Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils – Coloring Tip: To color in true highlights, ditch the gel pencil in favor of an artist-quality clear white pencil. The highlights mimic the shape of the surface and aren’t as white as you might think. Professional illustrator Amy Shulk explains the entire process and tips in detail here.

Then take a white gel pen and decorate it with dots, dashes and semicolons.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Using a white gel pen to add highlights and shine is a method used by crafters and artists.

Colored Pencil Bouquet Card

I don’t know why people always use semicolons. The semicolon is for punctuation, not actual coloring.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

But even if you’re more of a morse, dot, or dot character…what you’re doing is a stylized version of a stylized technique used for stylized images.

A true highlight is a lighter version of the base color. They may have areas of high brightness, but for the most part, the highlights on a blue tire car are blue, not white.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Creative Colouring Tips & Gel Pen Techniques

You look at a lot of coloring pages, a lot of maps, coloring books or manga… they are all other people’s artwork. We’ve gotten so far away from real highlights that many of us have forgotten what real highlights look like.

And that’s the root of the problem: most people hate the idea of ​​highlighting, not the actual highlighting.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

The key to spotting highlights is to always remember that the highlight is on the surface of the object.

Just Trying Out With Colored Pencils For Kids, Any Tips For Blending Better? What Kind Of Solvent Would Work?

When it comes to this chewing machine, we have a lot of highlights all over the place. But for simplicity, let’s focus on the blue coating on top of the device.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

The accents are directly on top of the blue enamel paint. They are not part of the paint, but are essentially a glossy layer.

When researching shapes in photo references, you’ll find that relief is your guide to the object’s topography (surface shape).

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Blending Tips For Colored Pencils

Highlights are easy to spot, so we tend to see them first. The raised details give us clues about how the surface was formed.

There is a 90 degree turning edge on the bottom edge of the cap. The highlight is also that sharp turn. As our eye moves upward, the surface forms a convex curve, and so does the peak. Above, at the top, there is a flat plain, and the peak also flattens out. Then there is a concave upward curve and the peak rotates with it.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

You’ll see that the same thing happens with everything from an apple to a zebra, the relief always mimics the topography of the surface because it’s part of the surface. Positive Art Colored Pencils

How to paint realistic highlights To create realistic highlights, you need two tools: a photo reference and a clear white pencil.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Research your photo reference the same way we did with the rubber ball machine cover. Before you paint the highlights, learn more about your facilities.

I like to visually scan the photo by moving the eye horizontally, left to right, then right to left, row by row, and gradually moving the object up.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Colored Pencils Tips & Techniques

Then I do the same thing but opposite poles, this time scanning from top to bottom, zigzagging across the image vertically. If I go from left to right and then top to bottom, I won’t miss the soft subtle highlights that don’t pop out as much as the hot spots.

Finally, I revisit each highlight, letting my eye explore its shape and color, familiarizing itself with each light and its unique character.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

After visual exploration, you’ll want a white or light pencil, perhaps a lighter version of your base color (blue in this case).

Watercolor Pencil Techniques For Beginners (that Pros Use Too)

I love the Prismacolor white primer pencils (PC938) because with light pressure I can create very soft, barely visible highlights, but with the same pencil and more pressure, I can get a stronger, brighter, sharper white. . Holbein also makes an excellent white pencil (OP500) as well as Luminance (White 001 or Buff Titanium 801).

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

The colored pencil also sinks into the surface of the paper in the first few days, and in this case, the blue glaze gradually softens and becomes a little bluer during the night.

I don’t like to color the bright areas with the marker because you have to reserve to create a bright spot

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Star Wars Inspired Colored Pencil Gift Set

And highlight color and shape during the composition process. It can be done, but damn, it’s hard. Most of the time, the highlighter points look too small, the wrong color, or the wrong shape.

With the pencil, in a circular motion and very light, light and light pressure, I slowly begin to create a soft cloud in the form of a point of light.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

This is the biggest mistake people make, they think that by drawing a shape style they can change their mind and redraw it to a larger shape or erase it and start over.

Modern Colored Pencil By Chelsea Ward

I cannot warn you strongly enough not to draw the figure! When designing, unless you are very experienced in designing, you are putting a lot more pressure than you realize. This creates an outline at the top, when what we really want is a smooth fade with no distinct edges.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

I use a very smooth circular motion and start in the middle of where I want to highlight. I go around a few times to get the color started and then start to branch out and expand the shape. Gradual growth allows you to modify the shape and intensity of color without creating harsh lines.

The beauty of using a quality colored pencil is that you can go back and add more color where you need more brightness or whiteness.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

How To Color Like An Artist: Tips For Adult Coloring Converts

The most important thing to remember is that realistic highlighting is a learning process. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the better it looks.

My highlights used to smell bad, but now, with so much practice, I hardly think about the process. You will get there too!

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Learn to perceive color as value. Amy provides a detailed tutorial on how to change the color of your photo references without sacrificing realism.

Colored Pencil Review: Tombow Irojiten (36 Color Set) Colored Pencils

Live workshops are non-prescription demonstrations that give students a real insight into the authentic dyeing process. You will see that mistakes are made and corrected. It’s like meeting Amy in her home studio.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

This class was recorded in May 2021 and included a live student audience. Amy answers students’ questions and gives lots of tips for better crayon art.

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Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Super Tips For Blending Colored Pencils

Crayons are a fun and versatile tool. They are great for capturing fine detail and give the artist a high degree of control. Sometimes they can be considered time-consuming or require a lot of patience, but it all depends on your approach. With the right techniques, colored pencils can easily work for almost any age with stunning results.

Build light layers of color using any marker until the entire paper is covered and the surface is waxy and smooth.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Use an X-ACTO knife on a sanded surface to scrape away the pigment. It works well for capturing fine details like individual hairs or as a color remover to restore a problem area.

Mixing Watercolor Pencils And Colored Pencils — Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

Pull slowly in one direction with quick and even movements. Layer colors to add complexity and depth. This is a great technique for any subject with a distinct linear quality, such as drapery, grass, or hair.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Move the pencil in circular marks, layering the color as you go. This technique is very versatile, it works well for creating different textures or smooth and blended areas.

Lay a layer of directional lines on the floor, then go over the same area with lines in the opposite direction. This is another great technique for creating texture.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Craft County 36 Pack Assorted Colored Pencils

Add a small amount of baby oil or rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and rub the areas you want to blend. The trick to doing this is to use just a little bit of the blender on the cotton wool. For small areas, try the K-tip.

Tape the paper to the work surface to prevent it from curling. Then cover large areas with light watercolor. After the paper is completely dry, place the colored pencil on the background color for great results in less time.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

There are many different effects you can create. Don’t be afraid to try other combinations. For example, a white gel pen or white acrylic paint can be a great way to add a highlight to your finished work. The possibilities are truly endless, so try your best to cheer!

Easy Tips To Drawing With Colored Pencils

And if you want to learn and explore more creative design techniques, be sure to check out the AOE course.

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

. You’ll be inspired to rethink how you teach. Plus, you’ll try new techniques as you create your work!

If you want to use these techniques in your classroom, you can download the handy guide below!

Coloring Tips With Colored Pencils

Sharp Tips Of The Color Pencils Close Up And Macro Photography, Black Background Photo Stock Photo

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