How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only – The secret to good black and white printing is dynamic contrast control. Dynamic range is the number of tones, from the darkest black to the lightest in an image. For a black and white photo, you want to make full use of the entire dynamic range. The problem is that when printing, the printer often hits the dynamic range limitation long before our eyes (and camera, and monitor) stop distinguishing. to do the details. As the printer lays down the ink to create your black tones, there will be a point where you can no longer distinguish the details of the hooks. The same goes for white – every printer has a point where the white just becomes “paper white” and you can no longer see any ink. And if that’s not enough, the “black dot” and the “white dot” will be different for each print/paper!

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. By using a black and white test card, you can see how your particular printer and paper will handle the black and white areas of your paint and how to edit your image to match your printer’s dynamic range. increase:

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

You can use the test chart above or make your own. The important part is that you have a document with a black-and-white color, as well as shades of gray that gradually move from dark to light. Whether you’re using this test chart or creating your own, you’ll need to open the Photoshop Info palette.

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In the information panel, click on one of the eye point icons and select an RGB color from the drop-down list. Click on the other viewer’s icon and select gray scale from the drop-down menu.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

If you are creating your own test chart, there are several ways to do this. I prefer to use an 8-bit grayscale palette to measure my gray values, because it works on a scale of 1-100, which makes it easy to create gray swatches with higher values. If you look at my test card, the first 11 grays start out dark and reduce the brightness by 1% per square. When you hover your cursor over the squares and look at the k value in the info section, you’ll see that it starts at 100% black in the first square, and the squares go down to 1% darkness.

In the center of the square, I reduce the opacity per square by 5%, and in the lower part the light decreases again by 1%, starting from 10, down to 1. The side of the figure also includes a gradient. from pure black to pure white.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

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The important part is to show the decrease in gray values ​​in small increments. If you choose to create your own card, how you set it up is up to you.

Since this is a print test card, we won’t be doing much on the screen! The next step in this process is to print your test card using the same printer, paper, and settings you plan to use for your photo. When you’re printing, you’re looking for how your printer/paper mix handles those gray values, especially black and white.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

When you evaluate blacks, you want to take a close look at the top of the bed. Where can you see the difference in tone from one square to the next? You may notice that the first 3 quadrants are the same, but the fourth one seems simple. Or maybe you have to go all the way down to the second row before you notice a change in tone.

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Evaluate the white in the same way, except this time you’re looking for where you can see the square – the place where the printer starts to set the level. transparent ink, and not just white paper. At any time, you can return to the conversion screen and hover over a swatch or tone on the chart and see its value in the information panel. You can also use the side knobs, to help you see how different black and white colors reproduce and see how much detail you retain in the darkest and lightest tones.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

Now that we can see how our black and white print reproduces our photo, it’s time to put that information together to create the best camera print we can. Let’s say this is the image I’m trying to print:

For this example, I’m assuming with the print/paper combination that I can start seeing a difference between black tones at 94%, and that I’ll start seeing white tones at 4%. The combination of each printer and paper will be different, so be sure to print a test card for each paper you use.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

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The first thing I do when I open an image I want to print in Photoshop is look at the shadow areas. I just move my cursor over the shadows, with the info panel open to get a feel for areas that are darker than 94%. If you look at the image below, you can see that the shadow area that my wrist overlaps has a black value of 98%, and moving my shader to that shadow tells me that there are several pieces I have small 95-99. all that will be printed, the same black tone. In this particular image, my features are a little rough, but I have some cloud points and rocks that are a little lighter than the 4% that will appear in our print. Despite the fact that this image looks good to my eyes, the print shows us that there are some small changes that we need to make before we print the image.

Earlier, when evaluating our grayscale, we were using the gray value (K) in our information panel – but Photoshop’s standards tool works with RGB instead (from 0 to 255 instead of 1 to 100). So, before we start levels, we need to know the RGB values ​​that correspond to the gray values ​​to set our black and white points. Since the first square I see a difference in black tones is 94%, our darkest black should be set to 95%. At the white end of the spectrum, I want to keep all my whites precise, so I don’t want any of the highlights in the print less than 4%. To find the RGB values ​​of this image, all you have to do is hover your square cursor over the grayscale value you’re trying to measure. Next, check the RGB values ​​that are visible in the information panel as well.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

The image above shows that a gray value of 95% equals an RGB value of 15. Doing something like 4% on the white end gives me an RGB value of 247.

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At this point, I’m doing a Levels setup layer (windows > adjust > levels). There is an output under the “property level,” where we enter the RGB values ​​found in the last step: 15 and 247. This redistributes the tones of our image within these values, which prevent us from losing details when we print.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

Hovering over the source image next to the Layers layer in the Layers panel will show you the before and after. The difference is small but significant. You can see the comparison below:

In our eyes, the first version is attractive, with more contrast and black color. But our publications cannot produce all these voices. The final version takes advantage of the printer’s full dynamic range – albeit very limited – and gives you the best possible print.

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

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Whether you make your own or use this, going through the process of this test chart will help you make the best black and white print possible. Personally, I print this test chart on whatever type of paper I use, and I keep the copyright on the paper box. When using the print lab, I print a copy of the test pattern as an 8×10 image, so I can correct my images accordingly before sending I know them well. Once you do it a few times, it’s a very quick process that makes a big difference in the quality of your black and white prints.

Thanks to photographer’s life reader Meg Faehl for this tutorial! You can see more of Meg’s work on her website, and follow her on Instagram too. This article was written as part of our guest post contest in 2018. Although we live in a digital-first society, there are many

How To Make Printer Print Black And White Only

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