Children’s Day is celebrated around the world and is usually celebrated on June 1st, but World Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20th. The main goal of this day is to increase the welfare of children in many countries of the world. Although this is a shared global goal, many countries have their own reasons for celebrating the day.

Coloring Pages Children's Day

These kids come here to celebrate Children’s Day. They are at the invitation of the mayor. The city’s mayor strongly believes that children are the future of the country and that they have every right to celebrate their innocence and childhood, something every adult will miss.

Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh and all his friends? Piggy, Tigger, Bean and Eeyore are invited by Winnie the Pooh to celebrate Children’s Day here. Just like you, they are kids who love to party, play and have fun. Do you want to join them? I hope you want to add your favorite cartoon characters. If so, paint them happy colors.

Coloring Pages Children's Day

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In India, November 14 marks the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India. Nehru, popularly known as Chacha (Uncle) Nehru, was very fond of children and made a point of showing his love to them. After his death, people decided to make his birthday as Children’s Day.

Ella and Henry wish you a Happy Children’s Day. For this special day, they handcrafted the backdrop decorations. Their parents always tell them that children are God’s best creation and they believe in their parents. So they are here to celebrate God’s most beautiful creation.

Coloring Pages Children's Day

Fred’s parents took him and his sister to a Children’s Day picnic to celebrate the start of summer. Fred couldn’t hide his joy when he found out about it. Now, when they come for a picnic, she looks through the food basket, wondering what lunches and snacks her mom has prepared. Are you that curious? The quirky Fred, in amazing colours.

Free Printable Children’s Day Coloring Pages

On the occasion of Children’s Day, a small quiz was organized in the classroom. The teacher asks some basic general knowledge questions, which the children must answer. Each correct answer wins a bar of chocolate. Isn’t it fun, celebratory, educational and rewarding all at the same time?

Coloring Pages Children's Day

This day is dedicated to celebrating the innocence of children. How will you spend this Children’s Day? Color these Children’s Day coloring pages to print and tell us. Share your favorite Children’s Day coloring pages too.

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Coloring Pages Children's Day

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