Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Frosting Tip To Make Roses – Today we’re talking about buttercream rose fall! It’s easier than you think when you use a piping bag with a petal tip and parchment paper. Take your cake to the next level with these beautiful buttercream flowers.

A few weeks ago I shared some tips for using different toppings to elevate a cake. Using open star shapes and drop flower tips is a great way to decorate a cake, but if you have more time, you can consider buttercream roses. Today we go through the steps to make your own buttercream roses.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Cut off the tip of the bag about 1 cm from the end (less if you use a smaller tip, more if you use a bigger tip)

How To Pipe Two Tone Rose Cupcakes

Put a small piece of buttercream on the flower nail to use the glue on the parchment paper square.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

The wide end of the tip should touch the base of the flower nail and the narrow end of the tip should point upwards and tilt slightly inwards. Now squeeze the bag, move the tip and roll the flower nail between your fingers. When you squeeze the bag, you want to form a band of frosting. You want the ends of the tape to overlap.

Touch the wide end of the tip to the center of the base of the buds, the narrow end straight up. As you rotate the nail, the up and down movement of the tip (for one count) creates a vertical, semicircular petal.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Wilton 1m , Rose Swirl

The wide end of the tip should touch the base of the rose so that the petal attaches. Start again, slightly from the end of the first petal, and pinch the second petal.

Repeat for the third petal. The last petal should slightly overlap the beginning of the first petal. Don’t worry about the petals being “too big” because half of the petal will sink under the next petal.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Repeat the previous steps for a total of 5 petals, turning the nail ½ turn for each petal. You can make 4 petals instead if the bud and the first petal ring are slightly smaller.

Rose Cupcake Ft. Russian Piping Tips

When building existing petal rings, the number of petals should increase in each ring, making sure that the last end of the petal overlaps the starting point of the first petal.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Carefully slide the baking paper square and stuffed rose off the nail. Transfer to a baking sheet before starting the next one. Once you have all the roses on the baking sheet, chill them until they are ready to spread on your cake or cupcake. Recently my piping techniques tutorial has been so popular on my channel and I love showing you the different swirls you can create with different piping tips so I thought it was about time I looked at the rosette swirl. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people using different tips to create a buttercream rose on top of cupcakes, and it’s not always easy to know which tip to use. So I thought it would be really fun to show you a rosette swirl with four different tips so you can compare the differences and maybe find a new style you’d like to try.

In the tutorial, I thought I should probably start with a traditional rosette so we have some other designs to compare to. So the first piping tip I used is 2D. This creates an ever-so-pretty rosette with just a little frill around the edges to give the look of a rose. The difference between a rosette swirl and a regular muffin top swirl is that when you pour the buttercream, you start from the center and not the edge. Next, pipe the buttercream all around, keeping the pattern fairly even over the cupcake, rather than coming to the center.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Ways To Make Swirled Cupcake Frosting

So to compare the tube tops, I’ll show you the 1B you see below. This piping tip is the same type of closed star flower tip as the 2D, but is much larger and has a slightly larger opening in the middle. I actually really liked this swirl, it wasn’t as pretty as the traditional 2D swirl, but I liked that it created a very thick swirl, which in my option looked a little more modern.

Next up was the 857 or 1E as it is also known. This tube tip is again a closed tube tip, but with a lot more teeth. I personally liked the effect of this tip. It really looked like a closed, peony-like flower before it opened. It looked so delicious, especially in this dark red buttercream.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

Finally came the tip of the 6B pipeline. This is an open top and creates a very different impression from the previous style. You may have seen this tube tip in some of my other videos because I love the effect it has, whether you’re doing a normal swirl or a rosette swirl. It also looks great on top of mini cupcakes. It gives such a fun effect with so much texture and looks great in one color or with several buttercream colors.

Mother’s Day Vanilla Cupcakes With Rose Petal Buttercream Icing

So here are 4 different tips, now one difference when baking these cupcakes is the traditional rosette to give it a rose look, attach the swirl end to the side, but with bigger nozzles I prefer the swirl end. the last line of buttercream and pull into the bag to create a dot that gives a slightly different effect. I loved seeing the difference in four piping tips made with the same swirl and hope this helps next time you want to make cupcakes. Also, let us know in the comments below which is your favorite.

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

If you want any of the recipes I used in this tutorial, you can find all the recipes here.

I’ve also included a list below showing all the tools I used in this video or if you want to see all my favorite cake decorating tools click here: /shop/

Frosting Tip To Make Roses

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