How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages – Brighten up your child’s day by making a coloring book about it! Using the free photo editing software GIMP, anyone can create designer coloring pages to delight the youngest members of the family. These coloring pages can be bound into a book to give as a gift, or to use as a “language book” (a language-building method for children with various hearing or language difficulties).

The layers are separated, but the image is much lighter Reapply the Edge Detect / Soble effect for a bold image

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

Get creative and inspire a budding young artist to break out the crayons and paint a unique picture!

Free Skeleton Coloring Page — Sarah Pecorino Illustration

Answer: GIMP is photo editing software available for all types of computers I don’t believe they have an app to use with a phone It’s similar to Photoshop

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

I came across this when I wanted to make Father’s Day cards to give away for free to kids on my website

Hi Kathy, Is background copy selected? You won’t see this effect if your base layer is selected. This is the simplest “workaround” I can think of – make sure the background layer is the selected layer in the dockable dialog. Let me know if it works – if it doesn’t we can try and find out what’s going on with your system! I also have a Windows computer and the method works for me now

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

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I followed the steps and got to the dividing wall but nothing happened my photo didn’t turn into a line drawing but remained black and white. I tried about 8 times of each time I’m on a windows computer

After reading some of the comments, I wanted to add that I’ve been working on a photo with a black background. To make it work, I flipped it (under “color”), after drying it out and tracing the edges, and it worked perfectly.

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

It was amazing! At first I thought the instructions were impossible, but I took it step by step and was able to make a coloring page. However, to add a layer I right-clicked as I couldn’t find it according to the instructions

Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids & Adults: Fun & Free Printable Coloring Pages For The Holidays

Hi, this is normal – when you go to the Layers dialog, change “Normal” to “Partition” and the image should appear white and like a line art again.

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

I don’t know if it failed to work when I try another layer of the photo or if it all went black and I didn’t see the black and something went wrong I guess?

I can’t find a problem, Sue, although I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t investigate from there – I hope you can find a solution if it’s a problem with the Mac computer.

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

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Hi HL, are you using an Apple computer? I’ve heard of problems from others using Macs – I’ll try to find the source of the problem

I’m glad it worked for you, Lucia! It’s a fun program to use and a great way to give a personalized gift!

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

Hi: I followed the instructions exactly and couldn’t get it to work The image went from color to black and white and didn’t turn into a color page I’m using a Mac – are there any other steps I’m missing with a Mac?

Printable Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids

It doesn’t seem to work for me at all… Nothing changes in the image after the abstraction step Thanks for your help 🙂

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

I’ve never used GIMP before, but I have it on my PC… Your instructions are very simple and I made a nice coloring page with a family photo, thanks, now I’m going to make more for my kids to color.

Hi Adam, I ran the sequence again and it works perfectly as written When duplicating layers, make sure you select Duplicate Layers in the Dockable dialog before selecting the Sobel filter and splitting the layers. All operations must be done at the replication level and not at the root level. If you still have problems, let me know. If you want you can send me a copy of the photo (my email address is on my profile page) and I can try it from here to see if there are any other issues. (If the photo is too dark, the edges may not be detected properly).

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

Cindy Derosier: My Creative Life: Cupcake Card

I have to divide and the image is black I have to invert it to make it look like your example from a distance but still have a strange dark spot.

Thanks, Cross – I regularly make coloring pages for my kids They love personalized books! I want to make a video of the process to make the process a bit clearer for those who aren’t familiar with the basics of GIMP.

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

Great, thanks… crystal clear, I did your feet one at a time (even an ink monkey with iron gloves could do it) and got a perfect color image.

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Accuracy, which part of the instructions do you struggle with? How familiar are you with GIMP and using layers? Do you want to create coloring pages from photos? Occasionally I like to paint a fluffy face of a pet or a smiling loved one. There are many ways to do this, and many different software to get you started, here are a few tutorials on how to create coloring pages from photos with GIMP.

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

GIMP is a wonderful open source software that has worked really well for me in the past In fact, I personally prefer using Jim Adobe Photoshop You can download Gimp 2.8 from their website:

(Obviously you download this at your own risk, just like anything else from any third party website).

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

How To Make Any Picture A Coloring Page! • A Turn To Learn

If all else fails, you can always buy a simple and inexpensive light up tracing block and a print of your photo and trace it by hand. I’ve done this many times and the results can’t be beat

Here’s a gallery of all the resulting coloring pages from this tutorial. Have fun coloring, just click to enlarge:

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

Well here we go! As mentioned earlier, I’m using GIMP and Windows 8.1 as my operating system for this tutorial. Once it’s downloaded and opened, GIMP needs a bit of tweaking to get ready, so here’s a bit to get you started.

Making Coloring Pages From Photographs Using Gimp

Before we start I also have two different ways to create coloring pages from photos using GIMP I will call them method 1 and method 2

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

The images are screenshots of how I worked Small details are hard to see, and to see each photo better, click on it

1. GIMP Appears When You Open It Each time you open an option, a small separate window is created. You can merge all the windows by dragging and dropping the window you want to move to

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

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2. Open the Windows tab -> New toolbox to add a toolbox to your workspace Follow up by clicking Windows->Dockable Dialog->Device Options Drag the Tool Options tab and drop it into your toolbox

First let’s see what kind of photos you need You need to keep the photo sharp, with the main subject you want to paint relatively centered You don’t want the background to be too busy If your background is too busy it will create a colorful page that is confusing Check this out:

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

This photo is not a good candidate for coloring pages This is what came out after taking it via the first method Coloring can’t be that easy, can it?

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Here’s a great choice If you want to color thistle or any of the other coloring pages in this tutorial, just click on the picture to enlarge and color! As you can see, the background is not busy and the thorn flowers stand out against it. The result is a great coloring page!

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

To open a file in Gimp, just open the location of your file and drag the file into the open Gimp window.

Once you’ve opened your photo, here are the steps for the first step in creating a coloring page from a photo

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

How To Make Personalized Coloring Pages For Your Kids

Go to Filters->Edge Detection->Nin in tabs Click on that filter and a window will appear with different settings

Take a look at that window (reminder to zoom in on each photo to see the details better!) You have two values:

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

A small preview window I like to scroll through the preview window to an important part, such as a photo, and judge by that Adjust the amount until you can clearly see the edges Then click “OK”.

Turn Memories Into Your Own Coloring Pages

When you click on desaturate, a window pops up There are three options

How To Make Pictures Into Coloring Pages

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