How To Patina Copper Jewelry

How To Patina Copper Jewelry – Don’t you just love the patina look in the field? In the past I have introduced several suppliers such as TerraTreecom who provide prefabricated metal components. But you can do it yourself!

Check out TheCrafsmanSteadyCraftin’s excellent tutorial and illustrate how he uses 5 different “recipes” to get the effects you see in the image above. She is a great craft teacher with the most soothing voice for her various videos.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

It uses several classic methods including ammonia, vinegar, salt and sulfur. I was also intrigued by her peanut butter (with some Creole sprinkles!) and her imitation patina technique.

Copper Purple Patina Charms Amethyst Stone, Earrings

Ammonia and sulfur liver should be used in properly ventilated areas. Use household ammonia with caution as it is irritating and corrosive. Also handle ammonia with care and NEVER MIX it with bleach – this compound releases toxic gases.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Personally, I don’t like using ammonia (even though it gives a nice green color) and I’ve learned to avoid sulfur in the liver and its rotten egg smell. Check out the first tutorial link below where I use another odorless alternative!

He mentions two sealants you can use to protect the rust. Renaissance wax is probably the microcrystalline wax he proposed.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry Anju Jewelry Copper Patina Collection Earrings: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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How To Patina Copper Jewelry

I design recycled copper and scrap metal jewelry from my artwork. I use copper patina, copper wire and beads to make the necklace.

Distressed Turquoise On Copper Patina Earrings

The patina and brass jewelry are both handmade. I have several “recipes” that I use to create different variations of the rust.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Since each of my works is unique, there may be slight variations in each. The craft itself ensures that no two pieces are alike.

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How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Patina Copper Loop Earrings

Beautiful jewelry. I ordered a turquoise metal necklace and earrings. They are wonderful! Great find. I also bought the same pair of black earrings. Some other points!

Very unique jewelry. I get compliments every time I wear it. I love that it’s made from recycled materials! Goes great with many outfits.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Very short chain. Fits more like a necklace chain for the person I got it from. The item is very nice, but the strap can’t be worn.

Double Circle Patina Copper Necklace

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How To Patina Copper Jewelry

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How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Copper Patina Maple Leaf Necklace

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How To Patina Copper Jewelry

There are three different ways you can polish your copper pieces, each with a different look. Try them all and see which method you like best.

Blue Patina Etched Copper Bracelet

For best results, prepare your pads first so they are free of dirt and grease. (That means no fingerprints!) If you have a jar of pickle, now is a great time to get rid of it. If not, take a scouring pad (such as Scotch-Brite) and gently scrub the surface. Not only will your product have a satin finish, but adding a layer of rust will give it more surface to work with.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

When you’re done, hold the jewelry by its edges so you don’t get the oil back on. Now is the time to go!

When copper is heated with a torch, it begins to change color, turning into various shades of magenta, purple, and blue. It’s important to stop before you go too far. Until you’ve mastered this technique, try not to stick too much to one particular color, as magenta (for example) can quickly turn bluish.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Copper Patina Necklace, Copper Circles And Blue Patina Necklace

Tip: heating copper can cause a sharp color change; To avoid this, pull the torch slowly. Experiment and see which color works best for your item. Once you’ve found a color you like, add filler to complete it. Clear acrylic, beeswax or renaissance coating helps protect surface and color.

Hey, kitchen witch! All you need for this technique is vinegar and salt in equal proportions. Stir until the salt dissolves in the vinegar. Three spoons of each are enough for a small necklace. If you have a larger piece of jewelry, you will need more liquid to cover it completely. Just keep the 1:1 ratio of vinegar and salt.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Let the jewelry soak for at least half an hour. Then remove it, place it on a paper towel and air dry. If you want the dish to be faster, you can sprinkle a little more salt on top.

Patina Copper Jewellery

Then check every few hours or so to see which color comes through. You’ll see more turquoise, blue, and green, but you never know what you’ll get!

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Tip: Leave the color on a little longer than you’d like as this rust tends to crack. If you want a lighter color, remove some of the rust by getting some steel wool for your jewelry. Then wash and dry. Seal it with beeswax or clear acrylic paint and you’re good to go.

Have you ever worn a bright silver bracelet to a hot spring and had a dark one instead? Perhaps the sulfur and heat in the water changed the color.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Patina Copper Mothers Charm Necklace — Emanate Gallery

This method uses the same combination – heat and liver of sulfur. Liver sulfur comes in the form of small nuggets or a gel-like liquid. Liquids have a longer shelf life and fewer harmful chemicals. If you prefer using nuggets, be sure to store the box in a dry place. One drop of water can ruin the whole party.

To speed up the process, dip the jewelry in a cup of warm water and it will warm up as well. Then add a small amount of liver sulfur (granules or gels) to the glass. The jewelry will begin to darken until it turns black.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

Finally, to add a fun touch to your piece, polish the high areas until highlights appear and leave the depressions dark.

Copper Necklace Recycled Jewelry Handmade Copper Jewelry

Tip: Liver contains sulfur fumes that can be dangerous, so work in a well-ventilated area and don’t pour liquid down the drain after you’re done using it. Instead, place it in a covered container to dry and then throw it in the trash.

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

If none of the above is what you want, you can buy commercial products for everything from light rust for copper to brown for brass. Be sure to read the information on each one to make sure you’re doing it right.

Whichever method you use, discovering this unique intersection of art and science is an adventure. Enjoy the ride! House and Leisure magazine chose one of my rusty jewelry pieces as today’s “piece of the day” – so much fun!

How To Patina Copper Jewelry

A Guide To Texturing Metals For Jewellery Making

This is the result of some of my experiments with etching bronze polishing. Looking back, I learned a lot

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