Clipping Path

Clipping path services are professional offerings provided by any companies for extracting objects or people from still imagery, and typically includes other photo editing and manipulation image services.

Simple clipping path means to clip simple products like box, pens, tea shirts etc.

Multiple clipping path is more than one path of any image. Its needed to separate things from an image. This service can be require for models, trees etc any kind of images. We are providing this service very effectively.

Compound/complex types of clipping path is, clipping any image which is very difficult. It can be clipping a tree, necklaces, cycle etc. We are also pretty much expertly providing those types of clipping paths.

Background Removal

Background removal is a service to remove or replace background of any image. It can be product, model, people etc any kind of image which can remove background. It is one of the most popular and needed service in graphic design. Usually professional photographers need this service too much. We are providing this service very expertly.  It can be replacing background, resizing, cropping etc. We are doing this service with a very expert hand all over the world.

Image Masking

In computer graphics, when a given image is intended to be placed over a background, the transparent areas can be specified through a binary mask. This way, for each intended image there are actually two bitmaps: the actual image, in which the unused areas are given a pixel value with all bits set to 0s, and an additional mask, in which the correspondent image areas are given a pixel value of all bits set to 0s and the surrounding areas a value of all bits set to 1s. In the sample at right, black pixels have the all-zero bits and white pixels have the all-one bits.

The masking services which we are providing given sample below.

  • Layer masking
  • Alpha masking
  • Transparent masking

Image Shadowing

Image shadowing is the service by which we can make a shadow of any products or any things to look so much natural. Making a shadow is very much needed for the product or food photographers. It will help to make their image more natural and more lifely. We are so much capable and expert to do this service at a minimum cost. We can provide following types of shadow.

  • Drop Shadow
  • Original/Natural Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow

Color Correction

Color correction is changing color of any object. The object can be product, cloths, Furniture etc any type of things. Color correction mostly used by online shop holders who needs same product in different color. Its a very common and creative service. Color correction gives different look of a image/photo.

Image Retouching

Design Deck is one of the most promising company to retouching Jewelry images like Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets etc. Jewelry retouching means removing dust, blemishes, or other unwanted things from jewelry images and also brighten, sharpening, polishing them. Its a quite difficult job to do but we are capable to do it nicely. And we can offer best price for that with 100% better quality.