Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free – These cute Easter coloring pages for kids are free to print and fun to color! Beautiful pictures of Easter bunny, basket and chicks and eggs. Everything you could want in an Easter coloring page! Easy to print.

Is there anything better than spring chicken and turkey? Why are they so cute?! I think maybe it’s just something about Spring that makes everything work like magic. Warm weather, green grass, fresh flowers…and cute bunnies on coloring pages! Oh, by the time Winter is over I’m ready for Spring.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Coloring pages don’t get much cuter than these Easter coloring pages filled with adorable dolls, eggs, baskets, and adorable birds. And Easter eggs are colorful in all sorts of detail. All you have to do is print these Easter pictures to color and have fun!

Easter Egg Coloring Pages And Free Printable Egg Templates ⋆ Love Our Real Life

These Easter coloring pages have all different styles of eggs, chicks and buns for you to color with kids of all ages! My boys love sitting and coloring with me and I love the opportunity to talk to them. Also a great activity for quality time for grandma with her grandkids after an egg hunt or school activity in the classroom.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Color them with whatever you want – crayons (my personal favorite), colored pencils, markers, even paint will work (and be fun).

These are free printables and you can print a set if you need one for an Easter party at school or church.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages For Kids

Also, if you’re looking for other free Easter printables for kids, check out this fun Easter Bingo game:

All you have to do is click on the link to one of these Easter coloring pages and it will open as a PDF file in a new window. You can download it or just print it from the window.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

So just print and color! Very simple, right? I hope you will like them and enjoy coloring them with your children, grandchildren or friends. Look at all these beautiful pictures!

Easter Coloring Pages Free Pdf

Click the link on each color sheet to open a printable PDF that’s easy to print directly to your home printer.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

A cute dog in front of an Easter basket. The best thing about this egg is that you have painted beautiful and detailed eggs that can entertain children for a long time! Heck, I want to paint them too, They’re fun! Great for older children.

How cute are these two – the rabbit and the chick sitting on the egg? And again, you have some interesting details on the Easter egg – not like before, so it’s great for little hands.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Easter Coloring Pages

Oh! I love that cute Easter bunny and the cute Easter lettering would go well with the colors, right? Along with the colorful eggs that the rabbit sits on and sits nearby.

Another fun coloring page with a rabbit. Kids will love this candy that decorates Easter eggs.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

And finally, a very simple one with two little chicks. It looks really good for babies and preschoolers and babies (although anyone can love it).

Easter Egg Coloring Pages And Templates (fun For Kids And Adults!)

Nice coloring! I hope you have a lot of fun with these beautiful Easter coloring pages! A colorful activity for everyone! Featuring a cute bunny sitting next to two Easter eggs, this coloring page is perfect for keeping kids busy and happy!

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

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Personally, I just love coloring pages. There is something very peaceful about them that takes me back to childhood. And as an art major in college, art and creativity will always have a special place in my heart.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Best Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Page

Before every holiday, I try to get them to create holiday crafts to hang around the house or on the fridge. And with Easter coming up, we definitely needed a holiday project to work on.

I recently made this printable Easter coloring page featuring a cute bunny surrounded by Easter eggs.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

For my oldest son’s birthday, my husband’s mother bought him a dinosaur activity book with pages made from dry erase board.

Disney Easter Coloring Page Printable

I have never seen a book like this before and I thought it was great! All actions can be done in the dry erase icon and then wipe and redo.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

But my son’s favorite part was the dinosaur coloring page. He had a variety of dry erase markers and could draw on pictures of dinosaurs and then erase them and start over.

This made me realize that I could reuse each coloring page by placing them inside a dry cleaning bag.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Top 15 Free Printable Easter Bunny Coloring Pages Online

Just print out any coloring page design you want, put it inside a dry erase bag, and then use dry erase markers to color it.

When they’re done, you can easily clean everything up and save it for the next art session.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

When I have my kids work on holiday coloring pages, I usually print the designs on white card stock. Regular printer paper is perfect too, I just love using cardstock to add a little extra durability to the page. That way, I can collect their photos when the vacation is over and then save them for when it’s vacation time next year.

Free Easter Printable Coloring Pages

And if you have little boys like me, they might not be so gentle with their coloring pages. And that’s why we definitely need sustainable paper in our home!

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Feel free to download and print as many copies of this coloring page as you like. However, please do not modify or distribute the files in any way. This coloring page is for personal or classroom use only.

If you enjoyed this article, you may want to check out some other free Easter printables below:

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Hello Kitty Happy Easter Coloring Page

In this fun activity, you color and cut out the pieces that make up the bunny. Combine them for an afternoon project!

Have fun searching for these Easter themed words in this printable puzzle. Words can appear front, back, horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Try and unscramble these Easter themed words in this scrabble word game. Long story short, this activity is great for both kids and adults.

Happy Easter Day Coloring Page For Kids

Make finding Easter baskets even more fun for kids with this free printable Easter hunt. With eight icons, this game is easy to install and you don’t even have to leave the house! Can you print an Easter coloring page? Here’s a treat! Print it out and decorate your paper with Easter eggs. Check out this Easter egg coloring page for preschoolers. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

I can’t even believe it’s the middle of March and 70+ degrees Fahrenheit in PA. Wow, everyone! It’s like spring! Yes… Today I am sharing a great Easter coloring sheet for babies!

Well, not so much. I think it will be back under the snow again this week. Ugh… I sure could live without the weather change. It does a number on my allergies.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Best Places For Easter Coloring Pages For The Kids

Because of the weather, Easter is almost here and the little guy and I have been doing a lot to get ready. We did sensory and art activities and I made my first coloring page.

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Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

I wanted something that would be really fun for the guy, so I put together this awesome color palette.

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages: Free Fun For Kids!

We printed several copies and tested him with several different materials and media. She tried Faber Castell gel crayons and Crayola watercolors. Needless to say, the little guy loved every minute of it and your little ones will too!

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

If you’re looking for printable Easter coloring pages for preschoolers, be sure to check these out too!

Don’t forget to come back if you want to see what we’ve been up to with our Desert Discovery theme.

Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

Easter Eggs Coloring Pages

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Easter Coloring Pages Printable Free

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