How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

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I recently taught myself cake decorating and discovered a really great secret. One in particular was how to get the most vibrant colors in buttercream frosting.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Desperate liquid food Color! You should use it again. Then the taste of alcohol begins to take over and your crust becomes hard. You can use it in cake batter, jellies and rock candy. But the colored buttercream was not good enough.

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You want to use a concentrated gel texture. There are many types of products and each has its merits.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Here in Australia The most affordable ones are the queens I bought at Woolworths they come in red, yellow, blue and green, they are beautiful on their own. But it is tedious to mix to get a specific color. They are a good starting point.

I think the best known brand is Wilton. They come in a variety of colors, so they will suit almost any application you have. They come in bottles so they are not easy to use and I find that I have to use them a lot.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

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I haven’t tried this brand yet, but Chefmaster seems to be talked about a lot. If you are familiar with it please let us know how it works for you.

My favorite The brand I use the most and get the best results is Americolor. Comes in squeeze bottles for ease of use. It blends easily and blends easily to get the color you want.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Don’t skimp on food coloring. You need a lot of paint to get that bright color! You will stain your guests’ teeth. You will pollute your tongue. And you’ll get your fingers dirty when you touch it! All this adds to the fun. So just laugh and see whose tongue is the smartest 😉

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The secret and most important step in making the buttercream shine is to simply cover it and store it.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Make the frosting about three or four days in advance. Don’t despair if it’s not the color you expected. If it’s just a few shades off, great! Now roll it up and stick it in the fridge.

When you are ready to use take it out of the fridge let it come to room temperature and mix it with your mixer You will see the colors darken before your eyes!

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting Ready To Use Metallic Royal Blue 100% Edible Food Paint For Cake And Icing Decoration By Rainbow Dust

How to Make Baked Brie with Basil Pesto and Stuffed Tomatoes by John deCaux on Snacks & Appetizers Let’s discuss an easy way to make navy blue buttercream. bridal party baby shower and birthday party Really beautiful color.

The problem that many people face when they get this shade is that the blue color is not strong enough. Or maybe the blue is too purple or too gray/dark. I have a simple trick. Finishing the blue Involves the proper measurement of various amounts of frost.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

You don’t need to microwave frosting to get dark shades. Although this is a popular way to get dark icing shades But it may seem intimidating to beginners. Because the frosting is melting, the buttercream will likely break.

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Not making the buttercream in the microwave saves a few steps. If you use the microwave method to get a darker shade of buttercream. You have to beat the snow again. I don’t know about you But I think the frosting mixture is the worst part of decorating buttercream. So let’s skip all that.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

*This tutorial uses a buttercream frosting recipe. This requires more powdered sugar than regular buttercream frosting.

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How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

How To Make Royal Icing

1 cup ungreased buttercream frosting with gel food coloring in Wilton Royal Blue, Violet, and Black shades.

First, let’s see how to make navy blue frosting with food jel shades of black, blue and royal blue. All shades are available in Wilton’s 12-piece food coloring set.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Fortunately, the freezing ratio in this shade is easy to remember: 1:1:1. You will use equal amounts of black, purple, and blue gel food dyes.

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The amount you need for each color is 1/4 tsp per 1 cup of frosting, so to make 1 cup of blue buttercream you will use 1/4 tsp black, 1/4 tsp purple, and 1/4 tsp -royal blue.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

If you need more than 1 cup of navy blue frosting use the same ratio For 2 cups of frosting, use 1/2 tsp black, 1/2 tsp purple, and 1/2 tsp blue. Continue with the same ratio of three cups, four cups, five, etc.

Here is a picture of the progress of adding black. followed by purple and royal blue You can add all these colors together or add them step by step. I love to see the magic happen.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

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Add 1/4 teaspoon of Wilton Black to one cup of buttercream frosting to create a deep base color.

Add 1/4 teaspoon of Wilton Violet gel color to a cup of buttercream frosting containing 1/4 of the black gel.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Add 1/4 teaspoon of Wilton Royal Blue to the frosted dark-colored buttercream cups.

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Here’s a look at navy blue versus white and red sour cream. and after it becomes a crust

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Navy blue buttercream vs. red and undyed buttercream After more than 24 hours of drying, you will notice that the color on the cookies is slightly darker than the color in the bag.

A great trick I have for frosting is navy blue or black buttercream. Make the frosting 24-48 hours before decorating time.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

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If you add the food coloring gel to the buttercream frosting it will take some time to fully develop. This is like coloring your hair with hair dye and coloring a tie shirt. use the same logic

My best advice is to make the buttercream frosting using one of the two methods above. depending on what you have Then cover the frosting bowl with plastic wrap. Leave the container on the counter for one to two days.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

As long as your house is not too hot but close to room temperature (about 70 degrees Fahrenheit), your frosting will grow safely on the counter.

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The color should be darker and more saturated than what you mixed a day or two ago. This is important to know. Because if you decorate with this frosting It will grow into a dark shade no matter what. Allowing it to develop for one to two days allows you to accurately predict the final color.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Waiting 1-2 days will not get the final color if you use whipped buttercream like I did. When the crust is allowed to form, it darkens.

This leads me to another trick. If you want a light dark blue you will need to add the unpasteurized buttercream a little at a time until you get the shade you want.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Tutorial: Food Colouring Mixing Chart

Black. Remember that the color will continue to develop until it forms a hard crust. This ratio produces a strong blue color.

My last trick is to drop the white liquid into the white frosting that might mix with this dark blue buttercream. Adding white food coloring will help prevent the white frosting from bleeding into the dark in this sea ice.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

My son was happy to be a tester for this experiment. and the answer is yes It gives your language its color. This is to be expected whenever you eat dark buttercream. Especially black butter.

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You may have to try cocoa powder instead of black dye. then add purple and royal blue Maybe this will be a future post.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

Darker buttercream shades tend to run the risk of bleeding into lighter shades. especially when the temperature fluctuates to help prevent bleeding Add a drop of white liquid to your lighter shade. This can help prevent dark blue cream. but not guaranteed

I do not recommend using buttercream frosting with liquid food coloring to achieve any shade other than white buttercream. Liquid food coloring will change the consistency of your buttercream frosting. This can be difficult to define at compile time.

How To Make Royal Blue Frosting

How To Color Buttercream: A Comprehensive Guide

Liquid food coloring is not as effective as gel food coloring. This means you will use more liquid paint.

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