Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial – Wood paintings are often very beautiful and strong, but they seem difficult to paint. In this tutorial, you will learn the secret technique of painting large trees without any problems! Mr. Shibasaki shows how to do this in a wood painting lesson that focuses on using important basic techniques, and simple watercolor enhancement techniques. Materials used in this watercolor lesson:

Step 1: Sketch the Tree You can start painting your tree by practicing outlining your tree. In this study, the artist painted a free-standing tree. To enliven your wood painting, consider where the sun will hit the wood. Shade your shot according to how the light hits it. This will help you understand the basic values ​​- that is, light and dark areas – in the wood. The upper right part of the tree is where the light is coming from, so add more shadows. In the middle part, a little light will come to this part, so you can make a little dark shade. And the least light is in the bottom left, so that area should be the darkest. The shadows of your image will guide you later as you add color to your watercolor woodblock painting.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Step 2: Blowing out the leaves Turning to watercolor paper, draw a very simple, light outline of your tree. Then, use dry bath technology and nothing. 12 round brush, apply green color. Use a combination of greens #1 and #2 for this. You can fill most of the wood with this color because we will add dark shadows later. Go to the next favorite technique, turn off the color, remove the brush, and make light jabs to define the texture of the leaves. This technique allows you to paint more realistic and lifelike trees, with leaves spreading in different directions. Remember the shading you did when you painted a tree earlier. Make the leaves gradually black as you go to the lower part, where the light does not reach. You can mix Viridian with Prussian Blue and Crimson to complete the wide range of colors and shades of dark green. Use the same air technique for the leaf details, and mix in light jabs and brush strokes to fill in the leaves that appear to pop. Painting your wood will give it more depth and life. In this way, you will paint a three-dimensional and more believable tree.

How To Draw And Watercolor Trees Easily

Step 3: Paint the trunk Mix the branches and trunk with the dark green color you just used. For trunks, dig out the center of the tree before painting, otherwise your tree will be unbalanced! Paint your body in such a way that the top is divided into small branches, while the bottom part is different for a more organic look. Follow the branches to fill in the gaps between the leaves, to help give structure to the tree.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Step 4: Using the enhancement technique for the effect Using the transfer technique, paint from the trunk of the main tree so that you have a kind of glowing skin caused by the sunlight that the leaves bring. Next, use dark brown by mixing in Burnt Umber with the brown mixture to add shadows to the trunk and branches. This should add more depth to your color palette.

Step 5: Add the finishing touches to the watercolor tree painting with a dry brush and green paint, add more scattered leaves to the tree painting to make it more realistic. There’s no need to worry about filling in the details of each leaf – just keep the big picture in mind, let your colors and values ​​combine to create your tree. The viewer’s imagination will take care of the rest! When you’re done, be sure to show off your amazing masterpiece! And with enough practice, you’ll soon be cutting those five-minute slices without breaking a sweat. If you want to watch this tutorial in video format, just click the “play” button below. Don’t forget to turn on the English translation!* This article contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission on purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. These boards help me keep this site up and running, so I can continue to provide useful and informative art content. 🙂

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Watercolor Painting Of Forest Trees And Deer Step By Step

Have you ever started a watercolor painting and hit a wall when adding trees and/or plants?

Do you find that you start out your trees well but often end up overgrowing them, creating a flat, flat green log? Are you tired of painting the same tree all the time?

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Trees and plants are arguably the most important part of any landscape (at least this is the case when there are no other living things). For this reason, it is a good idea to take the time to study them before you try to fill a collection of this type.

Jacaranda Tree Painting

This blog post includes a video where I walk you through studying six different trees. On all of these occasions, I share my process for painting wood using watercolors, as well as any special ideas and tricks. Watch my Water Management Tips video on YouTube! Water management is definitely one of the first skills a watercolor beginner should master.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

With practice you will paint believable trees that have life to them and add interesting areas to your pictures.

Before you start drawing or painting wood, or anything for that matter, there’s nothing better than going out and seeing what the subject looks like in real life.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Go With The Flow Watercolor Trees — Kinderart

Go for a walk and take pictures in the nearest park. At the very least, find high quality images online and create a small collection.

Take a moment to look at their shapes, their colors and the different colors they can have, the shadows they create and the in-betweens, etc. Take notes. Grab a hole and try plein air one day!

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

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Easy Watercolor Flower And Tree Painting Ideas

1. Let your hands practice using the “scribbling” technique using paint brushes and watercolor paper.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

4. Start by applying the lightest color using a light pencil and make sure to leave some white space between your leaf clusters. Remember that you are not painting each leaf, you are creating them

5. When you apply the lighter yellow and/or green colors, the dark colors “throw” in some areas. Get a cold product from the cold that will happen. Do not enter the water! Set aside and allow to dry. At the same time, light to dark green values ​​should be set.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Diy Tree Of Life Watercolor Painting

6. Create a second color (medium tones to dark values) using the previous colors, but add blue and brown. Avoid using black.

7. Start moving the midtones to the darkest values. Remember that the space is not to cover the previous color, but to add black values ​​if necessary. * Use your image to determine how much of your dark values ​​to add and where (remember, these are where the shadows are between the leaf sets-no more!).

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Although you shouldn’t be afraid to add dark values ​​to your watercolor painting, you should add them carefully and only if necessary.

Easy Beginner Painting Ideas For Watercolour

8. Paint the trunk and branches of your tree, using a towel or paper towel to apply color to certain areas to create a look and feel.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Before I end this article, I want to remind you to have fun creating these lessons. Repeat this as many times as needed. Enjoy your search and make it perfect.

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Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Awesome Watercolor Tree Tutorials

Shareasale.com Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn commissions through advertising and relationships with Shareasale.com affiliate companies Hi, Grace Anne This is a studio. It’s kids week for the Tombow Design team. For me, that means climbing trees and art! When I’m not shooting, I play outside and I usually climb some trees. In honor of that, let’s build a simple coloring tree in five steps!

First, before you pick up a pencil, save your inspiration. The best thing about trees, is that you can never go wrong by drawing them. There are many different ways you can start with one for inspiration and make it your own. That is, it is always good to choose what to study and use as inspiration. I chose four different trees: Pine, Magnolia, Italian Cypress, and Red Oak.

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial

Next, it’s time to learn the design. Look at pictures of different trees or trees in real life and then sketch pages full of different variations in a sketch book. Then when you understand the tree below, do a quick sketch on general mixed media paper.

Spring Trees Watercolor Painting With… Crumpled Paper!

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