Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils – If that’s not bad enough, colored pencil painting requires multiple layers for vibrance. It’s always needed to complete even a small pencil project!

I got my first artist colored pencils in the fall of 1984 and still work with them today. It’s decades to work at the pace of a turtle.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Colored pencil is slow – pencils are small, projects are large, and vibrant color requires multiple coats. Not everyone is suited to pencil art. Professional illustrator Amy Shulke gives an honest look at how long her projects take and shares tips for making coloring efficient and effective.

General Colored Pencil Tips — Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

Before investing in expensive artist-quality colored pencils, let’s be honest about what we need to accomplish with this time-consuming medium.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Coloring with a pencil sounds so simple. They seem easy to learn and easy to use. However, there are plenty of expensive pencil sets gathering dust in craft rooms across the country right now.

I know you’ve watched colored pencil artists on YouTube. Wow! In just 10 minutes, they’ve colored photo-realistic celebrities, beloved dogs, or the entire sick Grand Canyon.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Tips With Derwent Lightfast Pencils

For reference, Emily’s Cow measures 9 inches wide by 14 inches tall. It would have gotten bigger, but this was a rush job and bigger pieces take longer.

45 minutes to draw the line art. I spent another half hour digitizing the design and adding some shapes.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

I use a watercolor base under the pencil work. The painting process took about 2 hours and dried overnight.

Coloring Tips And Ideas

2 days for the girl. We estimate 10 hours in total if you don’t include thinking time, small breaks and letting the dog out. There are at least 8 layers of pencil on most of the face.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

7 hours on the body. Not many layers of pencil, but the build up was difficult. I have removed it several times and there is a ton of hair flowing in different directions.

2 hours above the sky…and honestly if I wasn’t in front of it I could have used another hour to really fill in the top tooth. Smooth coloring without texture requires concentration.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

How To Teach Kids To Use Colored Pencils

90 minutes for weed and I rushed it, trying to get to the printer before it closed. I didn’t use my usual wayward grass technique and honestly didn’t do the horizon justice.

As I said earlier, pencils appeal to many beginners because they are a familiar tool. You’ve colored a few prints, why not try bigger colors? It can be fun.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

When you look back and see how little you accomplished? At that point, you’re either tickety-boo, or you want to roll your eyes.

How To Blend Colored Pencils: The Best Method For Beginners

If colored pencil is your thing, you’ll feel it in your heart. Your brain will explode with tons of ideas to try.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

What if you’re wondering what’s new on Netflix or want to get in a Zoom meeting with the entire accounting department instead of adding one, maybe two more layers of blue to the sky? Uhm…well, you’re probably not a pencil.

You don’t feel the lack of enthusiasm in your heart, you feel it in your left cheek that fell asleep 3 layers ago.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Bouquet Card

I teach classes with colored pencils but also markers and watercolors. When a student picks up ink or paint for the first time, the reaction is common

“Whoa Whoa Whoa! Why does this stuff dry so fast? I barely got a chance to touch it!”

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Colored pencils encourage you to think and experiment. What happens when I put blue over this red? What happens when I draw lines instead of circles?

Fabulous Grayscale Coloring Tips

Now remember, if you come from stamp coloring and card making, our “grande” is a whole different scale than your “grande”.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Art paper comes standard in 22×30″ sheets and many of us fill the entire page. For many artists –

I know it sounds crazy to someone used to coloring a two inch image, but honestly, you work hard.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Color Combinations To Use With Colored Pencils

Realistic depth and size require a larger size than color images suggest. You need space to explore details, add texture and develop form. But size is a clear trade-off, as large images take longer to complete.

8.5 x 11 is large enough to develop a certain level of detail and realism without boring to death.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Whether you’re a skilled professional or a hobbyist, we all underestimate the time it takes to complete a project. Marco Colored Pencils, 24 Colors Coloring Pencils For Adults, Kids Coloring Books, Non Toxic Safe And Easy To Use

Heck, at one point my career was nothing but art strictly speaking, but even with that background, I still manage to convince myself to put in enough time.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

I calculate how many days I need to complete the project. I am very good at this part.

