How To Color Coloring Pages

How To Color Coloring Pages – Do you like coloring books for adults? Here are 10 easy ways to use your favorite coloring pages.

Coloring books for adults are very popular! There are quite a few, and it’s fun and relaxing to spend a few hours painting intricate patterns. It’s like being transported back to childhood…in a good way!

How To Color Coloring Pages

How To Color Coloring Pages

In the past, I’ve let my finished awesome projects (ahem) sit in the books, but I started thinking about how to use the finished coloring pages. And I realized how great it is to use the pages for something.

Printable Unicorn Coloring Page

I hope you enjoy these 10 easy ways to use coloring pages, plus check out my favorite pens and coloring books (see the end of the post for these).

How To Color Coloring Pages

By the way…if you can’t bear to cut out your favorite coloring books, it’s easy to make color copies of the pages and use photocopies.

Most coloring pages are large enough to wrap around a small package. For larger boxes, make multiple copies of the page and tape them together.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Easy Heart Coloring Pages For Kids {stripe Patterns!}

Homemade envelopes are an easy way to add a special touch to any letter. You can use an envelope template kit or download a ready-made envelope to use as a template.

To make your own envelope, start by finding an old envelope (or template), fold the cards and then use masking tape.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Since most coloring books are printed on both sides, the inside and outside of the envelope will have a fun design.

Color Elements In Green Coloring Page Royalty Free Vector

You can also use a page to make a line for a regular envelope. Just cut the page a little smaller than the inside of your envelope, then stick it on with double-sided tape.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Creating beautiful postcards is one of my favorite ways to use coloring pages. For the postcard above, I mounted my page on a blank index card to make it even more powerful. Then I added “Hello” using gold glitter paper. Nice, isn’t it?

I recommend using Mod Podge (or a similar glue) to attach the panels. Once you’ve attached them, place the postcard under a heavy book. This way, it will dry flat.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Color Black And White Presents. Coloring Page For Kids. 2171889 Vector Art At Vecteezy

You can also do special things with coloring pages. Buy blank paper (Paper Source has a great selection of beautiful colors) and glue it to your coloring page.

If you fell in love with a finished coloring page, why not install it? A great way to display a colorful item! If you have many pictures from the same coloring book, you can also make a coloring wall.

How To Color Coloring Pages

No expensive installation work required. Just buy a frame and mat and let your beautiful photo shine.

Coloring Pages Archives

This hand drawn coloring page is my favorite and I love the shapes it contains. My husband didn’t even realize it came from a coloring book until I told him!

How To Color Coloring Pages

Another way to create pictures from your coloring pages is to glue the pictures to boards or canvases.

For the two pieces above, I cut two patterns from the same color page. Since the paper is quite thin, I glued it to a piece of cardstock and then glued the woodcuts to the attached squares.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Top 10 Free Printable Dot To Dot Coloring Pages Online

You can also attach pages to a blank canvas. See my Canvas Mounted Instagram Photos posts for details on how to do this. It’s very easy!

Here’s a fun way to turn an empty can or other container into extra storage on the cheap.

How To Color Coloring Pages

I wrapped one of my favorite pages in an empty coffee mug, using double-sided tape to hold it in place. The page was a little short to reach the tin, so I covered the space with a piece of cardboard.

Color By Numbers

Then I went around the corner with my favorite music video. I love coordinating with the beans!

How To Color Coloring Pages

To start, cut a piece of paper from your page. Secure the ends with double-sided tape to make a bow. Then place a piece of tape in the middle and press the two sides together so that you have loops at both ends.

Add tails and more strips if needed. Then attach the bow to the package with tape.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Color Air Transport Coloring Page For Kids Vector Image

Is one of my favorite crafts and coloring pages over? Bookmarks… you can create with them!

My Posh coloring book had a page with intricate feathers, so I decided to trace them with these colored stamps. I decorated around the feathers since the background is clear, but you can also experiment with all of your page designs.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Once you cut out your pages, glue them to a square of paper with Mod Podge (or a similar glue). I used a rounded corner on the edges of my markers.

Free Colouring Pages For Kids

For the final touch, use a hole punch to add a hole to the top of the bookmarks, then tape it with a piece of coordinating ribbon.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Have you ever made your own journal? It’s really easy and would make a wonderful gift for anyone.

I did not color my page for this project. Black and white looks sharper and the recipient can color it if they want.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Print At Home) Butts & Other Things* To Color

Cut the front cover slightly larger than the inside pages. Fold everything in half, then place the pages inside the frame. Punch three holes with a hole punch, then use thread and a needle to create a small stitch to hold the pages together.

Here’s a simple tutorial for creating a brochure stitch. It’s really easy and once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to create tons of these beautiful journals.

How To Color Coloring Pages

My husband gave me this shelf a few weeks ago and I was trying to decide what to do with it. I finally decided to add a line using a page from one of my favorite books,

Free Autumn Coloring Pages & Book For Download (printable Pdf)

All I did was cut the page to fit inside the tray. Then, I added a layer of Mod Podge to the bottom of the tray and pressed it onto the coloring page. After it dried, I added another coat of Mod Podge to protect the paper.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Doesn’t it look cute? This wooden shelf is very similar to the one I used, and it comes in several sizes.

Okay, I read that wrong (ha), so here’s a bonus! I really like this page from my Posh Coloring Book so I transformed it into these beauties.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Months Of The Year Coloring Pages

To make your own, cut 3.5-inch squares of cardboard or stiff cardboard (millboard works too, as do cinder blocks). Then paint the squares the color you want and let dry. I used FolkArt acrylic paint in light blue.

Cut your coloring page into 3 inch squares. Find and apply Mod Podge to the background. Use the pages to paint and dry squares. Finish with two coats of Mod Podge over the entire edge (let dry between coats).

How To Color Coloring Pages

If you are looking for a coloring book for adults, I like and love these books. The books are all very different from each other, so I like to choose a particular book according to my mood.

Printable Adult Coloring Pages (updated 2022)

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How To Color Coloring Pages

Coloring in an activity can take my kids hours. To be honest, I love coloring too! It’s therapeutic, relaxing and a wonderful way to spend time with the kids. If you’re looking for an easy and cheap activity to give the kids over the weekend or school holidays, this collection of FREE coloring pages for kids has you covered.

Whether it’s an animal coloring page, a printable Disney character, or a color-by-number guide, you’re sure to find something in this selection of coloring pages for kids that are perfect for getting kids interested in school. holidays

How To Color Coloring Pages

Free Printables: 5 2 1 0 Activity Sheets And Coloring Pages

9 free Disney coloring pages are perfect for a relaxing afternoon with the kids in the Disney family.

For kids (or adults) who love babies, there are plenty of printable baby coloring pages at Coloring Home.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Let the kids try a fun color by number worksheet! There are collections to choose from in Super Coloring.

Turn Your Drawings And Pictures Into Online Coloring Pages! Coloring Page

If you want to be with your kids while they’re being creative, check out these 20+ free coloring pages for adults here.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Diamond Dotz – great fun for kids! It comes in a handy box and is available in many designs. Check out our section here.

Activity Sets – There are many ready-to-use kits for kids available on our website, including coloring games, craft kits, fancy design kits and more. See the full range of activity kits here.

How To Color Coloring Pages

Printable Summer Coloring Pages For Adults & Kids

Puzzle –

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