How To Print A Document In Black And White

How To Print A Document In Black And White – Once your image is ready, all you have to do is print it. Of course, as always, there are some roadblocks and technical issues to be aware of. Jeff Schewe shares tips for getting the most out of our digital prints.

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How To Print A Document In Black And White

How To Print A Document In Black And White

This is one of my oldest pictures. This was filmed in 1976 for a school assignment. I used a Ray 4×5 camera with a 360mm lens on 4×5 Ektrachrome film that I processed with one of the first Kodak E-6 home processing kits. Images were scanned using an Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner at 4800 ppi.

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If you’ve skipped the chapters on color management and printing images, this chapter is relatively straightforward. It’s definitely less theory and more mechanics here. Once you have prepared your image and secured the right profile and edited the image, all you have to do is print it. Of course, as always, there are some potential roadblocks and technical issues (I call them “gotches”) to be aware of. But printing is really fun. I love printing – it’s a good thing because I’m writing a book about printing!

How To Print A Document In Black And White

Pay attention to details when preparing to print. It’s easy to identify errors that can be annoying (and time-consuming and potentially expensive) to troubleshoot and fix.

Before printing, of course you need to install the printer and printer driver. When you buy a new printer, you may be tempted to pop the CD into your computer’s drive and double-click the installer to install the printer driver. But ideally the first thing you should do is read the frigging manual (RTFM). Generally, when you buy a printer, the printer driver on the installation CD is probably out of date. It is even possible that an updated firmware is available for the printer. So when I get a new printer, I start by reading the user manual. Then I go to the printer manufacturer’s website and download the latest printer drivers, utilities, and firmware if an updated version is available.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

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Installing a printer on a Mac is relatively simple. You are using an installer – preferably the latest installer downloaded. Then you can connect the printer. Most printers have multiple connection methods – USB, Ethernet or FireWire (although FireWire is becoming less common). Since I have a lot of printers around my studio, I connect most of the ones I have via Ethernet (there are a few reasons for the exception, which I’ll cover later).

After installing the printer driver and connecting the printer to your Mac, open System Preferences, then click Print & Scan. Then, on the left side of the dialog box, click the Add button under the Printers area. The Add Printer dialog box opens. On a Mac, Bonjour allows your computer to discover all printers it can connect to. In my case, a different set of printers appeared. If you have connected your printer using USB, Ethernet or FireWire, it should appear. If you see the option to connect via Bonjour or TCP / IP, I recommend connecting via the manufacturer’s Ethernet connection. Click the printer you want to add as shown in Figure 4.1.

How To Print A Document In Black And White


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After selecting the printer, click Add. The printer appears in the printer installed column on the left. Now you have several options. You can share printers online. Since I am the only person using this printer, I did not select it. You can set the default printer. I usually choose the last printer used – unless you know that you usually print on a certain printer. In art printing, you always specify a certain paper size when printing, so I set the default paper size to US Letter. Figure 4.2 shows the result of adding a printer.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

If you click Open Print Queue, it will show you the queue for that printer. In this case, it indicates that the printer is printing. If you click Printer Settings, the General tab shows the version number of the printer driver. You always want to make sure your driver is up to date. Here you can also change the name of the printer. Figure 4.4 shows the Print Queue dialog and also the General tab to change the printer name.

I want to change the name of the printer; If you have more than one printer, it is important to give it a meaningful name, especially if you have several printers of the same model. I recommend putting a piece of tape in the printer with the number or special name on it, so you can make sure you’re printing to the correct printer when you select it in the app.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

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If you click on the Supply Levels tab, you will see the printer’s ink level if the printer you are using informs the user about this. If your printer is included, you can click Utilities to open the printer utility, print a test page, and clean the print head. Available options vary by printer.

If you’re having trouble trying to set up or use your printer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Depending on how you upgrade your operating system, you may end up with old printer drivers that are incompatible with your current system. If simply removing and re-adding the printer does not resolve the problem, you may need to reset your printing system. Figure 4.5 shows how to reset the printing system.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

After the hard reset, you must download the latest driver, install it again, and reconnect the printer before adding the printer.

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When installing a printer in Windows, it is important to download and install the latest version of the printer driver before connecting the printer. When you plug in the printer, it will announce itself to the computer and usually prompt you to install it again. You can review the installed printer information by selecting Start > Devices and Printers (also found in Control Panel). The installed printer is listed in the Printers and Faxes section of the Devices and Printers control panel. If you right-click on an individual printer, you can select a print queue, similar to the one on the Mac. It shows how many documents are in the queue. You can also display the main printer properties dialog (not to be confused with other printer properties that you set during printing). Figure 4.6 shows the Main Devices and Printers dialog box and the Print Queue and System-level Printer Properties dialog box.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

If you choose Printer > Properties, you can change the name and set other options, such as sharing or not. You can configure the color management, but I recommend that you do nothing about this. As I mentioned in Chapter 2, the Windows color system has no direct effect on art printing because you use the application’s color management features. If you have multiple printers, make sure you give each printer a meaningful name so that when you select a printer in Photoshop or Lightroom, it’s correct.

If the printer is connected offline, the icon will be dimmed. However, if there is a problem in the connection of the printer or the driver, the printer displays a yellow warning triangle, as shown in figure 4.7. Clicking on a warning will open a troubleshooting dialog. You can click the Change Settings button in the Driver Software Installation dialog and try going through the troubleshooting steps in the Device Setup Options dialog, but I find it’s better to uninstall the printer, reinstall the driver, and then reconnect. If you want to print photocopied documents or reduce the amount of color ink you use, you may want to know how to print in black and white.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

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This article shows you step-by-step how to make black and white copies using various printer models and applications. We also tell you what to do if your printer is not printing as expected.

On Windows and macOS, printers that use a combination of black and color ink can be configured to print only black ink for each job.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

For black and white prints, your printer usually uses “grayscale” printing. This technique evaluates the light and dark sides of an image with various shades of gray, mainly by mixing colored inks.

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Or you can change the settings before printing from the application by selecting “Print Settings” from the “Print” menu.

How To Print A Document In Black And White

There are a variety of black ink only printers available which are laser, monochrome laser and inkjet printers. You can find them by searching Amazon for “Printers” and including them

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