“Do you realize how long the rest of this project is going to take? You’re going to be here forever! Neener-neener ha ha!”

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

And even though there’s no deadline and despite the fact that I’ve repeatedly told them to take the time they want…

It doesn’t matter if they ruined an excellent job with pure scribbles. The end is its only purpose.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

I need to get this tattooed on the back of my left hand, my right arm, and maybe my forehead. sigh.

Coloring For Adults 101: Your Complete Guide

I teach mixed media instead of pure colored pencil classes. That’s because we developed a painting method to save time.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Watercolor and marker ink are wet media. They filter and cover the tooth of your paper with a splendid color.

Every pencil person knows that we spend most of our time trying to build up enough layers of pencil to fill the tooth. This eliminates the sparse valleys of white teeth that make colored pencil projects look like sidewalk chalk drawings.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

First Colored Pencil Drawing—any Suggestions For Window Frame Color To Make The Window View Stand Out? Also Want To Make The Whole Drawing A Warmer Tone, Any Tips?

Then add more layers on top of the melted layers. And once again, melt the new layers with solvent again.

Do not reduce the number of layers, just pluck with a brush. You should never use fewer layers of pencil.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

PLUS the solvent step is basically another layer, this one with a little blending stub or a cool brush.

Blending Tips For Colored Pencils

Everyone has their own reasons for starting where they do. Some start to color the background and work their way up. Some block out all the brightest or darkest lights. Some people start with the cutest thing they see and work their way up to the boring stuff.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

And to be clear, I’m not talking about the drawing process. I mean I draw first and paint later. But then begins the process of coloring the colored pencil with the eyes.

Because the eyes are the most important part of any portrait or character. Good eyes make beautiful cows. Evil eyes make cattle serial killers.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Black Widow Dragon Pencil Chart

So start with the eyes first. So if you remove them without repair, you will throw away less of your hard work.

Okay, this is something I’ve always thought was purely logical…like why would anyone work otherwise? But then I noticed that very few black students do that.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

So now I think I took her to an art class somewhere. I don’t know, but it saves a lot of time.

Sharp Tips Of The Color Pencils Close Up And Macro Photography, Black Background Photo Stock Photo

For Emily’s Cow, I started with a watercolor underpainting. With the brush I started to develop the depth a little, darkening the neck to push it behind the head, darkening the armpits and shoulders. In my head, I have darkness in my ears, under my eyes and around my nose.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

So after the eyes were to my liking (see tip #4) I went back over the shape of the cow’s head and body. I did 2 layers of pencil, just exploring and refining the basic shape of the cow.

The fur is fun to color, but if the skull, body muscles, and legs aren’t formed correctly, you’re stuck with a weird cow look. No amount of fancy fur can hide a mean body.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil: Do You Have Time & Patience For Slow Coloring? Tips For Faster, Efficient Coloring — Vanilla Arts Co

And of course, the highlighted colors are tempting to color right away… but again, if the cow isn’t formed properly, remove all those fun details to correct the underlying structural issues.

Lots of color per piece. They will color the head perfectly. Then color the daisy. Then color the body. the grass and the sky.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

But this is risky because you can end up with back legs that look closer to the chin or a sky that stretches forward rather than far.

Colored Pencil Review: Tombow Irojiten (36 Color Set) Colored Pencils

If the shapes, depth, and spacing are wrong, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the skin is or how bright the lights are.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Colored pencil will always take longer than you want, but if you approach the project carefully, you can work faster.

There is a wonderful Zen experience to working slowly and methodically with a colored pencil. If you are patient and can celebrate small victories, corured pencil painting is a very rewarding art form!

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

Any Tips With Color Pencils, Crayons, Markers? I’m New To Coloring 🙂

Apply the techniques and concepts you’ve learned in the skin sculpting and coloring lessons here at Vanilla Arts to a fun new retirement-sized image.

Package includes: PDF color palette suggestions, photo references, grayscale images, color map, color project sample and process photo collage.

Coloring Tips For Colored Pencils

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