Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Making Coloring Pages From Photos – Coloring pages are probably one of my favorite ways to relax. I know grown-ups are popular because not only is it something we grown-ups actually do, but it’s a great way to focus on relaxing our minds, and a great way to let our creativity run wild and try new things. color. or palette.

Although I’m not that much, but I like to draw. So I enjoy the therapeutic effect of coloring for adults by making coloring pages for my friends and my kids.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

So today I want to share 6 free pages I created for you using my favorite colored pencils. If you want more, I want to share some coloring books too! All you have to do to download is scroll down to where each page is located and click download!

Mindfulness Coloring Pages Quotes To Color For Teen Wellness

While you’re welcome to use whatever coloring materials you have on hand, I wanted to share some of my favorite coloring materials in case you want to try something different. I’ve included a variety of prices to cover every budget!

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

These are my favorite colored pencils, they have great blending power and are absolutely affordable. This set comes in a variety of colors to get you started. – get it here

Although it’s a terrible brand, they have good reviews, they offer great pigment content and great value for the money. So if you’re looking for an affordable option, this is definitely the place you should check out! – get it here

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Art Is Making Others Happy Coloring Page Printable

This Amazon set has great reviews and comes with great soft guides in a variety of colors and a smooth application, making it a great choice for beginners. – get it here

While Crayola products are designed for kids, this pencil pack offers a solid entry-level coloring for adults and is one of the best budget-friendly ways to start coloring without breaking the bank! – get it here

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Another great way to change up the color is with gel pens, this Arteza set offers a wide choice of ballpoint pen thicknesses from 0.8 – 1.0mm, perfect for changing books or adding detail. – get it here

How To Make Coloring Pages Watercolor Safe

If you’d like to work on an iPad instead, you can see a list of current digital drawing sets and suggestions here. Also, here you can read all about the Procreate brushes I use and recommend.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

If you’re looking for something more than the 6 coloring pages I created for you, I also want to share some fun coloring books for adults. Here’s my list, in no particular order:

This book by Johanna Basford is fantastic! I’m a fan of all her books in the series, she’s so cute and she has a great coloring book on any subject you’re interested in – get your copy here.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Carpenter Making A Wood Chair Coloring Pages

I had to include Johanna’s botanical line drawing book because I love flowers! (Maybe that’s why I add flowers to all my coloring pages and doodles hehe – get your copy here.

I love mandalas, so I had to share this book with you. Relieve stress with every stroke of a pencil or crayon. Each sacred circle will help to clear your mind and enhance your creativity. – Get your copy here.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

This coloring book for adults and teens is a great therapy for stress relief and relaxation. Made of durable-grade 100 lb (150 g) paper. Provides a non-bleeding finish for your favorite colored pencils, markers, pens or crayons. – Get your copy here.

Make Your Own Coloring Book: Free Tutorial

I created these pages combining two of my favorite ways to relax, writing letters and drawing. After a busy day, I like to draw and doodle to relax. And I know I’m not the only one, coloring for adults is all the rage and I can totally see why, so I wanted to create some pages of my designs so you can change them however you want! To access free adult coloring pages, just click the one button you want, or the big button at the end to download them all!

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

This was one of the first pieces I drew after picking out the letteringa and painted it again in 2013. I still love it, it makes me smile every time one of my boys colors it =]

Since my love for symbols is so strong =] I also had to make a symbol full of flowers just right.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Engineering Coloring Pages

I love this quote, so I had to try a full page doodle filled with plants and imagination. I love the contrast with the letters, whether you decide to draw them or not!

This high quality print was so much fun that I tried to create a fully functional page to win from the page, but this time in a small format.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

For this, I want to give you the option to change the letter part and the flower scribbles that I drew around the letters.

Make Your Own Magic Coloring Page Royalty Free Vector Image

Lastly, I wanted to celebrate Friday because it’s very common in your house for us to do something fun as soon as the kids get out of school =]

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

If you want them all, I compressed them in a ZIP file so you don’t have to download them one by one.

[You can access this font and all other free documents and printables]

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Food Coloring Pages: 20 Free Printable Coloring Pages Of Food That Will Make Your Stomach Growl

Want to learn how to doodle or calligraphy to create your pages? I’ve got that covered, I created this blog section so I can share simple drawing tutorials, as well as scribble content, check out some of them below:

I hope you enjoy these pages, they help you relax and stream. Let me know if you’d like to suggest a theme for your next set. And remember to subscribe to the newsletter to get access to the mailbox, it’s my secret place to keep all the freebies on the blog! Did you know that any Cricut image can be turned into a coloring page or pages? Read on for the full tutorial! This post contains affiliate links.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Personalized forms and pages are fun! But for those without graphic design or authoring software (like me!), making custom color drawings can be difficult. Instead, I use the Cricut Explore Air 2. I make them for different occasions and occasions and add my children’s names. Cricut Design Space can easily convert any image you find in the software into a coloring sheet or photo. In minutes, you’ll have your own coloring book ready!

How To Make Your Own Grayscale Coloring Pages

Select “Insert Shape” and create a blank shape the size you want your paper/page to be. I use a square about six inches.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Find the photo you want to turn into a color photo. Select it and place it into your design.

Click on each element one by one and change it from the scissors icon (cut) to the pen icon (write).

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Easy Coloring Pages Free Alphabets

I made this Easter egg hunt for the upcoming Easter holidays. I think I’ll go back and make a different one for each kid. They always love the holiday coloring pages, but they won’t be coloring an entire book. This is a great way to give them Easter coloring pages without buying the whole book.

Looking for more Cricut theme ideas, information, crafting tips and tutorials? Check out the Cricut class page below.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

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Best Coloring Pages You Don’t Want To Miss

If your child loves to color, consider using the free Colorscape app to create a custom coloring book based on your favorite memories! Only takes a few minutes and is sure to save a fortune or give as a gift for someone special. Plus, it’s just a fun and unique activity for kids!

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

While there are many possible ways to do this, I recently discovered a free app called Colorscape for iPhone and iPad.

This app does an amazing job of turning photos into coloring pages instantly, I’m amazed at the quality of the photo pages we create!

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

Heart Trees Valentines Day Coloring Page

Are you a visual learner? I made a video to show how easy it is to take a fun photo and turn it into a coloring page!

All you have to do is take a photo with your camera and the app will create a color page image and let you save or share it. I then emailed myself a photo and was able to print each photo on paper.

Making Coloring Pages From Photos

I sent a few

You Make My Heart Happy

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