Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Create Your Own Coloring Pages – Let’s face it: you don’t have to be a kid to love coloring. Adult coloring books are very popular for good reason – not only do you have a beautiful piece of art when you’re done, but a 2017 study found that coloring reduces stress and anxiety while promoting perseverance. So really the question is: why not dye? If you just can’t find the right book, there’s good news: you can make your own! In fact, making a coloring book yourself is easier than you think, not to mention it adds to the creative process. With the tips and tutorials below, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a coloring book master. Setting Size and Alignment Before you start designing your pages, you need to do a little planning. First and foremost: decide how big your coloring book will be. You can make it any size you like, but it’s easiest to keep it 8.5″ x 11″ so you can easily scan and print the pages at home. Remember to also think about alignment. It can be a little confusing if someone flips through your coloring book and gets portrait and landscape images, for example. So try to get each image aligned either vertically or horizontally. Choose a theme Here you have all the artistic freedom. Find a theme that inspires you and start designing your pages. (Having trouble choosing what to draw? There’s so much inspo from great artists

.) Pro tip: Keep your first coloring book simple. Start by drawing about five pages to practice putting the book together. You don’t need to launch a 50-page beast right away. Your book can show anything you want – from nature scenes to food to abstract mandalas. We decided to do a rainbow theme where each page has a different ROYGBIV color. Here are some pages for inspiration:

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Once the digital colors are removed, the black and white outlines make great coloring book pages. Design the medium If you know you’re going to use markers to color your pages, don’t make your pages double-sided – the marker’s heavy pigment will show through and spoil the image behind. It’s also not a bad idea to leave a blank page between each image just to be safe. The coloring medium you plan to use will also affect the designs. For example, using watercolors instead of colored pencils affects how you draw your lines and how big or small you leave the spaces. You should keep the watercolor design simple and give it room to breathe. Colored pencils or markers, on the other hand, can be more accurate for coloring finer details. It is time to go! Once your plan is drawn, you can design and build a coloring book like this. 1. Start drawing

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The coloring book has a bold black and white page. Therefore, if you work by hand, a fine-tipped pen or black marker is ideal for creating images. The pages can also be drawn digitally if that’s your preference. Pro Tip: If your coloring book has a specific order in which the pages should go (like our rainbow book), be sure to add a page number to help keep the lineup straight. While confident artists can certainly draw pages freehand, many prefer to start with a pencil sketch to help determine composition and layout before making permanent. When you’re happy with the sketch, add ink over it, wait for it to dry and erase any pencil lines. Work page by page until you have a handful of finished images. 2. Scan When the pages are ready, it’s time to scan them. If you were working on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, your computer will format the scan into an easy-to-print page – other sizes may require a bit of image manipulation. 3. Print Print all pages in the same size. Trim pages if they have too much extra white space. Arrange the pages in the order you want. 4. Make the cover

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

This step is optional, but bring your coloring book together by adding a beautiful cover. Draw the page as before, scan and print. 5. The binding of this page does not have to be high-tech. In fact, it’s easy to bind your book using just a needle and thread. Check out our must-have tutorial for detailed step-by-step instructions. Now your book is ready to use. Happy coloring! I do know. It’s such a fun and easy way to relax… kind of brings you back to your childhood!

As much as I love my coloring books, sometimes it’s fun to make your own coloring sheets. And believe it or not, it’s not that hard.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Create Your Own Coloring Pages … Step By Step Guide

DIY coloring pages are so much fun to make. They make a fun gift and are a great addition to any event (think baby showers, family reunions, birthdays, and more)!

I’ll show you how to do it all three ways, and even share tips for creating your own personal coloring books. And don’t worry, I have many tricks that will make it easier than you think.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Start by drawing a rough sketch of your layout. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you can move things around later. You just created a guide.

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For this coloring page, I wanted the lyrics of the song at the bottom with a big heart to take up most of the page. In the center of the heart, I quickly drew mountains and a river to refer to the lyrics of the song.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Once you have a rough sketch, you start adding details and sharpening your design little by little.

Tap your original model into the window (or use a lightbox). Place another piece of paper on top of it and neatly draw over the main elements. (Alternatively, you can use tracing paper, which is much easier…no windows needed!)

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

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After drawing the pattern, remove it from the window. When working on a flat surface, add detail to your sketches. When you get to the point where some of your design works and some doesn’t, write a new design back into the window.

Draw only the areas you like. Then remove the paper and heal the other parts. (Again, you can use tracing paper for this.)

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Since this coloring page has text, I focused on that before I got too far with the rest of the page. I used the same drawing and sketching steps above until I liked the layout.

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Play around with different fonts in a word processing or graphic design program until you find something you like.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

As a general rule of thumb, mix fine fonts with full fonts, and don’t use more than 2-3 fonts in total. Print it out and then match the words to the drawing.

Take your time and if you need to, leave the page for a while. You will come back with fresh eyes!

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

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And I think it must be said that you don’t have to be an amazing artist to create your own coloring pages. Start with a simple sketch and keep practicing and adding details until you find something you like.

When you are satisfied with the design, glue it to the window one last time. Tap another piece of paper on top and slowly go over the lines with a black marker.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

You’ll get smoother lines if you pull the marker towards you instead of pushing it away.

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I used a Sharpie here, but I recommend using a Micron Pen instead (Sharpies bleed). Micron pens are also available in a variety of thicknesses, making it easier to vary the line width.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Remove the paper from the window, then use the marker to finish off the choppy lines, thicken the lines around important areas and add missing details.

The final step is to scan the drawing and create a PDF. Use the printer at home or take it to a location like a FedEx office.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

Make Your Own Coloring Book: Free Tutorial

Once you’ve created a PDF, you can print as many copies as you want and share your coloring pages with others.

I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to create your own coloring pages! Here are some other tips for success:

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

There are many different types of clip art, so why not use it to your advantage? I want to use PicMonkey, a free and easy-to-use photo editor.

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Start with a blank 8.5 x 11 inch page. Then you can either add your own clip art or use PicMonkey’s clip art (which is what I did below). You can also easily add text to your coloring pages with PicMonkey, and they have tons of fun fonts to choose from.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

When you’re done, just export your coloring pages as a PDF or JPG and you’re ready to start coloring!

Just upload a large photo to PicMonkey (high-contrast photos with strong lines work best) and then click

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

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