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Translate This Page To English – While surfing the Internet, we often come across foreign language web pages. However, there is no need to worry too much as browsers can easily translate the entire page on mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android) or desktop (Windows and Mac).

Whether it’s a region-specific site or part of it in a foreign language, you can easily translate it into your native language. We will show you how to translate web pages in different browsers, both on mobile phones and on computers. Let’s begin.

Translate This Page To English

Translate This Page To English

Google Chrome has offered a handy translation feature for some time now. It can automatically detect and translate foreign language web pages on both mobile phones and computers.

How To Translate A Foreign Web Page In Microsoft Edge

Step 2: Scroll down to go to Advanced settings. There, expand Language settings and turn on “Suggest translating pages in the language you read” if it’s not already there.

Translate This Page To English

Step 3: Navigate to the page you want to translate. When the page loads, a pop-up appears at the top asking you to translate the web page. Switch to your default language (English in this case) and the web page should be translated accordingly.

If the pop-up doesn’t appear automatically, you can force Chrome to translate the web page by right-clicking on an empty space and selecting Translate to English from the menu.

Translate This Page To English

Chinese Document Translation

A pop-up should now appear and you can translate the web page to the language of your choice.

Like desktops, Chrome for Android and iOS also has a feature that can instantly translate web pages. So, translating web pages on Android or iPhone is pretty much the same. For this article, we will use an Android phone to demonstrate how to translate a web page in Google Chrome.

Translate This Page To English

Step 3: A language bar should appear at the bottom of the screen. The page should be automatically translated to English (your default language). You can click the three dots icon in the language bar to select another language or save your preference.

Google Translate Supports Tamil

To turn on automatic translation in Google Chrome, click the menu icon with three dots and go to Settings. Next, scroll down and tap Languages ​​under Advanced settings. Finally, turn on the “Offer to translate pages that are not in the language you read” option.

Translate This Page To English

That much. Chrome will now automatically show you a language bar when it detects a foreign language web page.

Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge also includes a translation feature that allows you to easily translate web pages. Here’s how it works.

Translate This Page To English

Google Chrome Prepares Users With The Ability To Translate Selected Text While Adding More Languages / Digital Information World

Step 2: Now go to the Languages ​​tab and turn on the “Offer to translate pages that are not in a language I can read” option.

Step 3: Now visit any web page you want to translate. Edge will automatically detect it and let you translate it. Click Translate when you’re done.

Translate This Page To English

Web page translation in Edge is somewhat similar to Chrome.

How To Auto Translate Chrome Web Pages On Pc And Mobile

Following in the footsteps of Chrome and Edge, Apple has also introduced a translation feature for both Mac and iPhone with Safari 14. Although this feature is still in beta, it has worked flawlessly on both Mac and iPhone in our experience.

Translate This Page To English

Step 1: Open a website in a different language in Safari. Wait for the page to load and you will find a translation icon in the URL bar.

If this is your first time using this feature, you will first be asked to enable this feature. When prompted, click Enable translation.

Translate This Page To English

Translate Web Pages

Translating web pages on iPhone is now easier than ever because Safari for iPhone also has built-in translation. Here’s how to use it.

Next, click on the “aA” icon at the top and select the “Translate to English” option. Click Enable translation to confirm.

Translate This Page To English

This should translate the web page for you. To restore the web page to its original language, you can tap the translator icon at the top and select Show original.

How To Translate A Web Page From Spanish To English In Google

Language should not be a barrier in an internet-enabled world. Not with the feature-rich browsers you have at your disposal. Activating and using the translation feature removes such barriers, bringing you one step closer to your favorite content faster than ever.

Translate This Page To English

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Pankki is a civil engineer by profession who started his journey as a writer at He recently joined Guiding Tech as a freelance writer to share guides, explainers, buying guides, tips and tricks for Android, iOS, Windows and the web. In this article, we will show you how to translate websites from Spanish to English. so you can start reading foreign language news and blog posts.

Translate This Page To English

How To Translate Selected Words On Chrome

Most browsers and mobile phones have an automatic translation feature, but this is not always enabled by default. However, it is easy to activate and will open a whole new foreign language web version for you. This is especially useful if you are planning to move abroad to a foreign country.

The two most widely used browsers are Google Chrome and Safari, and both offer built-in translations of websites into English from many other languages. Although Firefox doesn’t offer built-in support for language translations, you can install a translator add-on.

Translate This Page To English

Before starting the instructions below, you must first navigate your device to a Spanish website such as

How To Change Language And Translate Page On Google Chrome

IMPORTANT: Automatic translations only apply to text, not images. In the example below, “El Universo” is not translated because it is the logo image of a news publication. You may also notice that some proper names, including city names, are mistranslated. There is no English translation for Guayaquil, so it will not be translated. But the name of the city, like Puerto López, can be translated as the port of López. Keep this in mind when reading the translated text.

Translate This Page To English

You can easily translate web pages from Spanish to English in Google Chrome. Just click the icon on the right side of the browser address bar as shown below and select English. You can also select the option “Always translate to Spanish” so that every time you open a website written in Spanish, it will be automatically translated into English.

If you do not see this option in your browser’s address bar, you must first activate it in your browser’s settings by following these steps:

Translate This Page To English

How To Translate The Login Page With Wpml

Like Google Chrome, Safari has the ability to automatically translate from Spanish to English. Click the icon as shown below to the right of the browser address bar and select “Translate to English” from the drop-down menu. Then click “Enable translation” in the pop-up window.

Unfortunately, Firefox does not offer built-in language translation support. You must install the Google Translate for Firefox add-on or any other available add-on. After downloading and installing the app, follow the setup instructions to translate web pages with Firefox.

Translate This Page To English

Android devices and iOS devices with version 14 or later can translate the language through mobile browser apps.

Best Practices For Japanese To English Translation By Acclaro

The language translation feature is available in the Safari app on iOS 14 and later. In the browser application, click the “AA” icon on the left side of the browser address bar as shown below with a single arrow. Then double-click on the “Translate to English” option in the drop-down menu. In the dialog box that opens, click “Enable translation”.

Translate This Page To English

For more help, check out this guide on iOS 14: How to translate websites in Safari on iPhone.

In the Google Chrome browser app for Android devices, click the “G” icon on the left side of the browser’s address bar, as indicated by the down arrow. In the dialog box that opens, click the “Translate” button or the “Always translate to Spanish” option, indicated by the two arrows.

Translate This Page To English

How To Translate A Wikipedia Article: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

If you have an older device or your site’s translation tools don’t work, you can always do it the old-school way and copy/paste the content into the Google Translate tool in your browser window.

We also use Google Translator on our phones. It is available on the respective app stores for both Android and iOS devices and is very useful for translating text messages from WhatsApp and non-English service providers.

Translate This Page To English

Just long-press (hold your finger) on the message and select “Copy” in the dialog box. Then paste it into the long press translation input box.

Google Translate Web

Be sure to download the offline dictionary so it works even when you don’t have an internet connection. Here are instructions on how to do it for iPhone and Android devices.

Translate This Page To English

As you can see, the world has become much smaller thanks to modern language translation software available on most popular browsers and mobile devices. This opens up a new way for people all over the world to read websites written in foreign languages.

If you’re currently expat, these features let you stay up to date with what’s going on in your new country. If you’re a prospective expat, learn more about the countries you’re considering and prepare for life in your new home abroad.

Translate This Page To English

How To Translate Google Slides Tutorial

We may not be at the level of Star Trek universal translators, but we’re close.

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