How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb – Light bulbs are a common sight. Look around you – you are most likely benefiting from some form of electric light right now. This technology, while it may seem simple, is a relatively new invention.

In 1802, inventor Humphrey Davy developed a battery and realized that when he used a carbon strip to electrify it, he produced light.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Early electric lights, for example, burned out quickly, often within minutes. At least 20 different famous inventors of the 1800s worked to solve this problem.

Light Bulb In Drawing Style Isolated Vector. Stock Vector

In 1879, Thomas Edison created the first incandescent light bulb suitable for large-scale use. By the 1920s, electric lighting was advertised as being installed in homes in many countries.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Over time, turning on a light bulb above your head has come to symbolize the realization of a new idea, a hunt for genius.

It probably dates back to Edison’s struggle to find the right ingredients to make his light bulb work: when it finally came on and didn’t go out, it was a cause for celebration. Today, traditional incandescent light bulbs are being replaced by energy-efficient fluorescent lamps and LEDs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Lightbulb With Brain

Interestingly, while today’s incandescent bulbs typically last a few months, one of the first Edison bulbs still burns in a fire station in California, USA.

The light bulb was originally installed in 1901 and has been lit continuously for nearly 100 years. It holds the Guinness World Record and is considered the oldest light bulb in the world.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Do you like drawing cartoon light bulbs? It’s easy to do with this easy step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil, pen or marker. You may also want to use crayons, colored pencils, or something to shade your finished drawing.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

2. Draw two curved lines coming down from the circle, bending close to each other. Continue the outline of the bulbous glass.

3. Connect the lines using a short curved line. The shape you defined should look like an inflated balloon.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Hanging Lamp With Light Bulb With Chain Electricity Vector Illustration Drawing Image Stock Vector

5. Draw a curved, rectangular shape under the bulb. This will contact the screw thread, the part of the bulb that screws into the socket.

6. Draw a series of horizontal parallel curved lines at the base of the bulb. They indicate the thread on the metal contact.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

7. Draw two straight ascending lines at a slight angle from the screw thread contact. They form what are called glass jaws, tiny arms that suspend the filaments in the bulb. Complete the bottom of the threaded connection using a short, curved line.

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8. Draw a curved, looped line between the arms of the glass holder. It’s the filament, the small metal wire that produces heat and light when electricity passes through it, causing the cartoon light bulb to turn on.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

9. Draw dashed lines in the shape of the letters “W” and “V” in a circle around the stars. Next, draw a halo of straight lines extending from all sides of the bulb. Both of these properties indicate the emission of light.

10. Color your light bulbs. Often the bulb appears yellow or white in contact with the green thread of the screw.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Light Bulb Vector Art, Icons, And Graphics For Free Download

It’s a round arrow icon at the top of your browser window, usually in the upper left corner (you can also use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+R on PC and Command+R on Mac). Drawing a cartoon light bulb is definitely an easy exercise if you can draw basic shapes like circles and rectangles. In this tutorial, I’ll also show you how to add simple effects like gradients to create more interesting objects.

There’s no doubt that life wouldn’t be so easy without electricity (and the simple light bulb). The nightlife will be hard and true, no one wants to go back to the days of using oil lamps! Let’s see how you can draw this useful object now in this easy step-by-step drawing tutorial. 🙂

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

First, it might be a good idea to build our object using mostly basic shapes. Once all the shapes have been added, we can then polish the silhouette of the bulb using smooth lines. We can start creating this model by adding a large rectangle to create the hood at the bottom of the object.

Png Lightbulb Vintage Cartoon Clipart

Next, draw the glass bulb itself using two simple shapes. Above the hood, you can add another rectangle as shown below. This new addition should be slightly narrower than the previous rectangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Next, add a large circle to outline the main part of the bulb. A light bulb can be made with oval or sphere shapes, but let’s use them later for this simple tutorial.

Under the cap it is possible to draw a circular line to make the electrical connection. This is completed by adding another small rectangle to the bottom of the cartoon light bulb. Good job! Our model is now ready. It’s time to use all the shapes below to refine our example and create a realistic version of the object.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Vector Illustration. Hand Drawn Doodle Of Light Bulb. Energy And Power Sign Of Technology. Symbol Of Education, Idea, Inspiration And Solution. Cartoon Sketch. Isolated On White Background Stock Vector

Draw the glass bulb using a long line that should be almost straight at the bottom, but very rounded at the top. It’s time to be precise and you can use any circular object to draw the perfect circle. Note that the bottom cap should be slightly larger than the bottom of the bulb. You can delete previous shapes after creating the blob.

The bulb cap is used to fix it where it is needed. So it’s important to draw some lines on this part of the object shown in the image below. In this case, four dashed lines have been added inside the cap. Additionally, the silhouette of the cap has been polished using basic curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

We’re not done yet! Inside the bulb, you can also create a contact wire using two long straight lines. These lines are connected by another broken line. This new addition can be seen below (with a temporary red outline). Good work! We drew the object. It’s time to play with colors and add some fun effects to this illustration.

Light Bulb With Battery / Cartoon Vector And Illustration, Black And White, Hand Drawn, Sketch Style, Isolated On White Background. Stock Vector

Inside the bulb you can add a nice yellow color. This can be bright and saturated. Next, make sure the cap is gray in color. The color of the electrical contact is black and the rectangular tip can be grey. This image looks great, but we can make it even better.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Whether or not you’re using a vector application, adding a gradient to an image can be done easily in minutes. Start by lighting the center of the bulb. As you can see below, the center is now white while the edges are still yellow. The same process can be used on the cap. The left side is now darker than the right side.

I hope you had fun learning how to draw this cool cartoon light bulb. As I said before, this item comes in different sizes and shapes. Feel free to draw multiple versions using this tutorial as a starting point. If you need more help creating this object, the following example may help. Includes all eight steps needed to remove your bulb quickly and easily.

How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

Light Bulb Line Icon With Editable Strokes. Concept Of Idea, Solution. Vector Outline Icon With Editable Stroke. Light Bulb On White Background Stock Vector Image & Art

Now that we’re done with this tutorial, we encourage you to try more fun stuff from this site. Other amazing things are also listed below. These additional tutorials offer fun challenges to help you learn new things and work with different digital effects. Have fun drawing and remember to practice as much as possible. This is the key to getting better at drawing. 🙂

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How To Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb

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