How To Display Coloring Pages

How To Display Coloring Pages – Security health Peace Consciousness. Cleanliness. Comfort. happiness Productivity. These are all things I’ve been trying to fix over the last few months. And let me tell you, it might be easier to play with knives. Somehow we keep it together and tend to go to bed with a smile on our face. Paul and I are lucky – we can work (almost) entirely from home, we can distance ourselves socially, we can be together. That’s the big one for me. But there is still so much to adjust to.

This week I was on my hands and knees drawing sidewalk castles with chalk when I came across the words “Be strong!” written in the handwriting of a small child. I looked a little further up the road and found more sayings and pictures about positivity! May I suggest some ways to spread positivity? Regardless of your answer, I do!

How To Display Coloring Pages

How To Display Coloring Pages

Read on for our ideas on how you can continue to spread hope, fight the spread of the virus and encourage others to do the same.

Duck Coloring Pages (updated 2022)

Join the global celebration (applause for healthcare workers, rainbows in windows, etc.) with your own Picture Hope coloring pages. Picture Hope is a downloadable/printable coloring book filled with inspiring artwork from artists around the world! This global collaborative effort was inspired by the plight of children in need, and we decided to donate all proceeds from this coloring book to charity. This time we chose the humanitarian organization Save the Children. This excerpt is from their website:

How To Display Coloring Pages

“The biggest global health crisis of our lifetime threatens children in every way. Your support can help children in unsafe homes, help protect and prepare doctors and clinics in refugee camps, and help support distance learning in light of school closures.”

Try to imagine what everything would be like without the internet. Now try to imagine that again without running water or a safe place to call home. Talk about perspective!! I’m not saying this to put you down – rather, I’m writing this to remind myself to reach out and show love in any way I can. For me that means imagining hope.

How To Display Coloring Pages

Printable Michael Jackson Coloring Pages (updated 2022)

Once you’ve enjoyed coloring your masterpieces, art displaying them is a way to spread joy!

At home: simply coloring on your own or with the family can be a way to relax, get your creative juices flowing and spend quality time together.

How To Display Coloring Pages

In the Community: Share the love with everyone who sees your pages! Stick them on your windows, post photos online (tag us!), frame them on your gallery wall, send them to friends by mail (we <3 snail mail). This will spread motivation to people who may not even know. Trust me – they need it. We all do it.

Free Desert Landscape Coloring Pages & Book For Download (printable Pdf)

Worldwide: Your donations go directly to help children in desperate situations. Health care, safety, food, education and more are threatened by a pandemic and YOU can help without leaving the safety of your home.

How To Display Coloring Pages

We’ve made it easy – click this link, donate as much as you can/want, from just $10, download the coloring book. Then make your own masterpiece and the world a little brighter in one go! Now that’s a way to spread joy.

We want to challenge you to show off your Picture Hope coloring pages cleverly! Use #PictureHope and tag us so we can post your ideas. It’s about spreading the message and the HOPE as widely as possible. Barnaheill is a coronavirus charity we are passionate about helping and we can’t do it without you!

How To Display Coloring Pages

Free Fish Coloring Pages For Download (printable Pdf)

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How To Display Coloring Pages

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How To Display Coloring Pages

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How To Display Coloring Pages

Printable Hanukkah Coloring Pages For Kids

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Finding Answers Growing up, my understanding of family history was based on sifting through boring piles of old records to discover basic information about… Do you love coloring books for adults? I have 10 easy ways to use coloring pages that you will love!

How To Display Coloring Pages

Coloring books for adults have become so popular! I have a few and it’s fun and relaxing to spend a few hours coloring the intricate designs. It’s like being transported back to your childhood…in a good way!

Underwood Coloring Pages

In the past, I let my finished masterpieces (ahem) sit in the books, but then I started wondering how to use the finished coloring pages. And I realized how much fun it would be to use the pages for something.

How To Display Coloring Pages

I hope you enjoy these 10 easy ways to use coloring pages, plus check out my favorite coloring books and pens (scroll to the end of the post for them)!

By the way…if you can’t bear to cut out your favorite coloring books, just make color copies of the pages and use the copies instead.

How To Display Coloring Pages

Coffee Grinder Coloring Page

Most coloring pages are large enough to fit into a small package. For larger boxes, make several copies of the page and sew them together with double-sided tape.

Homemade envelopes are an easy way to add a special touch to any letter. You can either use an envelope template or tear apart a ready-made envelope to use as a template.

How To Display Coloring Pages

To make your own envelope, start by tracing around an old envelope (or template), folding the points, then using double-sided tape to hold everything together.

Adult Coloring Books Are Selling Like Crazy. Here’s Why.

Since most coloring books are printed on both sides, your envelope will have a fun pattern on the inside and outside.

How To Display Coloring Pages

You could also use a page to create a liner for a standard envelope. Simply cut the page slightly smaller than the inside of your envelope, then hold it in place with double-sided tape.

Making cute postcards is one of my favorite ways to use coloring pages. For the picture card above, I simply attached my page to a blank note card to make it sturdier. Then I added “Hello” using gold slide stickers. Nice, isn’t it?

How To Display Coloring Pages

Lemon Coloring Pages

I recommend using Mod Podge (or similar glue) to hold the layers together. After you have glued it together, place the postcard under a heavy book. That way it dries flat.

You can also create custom statics with coloring pages. Buy blank cards (Paper Source has a great selection of pretty colors), then glue your coloring pages on.

How To Display Coloring Pages

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a finished coloring page, why not frame it? It’s a great way to display brightly colored works! If you have multiple images from the same coloring book, you could even create a gallery wall.

Top 50 Free Printable Barbie Coloring Pages Online

No expensive framing required. Simply purchase a mat frame and insert your beautiful art.

How To Display Coloring Pages

This hand printed coloring page is my favorite and I love how it looks framed. My husband didn’t even realize it was from a coloring book until I told him!

Another way to make art out of your coloring pages is to attach the pictures to wood or canvas.

How To Display Coloring Pages

Cactus Display Coloring Page For Adults And Children Cacti

For the two pieces above, I cut two rectangles from the same color page. Since the paper was quite thin, I glued it to cardboard and then attached the pictures to scrap wood with squares.

You could also pin the pages to a blank canvas. Check out my posts on canvas mounted Instagram photos for details on how to do this. It’s super easy!

How To Display Coloring Pages

This is a fun way to repurpose an empty can or other container to create extra storage for cheap!

Gallery Item Display

I wrapped one of my favorite pages around an empty coffee mug and used double-sided tape to hold it all together. The page was a little too short to reach around the tin, so I covered the gap with a piece of coordinated card.

How To Display Coloring Pages

Then I went around the edge with my favorite striped washi tape. I like how it coordinates with the bees!

To begin, cut a strip of paper from your page. Tape the ends with double-sided tape to make a loop. Next, place tape in the middle and press both sides together so you have a loop at both ends.

How To Display Coloring Pages

Printable Coloring Page Zentangle Camping Coloring Book

Add a tail with more strips of paper,

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