Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page – Try the Valentine coloring pages. Each leaf shows the meaning of God’s love. These pictures are for all ages. Just add crayons or colored pencils for a simple classroom creation. Pink glitter markers would be fun too.

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Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

“L” is for love comes from our Bible alphabet series is a religious valentine coloring page that shows how much God loves me. In each corner there is a child and a quote about God’s love. It may look like a wedding invitation, but it’s a valentine to Jesus. Kids can color the this sheet and share it with others.

Jesus Loves You

Valentine’s Day coloring pages are free to download and share at your church, home, or school. Just click the image preview below for an instant download in print-friendly PDF format. The first three options are also safe for public school teachers (they can be used in both non-religious and Christian classrooms). These pictures are for all ages. Just add colored pencils or crayons for a fun classroom creation.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

“Love is…” comes from a series of Bible memory verses that show what God says about love. This cute coloring sheet shows a little girl and a boy planting Valentines, but each is written in scriptures from 13 verses of 1 Corinthians. The children are pictured Have fun decorating a string of flower hearts.Use these photos to make a simple gift for mom or grandparents.

Love…. It is our Fruit of the Spirit series that presents the Christian concept of love and friendship. Two boys hug and show that love is a strong bond between good Christian friends. Use this Valentine’s Day coloring option when you want to teach about friendship. This detailed image is perfect for teens and adults.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Family History Coloring Pages

The Heart of John 3:16 is a special coloring page we created for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine acrostic spells out the words from John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” What better message for children to draw than the love of God. Kids will have fun coloring these cute and free pages. Pink pencils and glitter markers are recommended!

Mark 12:30 coloring pages means to love God with all your heart, soul, strength. Mark 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Kids can make it more personal by filling in their own names for the kids. in pictures.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

God Loves You Preschool Coloring Pages This is the perfect Valentine to share in your Sunday School Valentine’s Day class. God’s love is the greatest love you can have. Jesus Messiah shows us the true meaning of love – which is much better than anything

Forgiving Freely (coloring Page)

Children absorb American culture. These religious based coloring pages below show what God says about true love. Forget the candy and remember what Valentine’s Day is.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Jesus loves me coloring page from coloring pages for preschoolers . There is no better Valentine than the love of Christ. Use this page with toddlers or young children who need a simple craft to give to mom.

We hear from many Christian parents, teachers, and pastors who believe that the culture of “romance” is out of control in America. This has turned Valentine’s Day into an awkward holiday with little kids obsessing over grown-up romance and very young wedding stuff. God’s word, as always, has a strong appeal that shows the true meaning of love.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Coloring For Kids Jesus Pages Page Easter Printabl

Forget crazy chocolate gifts, pink flowers and roses. Download our free printable Bible Love Cards for the kids to share.

Love is defined by God and the many verses of the Bible about love. Jesus Messiah showed us the greatest example of love in his righteous sacrifice to save his enemies. Now the Holy Spirit empowers believers with true love (not fake romantic valentine stuff). We hope these coloring pages will help teach the children something real this year.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Don’t miss all the Valentine’s Day school lessons and crafts on Sunday to help teach kids what God says about love this Valentine’s Day. More Valentine’s Day Religious Coloring Pages Use these fun Sunday School printables

Free Snow One Coloring Sheet & Bookmark

Use these cute printables with your kids to associate Valentine’s Day with God’s love. They were created by Elgin Bowling, a professional illustrator and cartoonist from New York. Like all of our materials, these coloring pages are 100% free to use in your church, home, or school.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Don’t miss our other fun resource for teaching God’s love on Valentine’s Day. We also have a growing collection of Christian coloring pages that are free and easy to download or print.

Here is Elgin’s explanation of his choice of colors, this would be a good talking point with children as they work on their sheets: Our God is a consuming fire, hence the fiery colored hands. The clouds from which KF’s hands could be sent again represent heaven, his throne. The red symbolizes the blood shed by Christ as well as the traditional red color of Valentine’s Day and the heart. The box is purple, the color of the royal family, symbolizing Jesus as king. The yellow rays symbolize his power, anointing and divinity. It also points to the scripture that Jesus is the light of the world and wants us, who receive him, to be children of this light. John three sixteen is green, which symbolizes growth and progress in God’s words and our growth in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior. The sphere, is undoubtedly the world, that the Father gives the gift of Messiah to many as he would receive it, the globe stands in the word of God, therefore it is able to access the gift of God. Finally, the earth is purple, again the color of the kingdom on which the word is established, which is holiness. It really is holy ground. Reviews of these Valentine’s Day coloring pages

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

The Pure Love Of Christ Coloring Page

I am so thankful for these printables. I used them for my children’s and grandchildren’s Sunday classes. So great to have a fun selection of multiple pages for different ages. Thank you for your service and for helping us spread the love of Jesus to all we teach.

I am very happy to download the printable pages. The kids in my nursery also enjoy coloring. We shared the love of God that we pass on to children in a simple way through him.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

I have shared this package with the next grade level. We were able to choose appropriate materials for each of our classes. Mine is pre-K-K and hers is 1-5.

Jesus Gods Love Activity Sheet Religion Coloring Page Printable

I have been so blessed by this service, especially this past year when our Sunday School had to go online due to the pandemic. This cute pack has lots of flexible and engaging resources that are easy to incorporate into lessons and use with a variety of age groups. Thanks!

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Great Bible verses, beautiful coloring pages, fun activity pages and cool craft ideas. All free, fun for kids, easy to download and print. Very useful for organizing a last minute theme for Sunday school.

I used the Valentine Printable Pack for several classes. The kids loved the pictures and the parents loved the messages provided with the prints!

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

We believe that God is the loving father of all children. His divine will is that young people believe in Jesus Messiah and find salvation through the gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith.

Our site has educational materials for children of all ages – from kindergarten (ages 0-1), toddlers (ages 2-3), kindergarten (ages 4-5), primary youth (age 6). service groups for 8-year-olds), adult elementary (9-10-year-olds) and youth service groups (11-12-year-olds).

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

We believe that children and parents benefit from a strong Christian education program in the church. Every children’s church deserves the best resources

Act Of Love Prayer For Kids Coloring Page

Every week, thousands of churches use our Bible lessons, craft ideas, printable resources, and coloring pages to teach children about the Christian faith. There are religious passages that will help restore emotional turmoil with the calm and hope that religion provides. When you read a religious passage and feel the connection to it, you Already affected by the passage. It is very important for people who feel hopeless about life and find new hope when they read these religious quotes. Therefore, there are many religious quotes that you can find with different kinds of peace with it.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Page

The religious sections are usually taken from the books. Scripture contains promises and hopes that God gave to his people. For people who read it, religious quotes are almost like motivational quotes because both are expected to have a positive effect on those who read them. An example of a religious quote is “God loves me”. 3 words it is

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