How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting – This delicious mermaid cake has super moist vanilla layers wrapped in a decadent white chocolate cream. The blue-green color creates a beautiful water effect combined with those easy-to-make, but beautiful scales!

As many of you know, my mom is the baking inspiration in my life. So you can imagine how excited I was when she came to visit and help me make this white chocolate cake for my niece’s birthday! I made a two-tone frosting for the interior and shells to give it a more watery effect. What do you think??

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

If you’ve tried this mermaid cake recipe, don’t forget to leave a rating and let me know how you did in the comments below, I love hearing from you!

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This mermaid cake features super moist vanilla cake layers encased in decadent white chocolate buttercream inscribed in light yet beautiful shells.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Portion: 79 g | Calories: 330 kcal | Carbohydrates: 43 g | Protein: 3 g | fat: 17 g | Saturated fat: 6 g | Trans fats: 2.5 g | Cholesterol: 30 mg | Sodium: 310 mg | Fiber: 0.5 g | Sugar: 30 g | Vitamin A: 100 IU | Calcium: 40 mg | Iron: 1.4 mg Stripes are in fashion this year! The striped cream cake is definitely the new cake trend, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

While you may be able to make thicker strips of buttercream (like I tried on my s’mores cake), it’s a little more challenging to make these thin, delicate lines.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Cookie Monster Cake

With a few tips, you’ll learn that you can make your own butter cake in no time!

To make these beautiful buttercream stripes, you need the right tools. People call them different things, but I usually call this tool a cake decorating comb or an icing comb.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

You’ll see in my video that I use a Wilton cake decorating comb that I ordered years ago!

How To Create A Drippy Cake Frosting

I actually ordered them for the other patterns included in the cake comb kit, but one side had that little square pattern that I needed to make the stripes.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

If you are planning to order a set, I recommend trying this set of cake combs. It comes with a pattern for thick and thin stripes, giving you more variety in the designs and patterns you create.

To make these thin stripes, you can use any brand of icing comb, as long as it has a small square pattern similar in size to the cake decorating comb shown above.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Naked Blue Velvet Cake

Now that you have the right tools, it’s time to talk technique. For this design to work, you need to follow a few steps. The first is coating with crumbs and cooling the cake.

The second step is to add and smooth a generous second layer of frosting. I find that my American Buttercream works great for this technique!

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Once the icing is smooth, you need to use your icing comb to make some grooves!

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I have found that holding the cake icing comb at a ninety degree angle to the cake works best. This helps you get the thickest grooves possible, which will make the smoothing process easier down the road.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Now that the icing comb is in the right position, it’s time to move it around the cake. You want to keep this angle with the icing comb and gently move the icing comb around the cake.

It is also important that the bottom of the frosting is flat against the cake board. This will ensure that you consistently make the same clusters with each pass around the cake.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Blue Velvet Cake Recipe

Your touch should be firm enough to remove the glaze and create even grooves, but gentle enough not to scrape through the coat.

It can be difficult to get a feel for this, so I recommend starting with light pressure. You can always add more pressure if needed!

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Once the frosting grooves are in place, you need to cool the cake again. This is SUPER important. It is imperative (I mean it!!) that the icing grooves are completely firm to the touch before moving on to the next step.

Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

This will help the grooves keep their shape when you fill them with colorful frosting and smooth the cake one last time.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

In order for the cake to cool down well, I recommend putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes. If you don’t have room in the freezer, you can put the cake in the fridge for 40 minutes.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Using whatever color(s) of frosting you like, fill each little groove with a piping bag.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Red White And Blue Cake

I didn’t use a freezing tip to do this. I kept things simple by just cutting a small hole in the bottom of each of my bags.

For this cake I used different shades of blue to create some ombre blue stripes. Just remember, the more colors you choose, the more work and dishes you have to do!

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

After the grooves are filled, use a table scraper to smooth the frosting. You have to make several passes around the cake to get clean streaks.

How To Make Navy Blue Buttercream Frosting

Don’t worry if your first few passes seem a little strange. I promise that with a few more those perfect stripes will come alive.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

I like to warm up my bench scraper for the last few passes around the cake. I do this by running my bench scraper under some warm water and drying it with a paper towel.

This heats up the blade, allowing you to get a super smooth finish at the end of the process.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Lemon Buttercream Frosting

My streaks weren’t PERFECT, but you have to know when to stop. I knew I was planning to add snowflakes to this so I stopped here.

This is a challenging technique, so don’t be too much of a perfectionist! If one area isn’t as perfect as you’d like, just do the back of the cake.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Don’t keep scraping the icing, try to get it just right. You can scrape off too much frosting, and you’ll hit yourself if you do!!

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If you try making your own striped butter cake, I’d love to hear how it goes! Please leave a rating and let me know what you think in the comments section

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

You can make these cookie crusts ahead of time!! Learn more about how far in advance they can be made and how to package them properly in my post on how to make cookie crusts ahead of time.

As this frosting is used to decorate the cake, it is important to mix the buttercream on the lowest speed at the end of the process for a few minutes, to remove any excess air created during the mixing process. It can be recorded.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Quick And Easy Recipe: How To Make Navy Blue Buttercream

You can also stir the frosting in the bowl with a rubber spatula, pushing it from side to side to get rid of any air bubbles. This will make it easier to get super smooth sides of the cake!

Calories per serving 578 Total fat 34 g Saturated fat 20 g Trans fat 0 g Unsaturated fat 12 g Cholesterol 86 mg Sodium 300 mg Carbohydrates 67 g Fiber 0 g Sugar 55 g Protein 4 g

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Hello! Your cake looks amazing! Can I use Whipped Icing to make stripes on the cake? Or should I stick to the American buttercream recipe? Thank you!

Red, White, And Blue Cake

Thank you so much for this info, I was just wondering…do the cakes still taste good after cooling, or are they frozen, crumbly, etc.? Also, what is your simple syrup recipe?

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

A frozen cake can keep well in the fridge for up to a week! As long as the frosting completely covers the layers of the cake, it should retain all the moisture, and the cake should remain nice and moist 🙂 The texture must not change at all.

I leave the cakes in the fridge overnight or for a few days all the time! I usually leave my cakes open in the fridge without the lid! It should be fine as long as you don’t have anything smelly in the fridge (like fish or onions).

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

Striped Buttercream Cake

My simple syrup recipe is just 1 cup water and 1 cup granulated sugar, boiled to dissolve the sugar.

Thank you!! As long as your cream cheese frosting has a decent texture, it should work just fine! My cream cheese buttercream recipe would work great. Hope that helps, happy baking! These red, white and blue cupcakes are made with a simple white cupcake liner and filled with sprinkles! We topped these patriotic cakes with blue vanilla frosting!

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

No Independence Day celebration is complete without a few red, white and blue desserts. You can bet I’ll be making meringue cookies again this year for the 4th of July!

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From the outside, these 4th of July cupcakes look like plain white cupcakes with red, white, and blue frosting. Then you take a bite and the center explodes like fireworks made from sprinkles and mini M&Ms.

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

You’ll love enjoying these red, white, and blue cookies while watching the fireworks this Independence Day weekend!

PRO TIP: You can also make them with white cake mix and canned frosting that you dye blue. Makes. Tips and tricks

How To Make Blue Cake Frosting

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