Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns – Stop scrolling through Instagram and Facebook scrolling through those geometric shapes, because today is the day to start learning how to be a badass artist.

Islamic geometric principles step by step, geometry books, resources… This page has exactly all the tools you need to get started.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Do you feel like you don’t know what to type in google search? I got you covered.

Coloring Page With Abstract Geometric Pattern. Educational Game For Children Stock Vector

Here is a list of tools and equipment that I personally use for drawing and painting Islamic art patterns.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

And, because I really want to spoil it for you, I included a direct link to Amazon for everything (you can thank me later).

Are you starting to think that there is not enough material out there about Islamic art?! Hmmm you might reconsider after checking out this amazing page.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Single One Line Drawing Geometric Shapes Vector Image

Whether you are here as a complete beginner or want to check out my teaching style before purchasing my online course, this page is for you.

Discover the beauty of creating simple Islamic art with your bare hands (and your compass) and enjoy this whole new world.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

In this lesson, I teach you how to build 3 simple Islamic geometric patterns, 2 complex ones and how to put them together to create a design. The Zellige (Zillij) pattern will no longer be a secret to you.

Learn How To Draw Tessellations And Other Optical Illusions

In this lesson, I teach you how to draw 8 geometric patterns step by step (4 simple and 4 complex) with only 2 drawings. Easy-peasy!

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

“Sandy’s online tutorials are fantastic. It’s easy to understand and allows you to replicate the beautiful zellige technique yourself.”

In this free video, you will learn how to use a compass to write effectively and all my tips and tricks that helped me achieve my truth on a small level.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Is Geometry A Language That Only Humans Know?

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Whether you have a project for me or you want to say hello, you can contact me at aja @ or click the button below Islamic architecture can inspire modern architecture because it has Its special charm, if you dig deep into the ground. this grace, you will see that it has many things to do with the Islamic geometric system. While traditional architectural styles used figures, images and sculptures of people and animals to add aesthetic value to their homes, Islamic architecture could not follow the same path.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Such images are avoided, so that they do not become objects of worship. That left Muslim artists and painters with three options: calligraphy, floral or Arabesque patterns, and geometric patterns.

The Stunning Beauty Of Islamic Geometric Pattern

Islamic artists created great patterns and beautiful details using the ruler and compass. The mathematical laws of ancient Greece were applied to them and they have taken them artistically to a new level. However complex the pattern may appear, it is always based on a grid and a series of repeated lines and shapes. These methods have evolved over time and changed in different regions. They are used to decorate pots, tiles, textiles, wood panels, curtains, and of course walls and ceilings.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Islamic principles are still adopted today in various forms. They are used in furniture, textiles, curtains, prints, and other decorative items to add a Middle Eastern touch to different spaces. They are also seen, sometimes, in front of buildings such as mosques, and some community buildings and cultural institutions.

If you like the geometry of these perfect patterns, then why not learn how to create them. Many artists who are experts in general and Islamic principles, in particular, share their knowledge online for free, for those who want to learn. Here we have compiled a list of tutorials and videos that you can view and apply. You will find it amazing how the composition changes from the first simple lines and angles to the complex geometry we see.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Learning For Children, Drawing Tasks. Simple Lesson Figures. Trace The Geometric Shapes Around The Contour

Also, here are some video tutorials on Youtube that may be useful for those who would prefer to see this process in action.

This TED-ED video features Eric Bourg, a Dutch teacher and artist who is interested in, works with, and has written a book about Islamic geometric design. It simply explains the rationale behind these principles.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

The website offers an archive of over 4000 images of Islamic rituals and other aspects of Islamic culture, known as the WADE Archive. It includes paintings, drawings, research and selected photographs.

Ways To Draw A Mandala

Check out Samira Mian’s other tutorials on her playlist: Islamic Geometry – How to draw Islamic geometric patterns.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

If the art of Islamic principles has really caught your interest. Then this tool can be useful. Have you ever wanted to create a geometric pattern, but maybe it’s too dangerous? Well, today, we’re throwing away that idea and we’re learning how to create inspired art patterns. The best of all? It’s easier than you think at first. It’s also a great way to sit back and relax!

I’m Mario from @mariopatternsand I’m so excited to be with you today! The repetition of this process makes it good to draw, I hope you find them a way to relax and take care of yourself. This is one of my favorite ways to do self care! Let’s get into it!

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

D Geometric Paper Shapes With Patterns

Use a pencil to draw two horizontal lines to divide the page into columns and create three dots between each two lines. These supporting lines will help you overcome that fear of empty pages that we all have, and keep that pattern in place in the rest of the process.

Draw a zigzag line between the pencil lines from the previous step with thin black tape. To do this, you have to connect the dots diagonally. Feel free to turn the page as you draw to find a hand position that feels more comfortable to you.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Trace over the pencil line, another connecting triangular or circular shapes in a horizontal band: one band with triangles, the other with circles, etc. Now you have a basic grid made of diamonds that you will decorate with other patterns.

Art Of Islamic Pattern

Decorate all the other diamonds (those with a triangular shape in the middle) on the left and right sides with two smaller diamonds. Use the dots as a guide to help you draw as straight a line as possible.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Divide the remaining half of the diamond into quarters using a horizontal line and two diagonals. There are many ways to decorate the elements in this pattern, so feel free to experiment and make them your own.

Make all the lines you draw smaller using a thin line or black marker. This will make the diamonds pop and add contrast to the pattern to make it more interesting.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

How To Learn Islamic Patterns? — Art Of Islamic Illumination

Place a circle in the center of the diamond. I use two different types of circles (just list or fill them). You can also use other shapes like hexagons, rhombus, or anything else you like.

Decorate the space between the diamonds with a line of small dots. About 7-8 dots will be enough for each part. I used a pencil to draw out the dots first so they would be evenly distributed.

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Time to mark the mark! Paint the sections of the diamond leaving a small space around each area to make everything different (this will make the pattern clean). You can use any color you like, but I found the gold/yellow/orange tones to be perfect for the art deco theme we were going for.

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And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Tag me on Instagram (@mariopatterns) when you try it, I’d love to see your work! If you are new to the pattern world and want to explore a little more, I have a FREE worksheet on how to draw simple geometric patterns that you can download at home. Thank you!

Learn To Draw Geometric Patterns

Welcome! I’m Mario, an architect and architect from Spain. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I find that drawing is a powerful way to take care of yourself. We don’t have time or energy to try it, so I want to help you with step-by-step instructions and tutorials that you can find on my Instagram store, Youtube and ETSY (PatternDrawingGuides).

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