Free Coloring Pages Cards

Free Coloring Pages Cards – Hello! Thanks for visiting Stevie Doodles. Below you will find 7 different pages with 4 printable coloring “Thinking of you” cards! Cut them out, color them and give them away. Since each page has four cards, you will need scissors to cut out your individual cards. You might want to try printing on sticker paper because it can be fun to color one of these and peel and stick!

This page has 4 Hedgehog cards to print, color, cut and share. You have a balloon hedgehog, you have a bouquet of flowers, you have a sign, and you have what you want to draw!

Free Coloring Pages Cards

Free Coloring Pages Cards

This page has 4 “Thinking of you” cards with 4 different hedgehogs, one in a bucket, one in a teacup, one behind a fence, and one in a planter.

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The “thinking of you” cards below are space based – they include a spaceship, sun, planet and telescope. The cards have different text, the spaceship says “Miss You”, the sun card says “Love you”, the planet card says “thinking of you”, and the telescope card also says “thinking of you”.

Free Coloring Pages Cards

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The page below contains think about your dinosaur themed cards – four cards to cut and color with ‘thinking of you’ messages and cute, simple dinosaurs to colour. One card says “Miss You”, another says “Love You”, and two of the dinosaur cards say “thinking of you”.

Free Coloring Pages Cards

Printable Gratitude Quote Cards For Kids Coloring Pages

I hope you love love love these – if you love dinosaurs you might also love my dinosaur number pages – this post has 10 different dinosaur pages to help practice numbers 1-10.

Would you love your name as a coloring page? I can do it for you! One day digital delivery only

Free Coloring Pages Cards

I hope you love these free “thinking of you” coloring pages! I made them as a simple and free way for you to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

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The page below has 4 pages on the theme of “thinking of you” penguins. They say “Miss You”, “Love You”, and two say “Thinking of you”.

Free Coloring Pages Cards

There are flowers on the page below! This page also has four cards and each has the same messages as the cards above – “Miss You,” Love You, and two that say “Thinking of you.” The flower packages for you to color on this page are the same on each card even though I reversed them on two cards. I hope these help you let someone know you’re thinking of them!

Stay home and color! Someone in your life probably needs to be reminded that this is a perfectly acceptable course of action. Stay at home and color as much as you want. I strongly believe in going nowhere when home is where you want to be. And I’m a firm believer in doing something fun, creative, relaxing – and perfectly unproductive – while you’re there.

Free Coloring Pages Cards

Printable Thank You Cards

These “Stay Home and Color” cards are identical – each has colorful words and a little house to color with a chimney and a tree with little plumes of smoke.

These “Andra tutto bene” cards are also identical! This phrase is Italian and means “everything will be alright” I love the phrase paired with a rainbow because a rainbow represents hope in nature – salvation from the rain.

Free Coloring Pages Cards

Although perhaps such a happy and hopeful rainbow is not a sight for those experiencing drought? I’m from the Pacific Northwest, a native of the United States, and if you don’t know, that means I know more rain than necessary. There is a good chance that my environment colors (hehe) my perception of rainbow symbolism.

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But you know what? It works for these cards, they are cute and simple, and I love them. Each card has a rainbow with clouds at each end and the words “Andra Tutto Bene”

Free Coloring Pages Cards

I hope you love these and I hope they help you let a friend know you’re thinking of them, and that everything will be okay, and spread some hope.

7 Pages of Free Cards to Print and Color – rainbow with Andra Tutto Bene “everything will be alright” – these cards are free to print and color by Stevie Doodles!

Free Coloring Pages Cards

Free Printable Christmas Card Coloring Pages

This page has more Andra Tutto Bene cards – these too are identical. Each hard card has colorful words + rainbow and hearts inside the heart. I hope you love these “thinking of you” cards.

We hope you found the perfect free coloring pages to print here at Stevie Doodles. Every day there’s more for you to print, so keep coming back to Stevie Doodles for more!

Free Coloring Pages Cards

I have my pages organized by topic so you can easily find your favorites in the topic you need

Free Printable Mother’s Day Card & Coloring Page (cut Files Too!)

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