Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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The free printable rainbow coloring page game is the perfect activity for kids to do while your kids are at home or anywhere indoors.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

Children love rainbows. They are one of nature’s most magical phenomena and almost as mystical to children as unicorns.

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Rainbows can happen at any time of the year, but they are more common when it rains around and when it rains, it often means our children are indoors to stay dry. This means that we often need to find things for our children to do at home.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

So what’s better than coloring pages when the kids are indoors! This is a fun activity that children love to do.

That’s why we’ve created this fun rainbow coloring page game to keep your kids busy at home.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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So print this out, grab some crayons and let them have fun with this rainbow coloring game!

Our I Spy games are a great activity for children as they can play a game and color too. So much fun in something so simple and just what kids love.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

To play this game, you simply have to find all the rainbows hidden on the screen and count the ones you find of each type and write the amount in the boxes. You can also paint a rainbow to create a colorful picture that your children can hang somewhere in their home.

Kidlo Coloring Games For Kids

You can even paint the background any color you like. By coloring the background, your children can create a beautiful rainbow in the sky wall art effect! Children are very creative and it’s a pleasure for us to see their imagination!

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

We have created many of these coloring page games and coloring pages for you to entertain your kids at home while giving you some much needed time. Everyone wins!

Our free rainbow themed I Spy game is a great activity for kids to help them enjoy their time indoors while keeping them busy with creative time instead of screen time.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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Our I Spy games are very popular with children of all ages, and the games teach them visual discrimination, which is the ability to recognize differences and similarities in terms of size, shape and colour.

Children love rainbows and love coloring these rainbow themed games and coloring pages and it’s a fun activity for them to do.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

They can even color each one separately because they don’t have to use the same colors for the rainbows they find.

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We’ve also created tons of free printable rainbow coloring pages for hours of fun, along with lots of other great coloring pages from all the themes kids love.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

We’ve made a game out of this rainbow coloring page, asking the player to search for each rainbow style shown above and count how many of each rainbow they find in the boxes below them.

Once they find all the different rainbows, they can color the whole page. A rainbow often has seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple, but they can go wild if they want to. and create a colorful image that is unique to them.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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Once fully colored, this rainbow coloring page will create such a beautiful picture of a rainbow that your children will love.

If you like this rainbow coloring page game, be sure to check out all our amazing rainbow coloring pages for more colorful fun. We also have fun rainbow calendars that you can hang on your walls and rainbow wall art that you can use to decorate your home.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

Did you know that a rainbow is made of light and water? When light shines through water during rain or a waterfall, the light bends to create an arc of color. It can also occur in fog, mist, sea spray, and anything else that creates water mist.

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It was around 1637 that René Descartes discovered that rainbows are created in different colors due to the splitting of sunlight by the water in the rain.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

But technically there are no specific colors in the rainbow, because each color blends with the others, which means that there are different shades of the primary colors.

The rainbow is different for everyone. Depending on your perspective, you will see the rainbow in a different place than the surrounding places. They are also untouchable, because when you move, the rainbow moves too, as the angle of the light changes to your perspective.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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We understand a rainbow as an arc that starts from the ground and goes up to the sky or back to the ground to form an arc. But that’s because only part of the rainbow is visible to you. If you see a rainbow from the sky on a plane, you will probably see a full circle, which shows that a rainbow is endless.

In our solar system, our planet is the only planet that can see a rainbow, as the other planets do not have the necessary water precipitation along with direct sunlight to create a rainbow.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

Rainbow coloring pages are one of the most popular coloring pages that children love, especially because they are so fascinated by their colors and beauty.

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Simply click on the printable image of I Spy Rainbow Coloring Page Game to enlarge it and then save it to your computer before printing. Remember to check out our other I Spy games and print as many as you like.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

I recommend printing out some of our spy games or coloring pages to give your kids some variety and keep them busy.

If you’re looking to fill out your child’s coloring pen collection, this great set of coloring pens is what my kids use. There is a wide range of colors and the quality of the pens is amazing. Better yet, they can be washed too. So there are no more pin marks on skin, clothes or walls. Coloring relieves children’s stress!

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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These rainbow coloring activities are a great way to relax, whether you’re giving them to your kids to keep them occupied while they’re indoors so you can have some time for yourself’ yourself, or to help them. You calm down and relax

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Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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Free Printable Ocean Coloring Pages For Preschoolers

We have tons of these spy activities, printable games, and coloring pages for hours of fun for your little ones, and lots of useful printables for adults too.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

While you’re here, make sure you grab as many printables as you can and print them out whenever you need activities for your kids.

We also have a range of printables for adults here at World of Printables. You can find templates and templates that will help you plan and organize every aspect of your life.

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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Our recent I Spy coloring page activities. Find many more I Spy Printables to download and print for free.

I really hope you and your kids like our I’m a Spy coloring page activities and if you like this printable rainbow coloring activity, hit the share button of your choice below because it let us know you care and it helps us create many more great free printables. You are to enjoy

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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I created the train with basic shapes and lines and programmed it with numbers 10-20, because

Coloring Pages Games For Kids

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