How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting – Oh yes, I’ve been waiting for the day I have the patience to post my wedding cake recipe and assembly instructions. My good friends, today is the day! We placed the cake next to two photos, one of my parents at the wedding and one of his parents at the wedding. It was so sweet – and we have hot parents too!

The photo above is by our photographer Ciras Photography. This is my cake! So how did I do it? Well, a few things you should know about what’s under all that fondant and royal icing…

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

1.  The base layer is fake – it’s a rice krispie treat made into a 12 inch circle. It’s still delicious, but it’s not cake. We didn’t serve our cake because we had a great dessert table (whoopie pies, rice krispies, cookies, milkshakes, cupcakes, M&M’s, jelly beans, more).

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2.  The second layer is a 28 inch round circle with four layers of vanilla cake. Apricot filling in every second layer. Amaretto buttercream every second layer after the apricot filling. The top layer is a 6-inch circle with the same four layers.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

3. I used moisturizing syrup! This is the first time I have used it in a cake and it helped. The cake recipe was a classic vanilla cake, but I don’t think it would have worked as well without the amaretto moisturizing syrup.

4.  In the end, I’m so glad I made my own cake. It made my wedding day that much more special.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

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You can see my gumpaste peony flowers in this post. Now for the cake recipe, I took it from Dede Wilson’s book Wedding Cakes You Can Make.

This was a great vanilla cake recipe, tasty and dense, so good for stacking. I doubled it because my layers ended up being short, about 1 inch each. The recipe said the layers were 2 inches thick, but I didn’t get the layers that tall. Here is the recipe for the hydrating syrup:

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

I found the recipe for Amaretto Buttercream on the great site Modern Domestic. It was used with almond cookies.

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I did not make the apricot filling myself. Instead I got a delicious jam – Bonne Maman apricots. I really only bought this brand because the packaging had a homemade feel to it. It turns out to be really good and contains huge chunks of apricots. I used fake bottom rice krispie treats right out of the box. The only difference was that I pressed the rice crispy treat really hard and tried to squish the crispy instead of making it airy. The recipe is here on the website. Then the royal icing I used to decorate the fondant is here on one of my older posts.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

Now for the assembly (I told you this post would take a lot of patience to write…but also to read it!).

1. Fake Layer – Do the biggest third layer beforehand to save time before the wedding. I did it 2 weeks in advance.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

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A. Use the Rice Krispies recipe in the link above. I used 3 boxes of rice krispies with 3 bags of marshmallows. I originally underestimated the amount of Rice Krispies I would need and after making two boxes I decided I wanted a taller third layer.

B. Line the bottom of a 12-inch pan with parchment paper and grease the sides of the pan. Firmly press all of the Rice Krispies mixture into the pan. Be sure to fill in all the gaps, especially around the sides of the pan. You don’t want big indentations on the sides of the cake. Use a piece of parchment paper to push the rice crispies into the bowl so they don’t stick to your fingers. In the second photo below, I ran out of rice krispies and had to replace them with cornflakes.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

C. Take the white candy or white chocolate and melt it, then use a smooth spatula to spread it over the rice krispie treat to fill in the little nooks and crannies. You can see I’ve already done two more layers and I’m done with a third layer to finish it off.

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D. Then saran wrap and store until you are ready to fondant this layer. I made the fondant a week before the wedding so it wouldn’t dry out. When you are ready to place the cake, use the buttercream and spread a thin layer all over the bottom to act as a glue to cover the fondant.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

E. After creaming the “cake”, roll out enough fondant to cover your 12 inch round “cake” and twice the height of your cake. Mine was about 18 inches (plus two inches for error). If you haven’t rolled fondant, you can check out my tips post and has a pretty good tutorial on YouTube.

The rice crispies are much easier to put into the broth than the actual cake because the actual cake is soft. Make sure to level it as shown below.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

Purple Food Coloring

2.  Cake Layers – Now the cake part! The following describes how to assemble the top two layers of the cake.

A. First, cut the cake layer so that you have four pieces of cake. You assemble one layer of buttercream, another layer of apricot filling, and so on. I had to cut a 6 inch cake. I used a cookie cutter that I bought at Walmart – I think it was only $5 or so. It’s roughly the same wire they use to cut clay and you can adjust the wire until it’s level. Try to match the layers!

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

B. Then take a 6 inch or 8 inch cake pan and spread some buttercream on the bottom as glue and place the first cake layer on top. Apply the Amaretto moisturizing syrup to the first layer with a pastry brush. I didn’t want mine to soak up too much of the moisturizing syrup because I didn’t know how the moisture would react with the fondant. The cake syrup ended up being enough, it kept it moist and not too much!

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C. Then spread a circle of buttercream around the edges. The point is to prepare the cake for the apricot filling so that it does not squeeze out of the cake when you put more layers on top. And arrange a layer of apricots in the middle of that ring.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

D. Place the second cake layer on top. You can use moisturizing syrup for the next layer or not. Spread the buttercream on this layer.

E. Repeat on the next two cake layers. Then start covering the entire cake with the buttercream… start with a big scoop on top of the cake.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

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F. Smooth the sides of the cake until everything looks nice and pretty. I need to get a rotating cake stand, that would be so much easier. If you’re like me and haven’t made the investment yet (I’m talking about the $60 cake stands, not the plastic ones), you can place the cake on top of the cake pan you baked it in. It helps when lifting from the table when spreading the buttercream and when placing the fondant on the cake.

Sir, cover that cake with fondant! I didn’t manage to take a picture because I had to work quickly to cover the small cake. 6 inches is the heaviest for fondant. It didn’t go well for me, but I did much better the second time around. Be prepared for a quick polish!

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

3.  Decoration – now the decoration! I made my bottom layer and top layer with a polka dot design using royal icing. I only use ribbon for the second layer. I did this because I knew I would have to do it in two pieces to transport the cake. I used the bottom layer on the cake stand as one part and the two top layers as another part. This will prevent your cake from tipping over in the car and will make it much easier to carry. Then when I got to the reception room, I would have to put two floors above the bottom so I wouldn’t have time to decorate. So I made a tape.

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A. Second layer – tape. Make sure your ribbon matches your royal icing – or switcheroo and make sure the royal icing matches the ribbon you choose. put a dollop of royal icing (doesn’t have to be colored) on the bottom of the cake. Glue the end of the ribbon to the buttercream. Place a few more balls of frosting around the cake. Smooth the ribbon and finish with another dollop of royal icing.

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

1.  Make 3 colors of royal icing – white (I don’t think it’s really a color), black and purple. My old post has a recipe for royal icing. Match the purple frosting with the ribbon.

2. Use a #3 round tip and white royal icing to pipe the round pearls onto the base layer. I

How To Make Dark Purple Frosting

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