How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring – Is it starting to rain where you live? Sometimes it can feel gray and dull. What if it rains in color? Let’s bring some color to our winter with some fun indoor science!

If you’ve ever added food coloring to water, you may have noticed that ribbons of color mix quickly with water to form a single color. In this month’s 20-minute lab, we’ll use the scientific concept of density to preserve those beautiful colored ribbons longer!

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

To see what food coloring looks like with just water (without oil), fill a glass with water and add food coloring drop by drop. Look what happens. Set aside and use clean, dry material for testing.

Red Food Coloring 6/16oz

You’ve seen beautiful raindrops! Why is this happening? Why is this different from what happens when painting in oil-free water?

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

As you noticed when you added food coloring to the oil in the jar, the oil and water did not mix! Drops of food coloring were mixed and suspended in the oil without changing the color of the oil.

When water droplets do not coalesce when mixed together in this way, i.e. when it does not dissolve in a liquid – the mixture is called an emulsion.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Full Wine Glass With Water And Food Coloring Swirling In Glass Stock Image

Water does not mix with oil because oil is made up of ‘hydrophobic’ or water-repellent molecules that do not dissolve in water. You saw this in action when you poured oil into a glass of water and all the oil formed a separate layer on top!

Water is denser than oil, so it will sink. Weight refers to how much material can be packed into a given space. Liquids filled with small molecules, such as water, are dense and sink. Liquids that consist of large molecules, such as oil, have no density and tend to sit at the top.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Since food coloring is mainly water, it eventually sinks to the bottom of the oil layer and into the water layer, causing the beautiful color storm you saw!

Stained Glass Art For For Kids Using Food Coloring And Glue

Let us know how your tests went! Share your photos and results with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us at info@ We love to hear from you!

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

For more great experiments, check out our Yellow Horizon Science Kits on the Shop tab of our website! Don’t throw your glass jars in the recycling! The next time you have a pile, mixing this easy paint together and painting it out makes for some really cute dishes. We found some great instructions on Pinterest and wanted to try coloring our own glasses. Finished jars are great for holding decorative brushes or flowers, and make great cute housewarming gifts or special wedding decorations.

You can use any food coloring to create a rainbow of colors, but we loved water for our jars! Note that the color is not permanent, so avoid getting outside moisture. Change the color of the frosted glass by coloring the jars with permanent food coloring.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Diy Stained Mason Jars Tutorial

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How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

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How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

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How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

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How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

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An Overhead View Of Red, Yellow And Green Food Coloring Powder Particles In Glass Cups That, When Mixed With Water, Color The Food Stock Image

It’s funny because most of the entries on this blog have ended up being DIY stuff! (See: Small Life, Slow Life: How to Make a Vision Board, Small Life, Slow Life: Marimekko DIY Board, and Small Life, Slow Life: The Creative Feature.) Crafting is not really in my area. comfort. But I love giving gifts to people I love, so it’s kind of a habit!

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

So when my BFF Darcy told me she was in a crafty mood, I didn’t hesitate for a second to jump into this fun paint jar project with her!

These are so cute and so easy – even for a nerd like me, they’re foolproof. Here’s what to do:

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Caramel Food Coloring (organic)

You will need a paper plate, popsicle sticks, baking paper lined with foil, an oven preheated to 200 degrees, food coloring and gloss-finish Mod Podge.

Mod Podge is a type of sticky glue; Other types of glue may work well, but all the tutorials we saw recommended Mod, so that’s what we used.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Collect the jars you want to use. A variety is fun, or old mason jars work well. I went to the restaurant supply store and bought a glass salt and pepper shaker and a bud cup. total cost? About $3!

Food Coloring In Water Glass Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

To start, take the first jar you want to use and add Mod Podge to the bottom. Pour it in. Some sites say to use about two tablespoons, but I think I used a little more in my jars. Some sites also say that adding a small amount (teaspoon or less) of water will help the mod podge flow better. We didn’t make it, but we can try next time.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

You don’t want to overdo it because you’ll end up with streaky jars. Add little by little and you will find the right amount as you go.

Next, you need to add your food coloring. Darcy chose a beautiful color, but you can also mix your colors. Think of Darcy himself as a turquoise jar of blue and green.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

U.s. Art Supply 12 Color Liqua Gel Slime Making Food Coloring Dye Kit

Yeah, I didn’t listen to them – I added a ton! And my pitchers are very smart. I love them!

Use a popsicle stick to mix your food coloring with Mod Podge. Mix well – you should have a nice, even color. Unmixed paint/glue will appear as streaks in your final product.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Now, it’s time to tilt the jar so that your mixture covers the entire interior. This is where you can tell if you have used too little or too much poji. You can modify it at this point by adding more mod podge if you need to.

Food Colouring In Water Stock Photos, Images & Photography

Once you’ve covered everything inside (you can wipe off any mixture that ends up on the outside edge of the glass with a paper towel), place the jar on a paper or styrofoam plate. This will remove the excess mixture before baking your jar.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Repeat the process until you have mod-podged as many jars as you want. Darcy and I made a bunch, but in retrospect, these came out so good, we want to make more! Other than that, expect your first batch to have duds.

Place your jars upside down on a foil-lined baking sheet (you don’t need to glue your baking sheet; it will never come off). Place in a preheated oven to 200 degrees.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Easy Way To Color Glass On A Budget For Any Occasion Or Holiday

You will bake them for about 20 minutes. It’s so fun to see the colors change as you bake!

Most important step: within ten minutes of baking, pull them out (carefully) from the oven, turn them over, and scrape off any excess goo around the outside rim of the jar.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

While they are baking, you can sit and dry or take a kitty break. You can see the option we selected.

Translucent Twist Up (stained Glass Painting For Kids)

After about 2o minutes, you should be able to tell that your jars are done. If there are any lines or bubbles, you can leave them after a while. We left one batch for about 40 minutes, so don’t overdo it if you think they need more time. Make sure you put them back in the middle so you don’t end up with a fool.

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Note:  If you want to use your jars as flower vases or drinking cups, you will need to add a good sealer to them. Otherwise, the water will affect the glue. Unless you add a preservative, these are not safe to drink, so keep that in mind. Mod Podge is non-toxic, but none of us want our drinks to taste like glue!

Darcy uses

How To Color Glass With Food Coloring

Children Add Food Coloring To The Salt In A Glass Bowl And Mix It With Their Hands. Colored Salt Art. Diy Play And Learn Activities For Kids. 8090673 Stock Photo At Vecteezy

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