How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

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How do I make the wake of the ship appear to be above the water and made by the ship?

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

I have tried to cut out parts of the bow waves from other pictures and put them here, and I have also tried to draw the shape of waves and wakes in paintings and mix waves and waves with light.

A Simple Way To Create Ocean Hatching On Fantasy Maps — Map Effects

You can add the missing waves by placing motion maps and drawing bubbles on incoming waves.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Here is the migration map. It is slightly transparent to show its shape. It is painted (Corvette only) freely using a soft white brush.

This map creates wrinkles in the sea. They should have bubbles. It has been repainted. The foam is also drawn on the bow, as it should be on the port side and on the starboard side.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Photoshop Vintage Nautical Map

BTW. The aircraft carrier is small in size. The ideas of sea and ships do not go well together.

Addendum: I couldn’t find any official plans for ships other than lowering the carrier to the horizon. Odisha.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Because every train has a wake… you have to increase the time. Wakes are long-term disturbances in the water, not “spaces” around ships. The absence of any barrier behind the ships makes everything seem strange.

How To Create Ocean Waves In Blender

Or.. use pictures of ships that don’t wake up. But then they appear motionless and “suspended” in the water.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

By clicking “All Cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with the Cookies Policy. Learn how to create a realistic watercolor effect in Photoshop from scratch using PS filters and modifiers. You can easily create your own watercolors with the canvas size you want. This shape can be used to create a water feature using this shape as a dynamic map.

Create a new document 1500px/1000px. Name the first part of the surface of water. Fill it with white color. Make sure the foreground color is white and the background color is black. Convert this layer to a smart object (right click and select Convert to smart object). Go to Filters > Noise and select the Add Noise filter.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Beautifully Frozen Ocean Waves

The water in the water must have currents. But, the noise made a lot more brutal. Let’s make them lighter by using opacity.

Now we need to make a variation of the water composition. You know, like water waves created by the wind on the surface of the water.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Go to Filters > Sketch and select the Chalk and Charcoal filter to create a similar look.

Ocean Wave Cartoon Images

To finish creating a water feature in Photoshop, go to the Filters > Sketch menu and select Bas Relief.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

It looks like a real water feature. But it seems to be shown from above. We want the water waves to extend horizontally. So we blur the water waves horizontally using motion blur.

This actually starts the amazing water feature. But it’s black and white, so we have to add color. Make the water texture blue by adding a Photoshop Gradient Map.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Ocean Water Seamless Background Texture Deep Blue Ocean

Now add a gradient map from the Layers panel using the New Fill or Adjustment Layer button.

Our Photoshop watercolors look great and you can use them like this. But you can change it if you want.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Well, if you look at the water from a distance, you will see that the waves on the surface of the water have another source of light – the light from the sun. Let’s see how to add these highlights to our watercolor design in Photoshop.

File:ocean Waves Drone View (unsplash).jpg

Create a new layer and name it, for example, Water Color. Fill the layer with white color and change it to smart object. We’re adding more smart filters like this, so let’s do it quickly. Use the Add Noise filter.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Set the Blending Mode of the Water Blend to Soft Light, as this will emphasize the highlights and highlights of the running water.

Add a layer of brightness/contrast to the water feature itself using a mask. Right-click edit and select Create Clipping Mask.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

Sites To Download Free Water Texture For Photoshop [100+ Resources]

Because we created the water feature using a blue map, the result is cool. We can slightly warm the water color by adding a yellow (yellow) color fill with these colors:

Let’s change the texture of our water in Photoshop. For the final touch, select the Water Surface layer and the Water Texture layer and go to Edit > Transform > Perspective.

How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

So here’s the final result of our actual Photoshop underwater scene from scratch. We hope you enjoyed reading our new tutorial. Browse our large selection of pre-made juices for free.

Dynamic Ocean Photoshop Brushes Vol2

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How To Make Ocean Waves In Photoshop

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