How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate – Coloring in Procreate – Coloring book in Procreate Live Tutorial Procreate Demo July 12, 2021

Did you know you can use Procreate as a coloring book? Even better, you can use some really cool digital art tricks to make it even more fun than traditional coloring. Join me and color one of my FREE coloring pages in this live Procreate tutorial. I’ll teach you coloring tips and tricks, including how Procreate features like Layers and Alpha Lock can speed up coloring and create cool effects you’d never be able to do on paper!

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

I’m coloring my “Space Pets” coloring book with free Kids Make Art! brush packs, so be sure to download them and load them into Procreate before you start looking!

Free Printable Coloring Pages: 10 New Printable Coloring To Color And Relax

Week 2 of Children’s Month is all about coloring! You can make your own (see below), or if you’d rather just color, you can download my FREE Procreate coloring pages below! These are set up as Procreate files so you can color directly on your iPad in Procreate. Try “Kids Make Art” for free! my service. for coloring brushes! There are also printable PDF versions if you prefer to color on paper.

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

The button above downloads all coloring books (Procreate and PDF versions) as .zip files. Download the pages individually below.

Download the .Procreate files to your iPad. They are saved in the Downloads folder in the Files app. Tap a file to import it into Procreate. Open the file and you are ready to color!

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

Design An Adult Coloring Book Page On Your Ipad In Procreate + Free Coloring Pages & Practice Sheets

Open the layers panel (two square icons in the upper right corner). Below the black line art layer, you’ll see a layer called “Color Here” where you can do the coloring! With Color Drop you can fill different places with colors or simply color them by hand.

Children and children at heart, attention! I’ve created this set of 6 high-quality Procreate brushes for little artists learning to use Procreate, or for anyone who wants to relive the magic of a free afternoon, a blank sheet of paper, and a box of art supplies. This FREE Procreate brush set includes all your favorite art supplies – crayons, markers, paint and colored pencils!

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

Visit my Procreate for Kids page for more Procreate tutorials for kids, drawing prompts, coloring page downloads and other goodies! In this post, I will share a step-by-step guide to use the Procreate app to enjoy coloring books digitally. .

Free August Coloring Page

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How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

Coloring is known to help reduce stress, calm the mind and act as a relaxing creative outlet. It’s the perfect way to spend quality self-care time with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

Today I wanted to share an easy way to digitally color your pages using the Procreate app – my favorite digital design tool of all time.

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

Geometric Coloring Pages For Free

If you set the coloring book layer to “multiply”, you can color the layers below it. The black lines on the coloring book will still appear and act as a guide.

The best thing about digital coloring is that you can use and abuse the UNDO button when you “color outside the lines” 🙂

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

Procreate also has SO many fun features to take coloring to the next level! Add textures, use tons of different brushes, play with clipping masks and color blending modes, and more.

Free Succulent Coloring Pages For Download (printable Pdf)

– Use different layers for each color so you can easily change shades later if you want!

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

– Rename your layers to stay more organized. For example: when coloring the cat, name that layer “cat” so you can come back to adjust the colors later, or use clipping masks to add shadows/highlights to the cat.

– don’t have a JPEG or PDF file of a color page? Take a clean photo of a printed coloring book (or a coloring book) and import it into Procreate. Then follow the steps above.

How To Color Coloring Pages In Procreate

Best Procreate Coloring Pages

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