Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet – Try our Valentine coloring pages. Each paper shows the importance of God’s love. These pictures are suitable for all ages. Add crayons or colored pencils for easy classroom activities. Pink glitter markers are also fun.

“L” is for love from the Bible alphabet series, a religious Valentine page that says how much I love you. Every corner has a quote about a child and God’s love. It might look like a wedding invitation but it’s Valentine’s and it’s all about Jesus. Kids can color this sheet and share it with others.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Our Valentine’s Day coloring pages are free to download and share at your church, home or school. Click on the image below to direct the download in printer-friendly PDF format. The first three options are also safe for public school teachers (they can be used in all secular or Christian classrooms). These pictures are suitable for all ages. Add crayons or colored pencils for fun classroom crafting.

Preschool Coloring Pages (easy Pdf Printables) Ministry To Children

“Love is…” comes from our Bible memory text, which shows what God says about love. This cute coloring page shows a girl and boy hanging valentines, but each is illustrated by a verse from 1 Corinthians 13 Bible verses. Children in the picture are having fun decorating the rope with flower hearts. Use these images to make an easy gift for mom or grandparents.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Loveā€¦. From our Fruit of the Spirit series showing the Christian message of love and friendship. The two boys hug each other and show that the strongest bond between good Christian friends is love. Use this Valentine’s Day coloring page if you want to teach about friendship. This detailed picture is great for both young and old.

John 3:16 The heart is a special set of colors we created for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine illustrates the words of John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” What better message to children than the love of God. Kids will enjoy coloring these cute and free coloring pages. Pink crayons and bright markers are recommended!

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Free Printable Christian Coloring Pages For Kids

Mark 12:30 coloring pages says to love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Mark 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Children can do this individually by filling in their names on their own children. In pictures.

God Loves You From Preschool Coloring Pages God’s love is the greatest love a person can receive. Jesus Christ shows us the meaning of true love – it is the best of all

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Children adopt American culture. These Religious & Bible coloring pages below show what God says about true love. Forget the candy and remember what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Pages

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Page from Preschool Coloring Pages. There is no better Valentine than the love of Jesus. Use this page with toddlers or young children who need parenting skills.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

We hear from many Christian parents, school teachers, and pastors who feel that the “love” culture in America is out of control. It turned Valentine’s Day into a spiritual holiday with grown-up love themes and little ones engaged in small wedding favors. God’s Word, as always, strongly supports this by showing the true meaning of love.

Forget silly chocolate gifts, rose flowers and roses. Download our printable Valentine Bible verses for kids to share.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Motivational Quotes Coloring Page. Inspirational Quotes Coloring Page. Positive Quotes Coloring Page. Good Vibes. Motivational Swear Word. Motivational Typography. 7243138 Vector Art At Vecteezy

Love is defined by many Bible verses about God and love. Jesus Christ showed us a great example of love in his sacrifice to save his enemies. Now the Holy Spirit empowers believers to have true love (not fake romantic valentine stuff). We hope these coloring pages help teach kids something special this year.

Don’t miss all of our Valentine’s Day Sunday School Lessons to help teach kids what God says about love this Valentine’s Day. More religious coloring pages for Valentine’s Day Use these fun printables in your Sunday School

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Use these cute printables with your kids to reinterpret Valentine’s Day with God’s love. They were designed by New York City-based artist and designer Elgin Bolling. As with all of our resources, these coloring pages are 100% free to use in your church, home, or school.

Kids Coloring Page Bundle Christian Coloring Pages Bible

Don’t miss one of our fun resources to teach about God’s love on Valentine’s Day. We also have a collection of Christian coloring pages that are free and easy to download or print.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Elgin explains his color choices here, which will be a good expression for children as they work on their own canvases: Our God is a consuming fire, so the hands are the color of fire. Years when KF could lay hands and point to heaven and his throne. Red symbolizes the shed blood of Christ as well as the red color of Valentine’s Day and the heart. The box is purple, the royal color, representing Christ as king. The yellow ray represents his power, anointing and divinity. It also refers to the text that Jesus is the light of the world and He wants us who receive Him to become children of that light. Sixteenth John Green is the color that signifies growth and progress in the things of God, and our growth in the grace and wisdom of our Lord and Savior. The world, it is evident that this is the world, to whom the Father gives the gift of Christ to as many as accept him, the whole world stands on the word of God, so that it can receive the gift or God. Finally there is purple for the earth, also the color of the kingdom in which the word is established, which is holy. It is called Holy Ground. Reviews of these Valentine’s Day coloring sheets

I am very grateful for these printable copies. I have used it for my children’s Sunday school classes and for my grandchildren. It’s great to have a selection of pages for different ages. Thank you for your ministry and for helping us spread the love of Jesus to all that we preach.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Coloring Page: Through Every Day: Jesus Loves The Little Children

I am excited to download these printable pages. My four club kids also enjoy makeup. Through this we are given the love of God to communicate to children in an easy way.

I have shared this packet with the next grade above. We were able to choose appropriate lessons for each of our grade levels. Mine is Pre-K-K and his is 1-5.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

I have been so blessed by this ministry, especially since our Sunday school had to go online this past year due to the pandemic. This beautiful pack contains many practical and engaging resources that are easy to structure into lessons and use with different age groups. Thank you!

Easy 5 Christian Coloring Pages For Every Kid To Enjoy

Great Bible verses, cute coloring pages, fun activity sheets, and awesome craft ideas. All free, fun for kids, easy to download and print. It’s perfect for planning a Sunday school theme at the last minute.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

I have used this Valentine printable bundle for many lessons. The kids loved the pictures and the parents loved the messages from the pamphlets!

We believe that God is a loving father to all children. His will is holy for the youth to come to faith in Jesus Christ and receive salvation through the gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Bible Verse Coloring Pages For Adults

Our website has educational content for children of all ages – Preschool (0-1 years), Toddler (2-3 years), Preschool (4-5 years), Primary School (6 years -8 years), First Adult (9-10 years), and youth groups of young people under 12 years of age (11-12 years).

We believe that children and parents benefit from a strong Christian education program in the church. Every children’s church ministry deserves more resources

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Every week, thousands of churches use our Bible studies, art ideas, printable resources, and coloring pages to teach kids about the Christian faith. What does that mean?

How To Confidently Know That Jesus Loves You

Although Valentine’s Day is not a Christian holiday, it is a holiday that celebrates love. And we know that God loves!

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Why Because God is love, that’s why Valentine’s Day is celebrated! So, why not focus on the person who created the reason for this holiday?

You can use them to supplement your regular Bible studies, share them with members of your Bible study group, give them as gifts (including candy), or use them “anytime” to fill time!

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

Kids Coloring Page Jesus Loves Me Christian Coloring Page

These are some great Christian Valentine messages. Some have other favorite verses about God’s love.

What better way to connect your kids with God this holiday season than using scripture verses and a beautiful message

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet

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