Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story – Are you looking for free gingerbread man coloring pages? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered!

Coloring is a fun activity for kids of all ages and these free coloring sheets are perfect for the winter holidays and any time of year.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

They are a great way to keep your kids engaged. They’re free to download and print, so be sure to grab them while you can!

Gingerbread Man Maze For Children

It’s about a gingerbread man who runs away from a little old lady and an old man after being “baked” by an old lady. They try to catch it so they can eat it.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Gingerbread Man Cookie runs away saying “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, cause I’m the Gingerbread Man.”

She soon encounters farm animals, including a pig who finds her delicious and tries to catch her to eat.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Best Gingerbread Man Printable

This continues with various characters until he encounters a fox, which he ends up eating.

For more free holiday-related coloring pages, here are cute Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages, Christmas coloring pages for adults, and these coloring sheets for The Grinch.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

By the way, are you getting ready for Halloween? You might also be interested in checking out these cat pumpkin carving patterns.

Set Of Gingerbread Man Opposites For Kids

There are many options for gingerbread houses. Scroll down to choose your favorite from these free printables.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Some links on this page are provided to facilitate finding documents. These links can also be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Fairy tales are one of my favorite types of stories, and I especially love telling a story that encourages children to be inspired. Stories are also great for playing. There are many different versions of the Gingerbread Man and many take-off stories such as Gingerbread Baby, etc. Here are a couple that I used.

The characters are often different and sometimes the story ends differently, but the basic idea is that they bake a gingerbread and he runs away.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Gingerbread Man Cartoon Black And White Stock Photos & Images

Here are some photos of a version of the characters that I used to make necklaces or headbands for the kids to act out the story. Sometimes I would cut out the pictures and put them on popsicle sticks to make puppets. You can stick them on a paper lunch bag upside down and make dolls that way.

Here is a little game that can be used to tell the story. After coloring and cutting out the gingerbread man and the fox, fold them so they stand up and can “move” along the game board.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

In addition to our reading, playing and telling this story, we made applesauce and cinnamon gingerbread men ornaments (equal parts cinnamon and applesauce – then cut with a cookie cutter). We also cut out gingerbread man shapes and used paint and markers to decorate them. Later, each child will write a short sentence about something or someone they can outrun.

Free Gingerbread Man Story Printables And Crafts

I will post a display of this text with their paper decorated gingerbread men. On cooking days we sometimes make real gingerbread men to eat too!

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

I know I often feel like I’m in this story at this time of year saying run, run, as fast as you can! You are here: Home / Coloring pages / Christmas coloring pages / Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages and Patterns

Many families have traditions involving gingerbread men – whether they’re made from real gingerbread or not – and they often make gingerbread man-shaped cookies and even decorate their houses. The most enjoyable part of the gingerbread (or homemade) tradition is undoubtedly the decoration! You can use all kinds of candies, bright colors and icing to make your creation unique. But creativity doesn’t have to be exclusive to sprinkles and candy canes – decorating gingerbread men and their houses is just as fun as using crayons and crayons!

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Free Printable Gingerbread Man Story Coloring Page, Sheet And Picture For Adults And Kids (girls And Boys)

Below we have 12 gingerbread men coloring pages and 8 gingerbread men (and women!) designs that can be used to unleash your child’s creativity! All you have to do is click on the image or images below that you want to use, download the PDF file to your computer and print! Then get out a new box of crayons and/or newly sharpened crayons, a mug of hot chocolate, and put on some Christmas tunes. That’s all it takes to have a fun family Christmas activity that will make memories for years to come. With the Christmas season fast approaching, these free printable Gingerbread Man coloring pages are perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

These cute gingerbread coloring sheets are an easy art idea, ideal for a quiet activity and perfect to add to your art center to inspire creativity. My kids love painting these leaves with watercolors!

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Plus, these printable gingerbread man coloring pages are a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills.

Free Printable Gingerbread Coloring Pages

They can be used for a classroom party, a family vacation reunion, or a fun activity on a snowy day.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

** Disclaimer: As an affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made by readers clicking on my affiliate links at no additional cost to you.

These Christmas coloring pages are perfect for young children because the page is quite simple. It would also be great for painting as there aren’t too many fine details.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Free Christmas Coloring Pages

Next up is this gingerbread house coloring page. It features a little gingerbread man holding a lollipop and a candy

There is a gingerbread house in the background with lots of details to color. Kids will also enjoy coloring candy canes, snowflakes and other cute objects.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

This latest Christmas gingerbread coloring page features 2 gingerbread cookies. There is a gingerbread boy holding a candy cane and a gingerbread girl with a bow on her head holding a cup of hot chocolate.

Gingerbread Man Template

In the background there is a gingerbread house decorated with lollipops and candies. Moreover, there are also a lot of snowflakes to color. Older kids will love coloring this page because of all the details.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

I recommend using colored pencils or fine markers with this page to easily color in the fine details of the gingerbread house.

I hope you enjoy these free gingerbread man coloring pages as much as I enjoyed making them for you. And on that note, if you want to learn how to make your own coloring pages, be sure to check it out!

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Coloring Pages Of Gingerbread Man Story

You can find free winter coloring pages here. These winter leaves are great even after the holiday season is over. Printable winter-themed coloring sheets include a snowman and a page filled with winter clothes. What an easy way to teach toddlers about winter and winter clothing!

Don’t miss the free printable Puppy Christmas coloring pages here. It’s perfect for kids of all ages who love puppies and Christmas. You will find a puppy in a stocking, a puppy with Santa and a puppy with a Christmas tree coloring page.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Here is a Santa hat to print for free. Kids can color, cut and assemble their very own Santa hat headband. A full color version and a color of your own version are available.

Gingerbread Man And Gingerbread House Coloring Pages

You can find a fun “How Many Words Can You Make From Merry Christmas” printable game here. What a fun idea for class parties and family reunions during the holidays.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Here’s a fun Santa Claus art. It’s very easy with free printables. It’s perfect for preschool…but kids of all ages will love it too!

You can find a great snowman craft here. Children dip cups in paint to create an embossed snowman effect. Then they decorate the snowman using their creativity and various craft supplies from around the house. How funny!

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Gingerbreadman & Gingerbread House

Finally, don’t miss this huge list of Christmas crafts for 4-year-olds. Super easy holiday crafts for toddlers with reindeer, Santa, elves and more.

Want more Christmas coloring pages? You can get the full set of 10 Christmas coloring sheets from my Etsy shop here!

Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

There are reindeer, elves, Santa and more! Keep kids engaged and entertained with this set of Christmas coloring sheets.

Free Christmas Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages

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Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

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Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages Story

Best Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages & Activities For Learning Phonics And Sight Words

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